Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 4

My Love Story!! 5

As per usual, this episode was really cute. We are delving into some stereotypical shoujo tactics such as the “love rival” and blatant misunderstandings (due to a lack of communication). We learn that, other than Yamato, Sunakawa’s sister is crazy enough to be in love with Takeo as well. She understands his weaknesses rather well but she is immediately suspicious of Yamato, who is hiding something. Of course, Yamato wants a kiss from Takeo…but Takeo thinks she is too pure and precious to “sully” until she is “of age.” I really wish Yamato would just tell Takeo how she feels but I know she won’t do that just yet as she is afraid of how he will see her.

Show By Rock!! 5

“Alyssa! The plot is back!” “Woah, hey there plot. What’s up?” Yep, the plot is back for the time being. Things deepened this episode as Strawberry Heart, Cyan’s guitar, told her that she needed to go fight the monsters that keep attacking popular musicians. In this episode, Cyan finally tells the other girls, and Shingan Crimsonz the truth about what happened. Retoree (the tsundere, lesbian one) flees the scene, very upset. And of course, we see a look of guilt cross Moa’s face, as she has been hiding the secret of being from another world as well.

Kyoukai no Rinne 5,f_auto/v1430994909/odzkw2fjdgina6et81rz.jpg

Frequently, I find Rinne’s character relatable. I am a broke joke, just like Rinne and I resonate deep with his poorness. I also resonate deep with Sakura’s “IDGAF” attitude that she just seems to ooze. At first, Sakura didn’t seem nearly as stoic and sassy. I think this is part of her charm however, that she is full of attitude. Like every Rinne episode, this was a very fun one. I can’t wait to see just where this show goes. I am also very happy for Rinne to get his scythe back. And unfortunately, like most poor characters after a bounty in anime, Rinne’s bounty was quickly taken from him…by a debt collector.

Seraph of the End 5

Can you say quality dump? Because I can. The animation had a lot of flaws in this episode and it was somewhat distracting. Rather…it was less flaws so much as…it just looked weird. I’m still trying to figure out my feelings for the characters in this show. Kimizuki is…alright, at best. And I’m not a huge fan of Yuuichirou either. Shinoa constantly bothers me, I think it’s that flat tops of her eyes. It did make me sad when Mika was rejected by the children he saw at his old home. Otherwise, I like Guren, mostly because he is attractive, kind of lazy, and a pain in the butt. The only character I truly adore is the most precious of cinnamon rolls – Yoichi. Next week, it appears we will get to learn more about the characters as they try (and of course, they will succeed) at making contracts with the Black Demon Series weapons.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episode 5


I still really feel like they could have prolonged this until the winter season and I’d be happy. Entertainment wise, I really found this episode enjoyable. Things were sorted out between Haruhi and Yuki over the chocolate situation and I felt very depressed for Koizumi. Haruhi, for once, intended to stand back and let Yuki tell Kyon her feelings but of course, Tsuruya ruined everything. Sighs…I wish Yuki had more depth and was closer to her original personality. Even so, I like this somewhat sweeter Haruhi. And I adore Asakura in this series.


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