Assassination Classroom 16: Schools Out/1st Term: No One Said What Subject To Ace

His face gives me life

Exams begin and they are much more fast-paced than before.

I really enjoyed the depiction of the students fighting giant monsters which represent their exams. In this episode, E class are more proficient in their individual subjects than most of A Class, other than Asano. E class gets 3 spots (of five) as first in their grade over the A Class. However, Karma did worse than he normally does as he didn’t study. Terasaka got full points in Home Ec…somehow.  Four students, the trouble students, all aced home ec.

The E class demands to be allowed to go on the Okinawa summer vacation trip, normally reserved for A Class students. Also, the E Class demands to cash in their rights to destroy 7 tentacles while on this trip (as they will be surrounded by water).

Also, both Asanos, father and son, set their sights on getting back at E Class for placing as high as they have. Naturally, with their scores, some of the students would normally be moved out of E Class but…well, that clearly won’t happen, considering the special situation they’re in.

This episode had a lot of elements I liked. As I stated before, I really enjoy the image of the exams portrayed as monsters to conquer. I also really enjoyed Koro-sensei humiliating and picking on Karma so that he would spring back up with more ferocity. This episode expresses that characters like Gakushuu and Karma, who are on top, need to taste defeat once in a while.



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