Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 4

I would like to start by saying that we were unable to watch all of our shows due to busy schedules. In the end we got through all of them except Plastic Memories and Food Wars so most likely there will be two episodes next week. Thank you for understanding and please enjoy our coverage of the other shows. Feel free to join in and leave your opinions of this week’s episodes!

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 5

Let me just start by saying this: Mamiya Sakura is a deadpan character of the highest caliber. No matter what is happening she just accepts it, ignores it, and makes a bad joke at it. And honestly, I love it. She may not currently have a lot of personality but her humor is great. I’m quite impressed that she started off more as the main character but has turned into more of a sidekick to Rinne rather than full on MC. About the episode though. Rinne managed to get a scythe (which he apparently sold to a pawn shop to make money) and he took out an evil spirit for a bounty. However Rinne is not meant to have money and it was quickly taken away by debt collectors. Poor Rinne. I’m interested in where the scythe will be able to take the show considering how strong of a weapon it will be for Rinne. I’m also interested in seeing what Jumonji does with the information that Rinne is a shinigami kind of thing.

Show By Rock!! episode 5

Oh hey plot didn’t realize you were coming back this episode. That’s right folks; the plot comes back in this week’s episode of Show By Rock!! Remember that monster from the first episode? Well Berry-san finally tells Cyan that she has to fight the monsters in order to get home and she needs to fight them NOW. So right before Plasmagica is about to perform Cyan is given orders, and very forcibly made, to go find a monster. In the end she was not quick enough to get to the monster but did waste all her time and missed the concert. ChuChu confronts Cyan and demands answers. Cyan eventually tells the truth which causes Retoree to become upset and runaway. I felt a little sad for Cyan this episode because all she wanted to do was play with Plasmagica but thanks to her guitar she isn’t having any luck with this. I also felt bad for Retoree who just wants friends and yet cannot make them. Either way I’m looking forward to where this is going and also trying to figure out how many episodes it’s going to be. Twelve seems too short especially since we spent 4 episodes on character introduction. I guess it doesn’t really matter since I’ll watch it either way.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episode 5

I was so right when I got excited about that cliffhanger. Turns out Yuki wasn’t upset at all but rather wanted to give Haruhi her space to give Kyon chocolate. Because if it was her she’d be embarrassed to give Kyon chocolate in front of someone else. Seriously when Yuki said that I got so upset that they made her dumb. If she was this cute and shy and smart I would probably like her. Still I’m getting use to this Yuki and it isn’t as jarring as it was in the first couple episodes. Though I won’t lie, a lot of what makes me enjoy this show is Haruhi and basically everyone but Yuki. I enjoyed the mini-fight between Haruhi and Asakura this episode. Haruhi was her usual “I didn’t do anything wrong” self (TBH she didn’t do anything wrong) and Asakura was upset because she wanted Yuki to give Kyon the chocolates and blamed Haruhi for Yuki’s sudden disappearance (ha-ha puns, I got ‘em.). At the end of the day, Yuki still didn’t get to confess her feelings because Tsuruya interrupted them. Overall I’d say this series is definitely improving episode after episode but it still has its quirks.

Seraph of the End episode 5

So this week I learned that Mika is being played by Kensho Ono (who voices Kuroko) and it kinda ruined my life. I am now more excited than ever to see where this goes. But at the same time I don’t really care. Like I want to know where the story goes but I haven’t really formed any attachments to the characters. I like Yoichi, he is after all a precious cinnamon roll, so I’m hoping we get more about him sooner rather than later. Pink haired Tsukishima (Kimisuki? Something like that) is a fun mix with Yuuichiro but right now I don’t care about them. They’re interesting, have potential, but none of them stand out. The world is currently the most interesting part of this story and sometimes it feels like that’s why I’m watching it. Just to see how everything turns out. That said this episode we get some random background details and Yoichi, Yuuichiro, and Kimizuki (look I was only one letter off) are taken to get weapons. Also notable is the obvious drop in animation quality. Let us all hope that this improves next episode as it appears to be a fight and characterization episode and I would hate to remember it based off of crappy animation.

Ai Sunakawa

My Love Story!! episode 5

Takeo Gouda’s life continues to be very interesting. This episode we get the introduction of Ai Sunakawa, Makoto’s older sister. You might remember her from a couple of the flashbacks. Anyway, upon learning that Takeo has a girlfriend she has a breakdown in the front hallway. Interestingly enough she apparently likes Takeo which thoroughly surprises Suna but he goes along with it because it’s his sister. Ai believes that no one else could truly like Takeo and so she sneaks her way into Takeo and Yamato’s date. Although to be fair Takeo has always brought Suna along so their dates were never really that private anyway. Another point of interest here is that Yamato appears to be hiding something. I bet it’s going to be something simple that she’s embarrassed about but either way she is definitely hiding something. Yamato ends up so worried about it that she mixes up the salt and the sugar while making cookies. Lucky for her that Takeo likes all foods.


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