Death Parade Ep. 11: Momento Mori this is late. I am actually working on my final review – the series review for Death Parade. I will either post episode 12 tonight or tomorrow.)
Description from FUNi: Mayu is given a chance to spare Harada’s soul from the void, for a price. With Chiyuki’s judgment pending, she revisits her love of ice skating, with the hope that the memories she recovers will help her to come to terms with her passing.

Okay, so this episode finally brings focus back to Mayu and Ginti, which is fantastic. Apparently Harada’s body has been chilling in Ginti’s bar while his soul floats in the void. Mayu is given the chance to send someone else (who looks a lot like Light Yagami) into the void so as to bring Harada’s soul back.

In a touching moment, Decim controls his puppets, making one play a beautiful tune on the piano and the others clap as Chiyuki skates. This scene is absolutely stunning, taking us through the start of her life in flashbacks as she learns to skate and becomes better and better, entering competitions until she falls, destroying her knee. After being told she would never skate again and realizing that she felt like nothing because of those around her, Chiyuki took her own life.

Despite my predictions of such a thing, this made me gasp in surprise. Why am I so surprised about death in this show at this point? I should have expected a suicide at some point. This is probably why she arrived alone and somehow remembered that she was dead but not how she died.

The episode wraps up with Decim making Chiyuki a drink laced with a sleeping drug, Ginti being an asshole and sending both Mayu and Harada to the void. Oh, and Oculus is about to f*ck up Nona and keep her from going to watch Decim’s judgement on Chiyuki.

On the Dub: I haven’t watched the dub since probably episode 6. I re-watched this episode in English because it was one that carried more emotion. To me, the VAs did a fine job on consistency in their acting. I really like Quin’s voice in English as well and Oculus’s voice is creepy. I think the emotion was nice in English; not as moving as it was in Japanese, but not terrible.


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