Assassination Classroom Episode 15: End-of-Term Time
Annd look guys, its Mamoru Miyano!

Koro tells the students that for each student who gets the best overall score in a subject, will be allowed to destroy one of his tentacles. Destroying a tentacle reduces his speed by 10%.

Sugino gets a call from Shindo (from the baseball tournament) who informs him about the student council members and A Class. Naturally, the principal’s son is the Student Council President.

Principal Asano’s son, Gakushu, confronts him, knowing he is hiding something. The son and father have a weird moment of bonding when the prior states that he intends to use this information to control his father. These two are both psychopaths.

The top five (well 4 of them) confront E Class members who reserved the library. The make a bet that the losers with the lower scores will make the losers do anything they want. Gakushu writes up a win-win contract, that in states that E class, should A Class win, cannot keep secrets from E Class. This will reveal the existence of Koro-sensei and the assassination plot.

This episode ended in a cliffhanger and I am very worried to see what happens. Gakushu Asano has something up his sleeve and I’m not happy.


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