Death Parade 12 [Final Episode]: Suicide Tour

Description from FUNi: Oculus confronts Nona concerning Decim, demanding to know what she has done to him. Chiyuki awakens in her house the living world again to find that Decim has brought her there to offer her the chance to reclaim her life.

In this episode, it is revealed that everyone, include Oculus, are dummies. Decim takes Chiyuki back to the world of the living and gives her the option to press the button on the remote he always has. In this case, she will be brought back to life but will lose her memories of her time at Quindecim. Her family and friends will also forget she ever died. And, possibly because of her time at Quindecim, Chiyuki realizes that it is not wrong for people to want to understand one another. (Reminder: she originally killed herself because no one understood her feelings).

Chiyuki chooses however to not press the button but upon seeing her mother’s pain, begs Decim to. The world falls apart and we discover, as Decim is sobbing and apologizing that this was all part of his judgement as well as a way to better understand Chiyuki. Despite Nona going against the rules, and causing Decim to suffer, I believe that Chiyuki’s judgement wouldn’t have been able to be dealt with in any other way.

We get to see Decim smile, apparently Ginti’s cat left him, and Oculus is keeping a close eye on Nona. The episode ends with new guests arriving at Quindecim. I felt bittersweet with the ending but I surprisingly didn’t cry. Everything felt wrapped up in a decent way and I was left feeling fulfilled, which is rare for me with a show nowadays.

Dub: I didn’t cry the first time I watched this episode (In Japanese). However, the emotions were invoked full power by the English Dub! I found myself tearing up at the scene where Chiyuki contemplates taking her life back to see her mom again but rejects it on account of the unfairness. Granted, when I first watched this episode, I was with a friend. I am less likely to cry about something if I am with friends. When I watched this episode again, I found myself tearing up more over Chiyuki and feeling less sadness over Decim’s sadness.


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