Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 3

Plastic Memories 4

This episode seems to get us back on the pattern of viewing one client per episode. This particular episode was, as episodes 1 & 2 were, depressing (in a happy sort of way). “Android Children” are children who have lost their parents and are raised by Giftias; this is a pretty important point with this episode. We also learn that Michiru was raised by a Giftia herself and lost him three years ago. In this episode, we learn a lot more about Giftias such as what happens when their lifespan is up and if their memories aren’t collected. We also learn of black market agencies that have been collecting Giftias using the name of the agency. This episode ended in our first cliffhanger of the series in which a very creepy man shows up to collect on behalf of Isla and Tsukasa (or so he tells their client.),f_auto/v1430033632/imqdj8qqy1mftnx0etcp.jpg

Seraph of the End 4

As Trystan said in her post, she screamed. A lot. We learned a lot more in this episode, which was quite fantastic. Mika was made into a vampire against his will by their vampire’s queen (the pink-haired girl in the beginning). I got really upset about this and even moreso knowing that Mika will probably try to find a way to “benefit” Yuuichiro from his transformation. In this episode we also get to see “Shiho Kimizuki,” who is an absolute b*tch baby. But I love him. He doesn’t get along well with Yuuichirou but in the end, they were able to bond over having family problems. Aww, how sweet.

On a totally unrelated note (not really), I bought the first manga of this and it came with a mini poster. Woo!

My Love Story!! 4

I believe Trystan said that she was going to “die from the doki’s” and I honestly feel the same. This show is so sweet and it’s killing me. Yamato and five of her friends go to a singles’ meet (mixer) with Takeo and five of his friends. Yamato’s friends are really surprised when they see just how Takeo is and they procede to make fun of him, which causes Yamato to get upset. Takeo, is of course used to this but I find it very sweet how sad Yamato gets on behalf of her boyfriend. At some point, the episode picks up the pace by…A LOT and the building catches on fire. The two friends who made fun of Takeo? Well, they get trapped inside and Takeo is the first to jump into the flames to save them, almost getting killed in the process.

This show has been really fantastic so far, even if it is hard for my to take Takeo seriously because of the way he’s drawn. I honestly wish Shoujo series got more seasons than they normally do because I wish I could just see all of this beautiful story animated in its entirety.,f_auto/v1430430182/d46yy40uehqy8n8nuj0i.jpg

Kyoukai no Rinne 4

Ahhh yes, we get our sterotypical “childhood friend” episode. What’s a good love story without a love rival? Honestly, from Takahashi, I couldn’t have expected anything but a love rival to pop up soon. His name is Jumonji Tsubasa and he’s a total a**hole. But he’s lovable in a way. As children, he bonded with Sakura over the ability to see spirits. He has a twisted view on exorcisms in the beginning, wanting to banish them all without allowing them to pass on. In the end though, he realizes a nicer way of doing things (I hope.) I’d love to note that in this episode, Rinne especially begins to show signs of caring for Sakura in a romantic way. This is earlier than I am used to from this artist but I am happy. I also really loved that the crane machine in the back of one of the shots had the Ranma 1/2 characters such as Akane.,f_auto/v1429942162/wnuccmodht9gn4xemzsm.jpg

Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 4

Haruhi falls into the show as what seems to be a regular character. Naturally, with Valentine’s day approaching, Yuki wants to make chocolate for her beloved Kyon. I know I say this a lot, but I wish we had stuck more true to Yuki’s “Melancholy” character. She can be shy without being a total ditz. Even Mikuru is a lot more intelligent in this series! Unlike Trystan, I did not enjoy the Haruhi and Kyon moments as I want this series to present a chance of happiness for Nagato. With Haruhi in the picture, things are shaken up when Yuki walks in on her giving him chocolate (probably ‘obligatory/giri’).

Show by Rock!! 4

Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan is introduced as a new band that plays hardrock Enka music. “You can’t play a koto/shamisen that way!” I frequently found myself saying this but apparently, there are electric shamisens. The Plasmagica girls go to their concert and are blown away. Also we find out that Rom (Shingan Crimsonz) was once in a band with Shu Zo and the other two members of Trichronika. After a tiny glimpse into Rom’s past, I definitely wanted more, especially after he seemed upset when Plasmagica was trying to change their look to be popular.

Food Wars 4

Soma is introduced to the Polar Star Dormitory and all of its odd occupants. Soma easily gets past the entrance test into the dorm, despite his not realizing that this was a thing he needs to do. All of the other members of the dorm look like they will be fun to learn about. The first person we learn about it “naked apron” Satoshi Isshiki, who is also a member of the Academy’s Elite Ten (he’s number 7). If he’s so elite, why is he in what seems like the flunky dorm? I’m curious to see how this progresses as originally, the Polar Star Dorm once housed all ten members of the Elite Ten and there are, at present, nine members in their dorm. Is this just a coincidence or will it mean something later?


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