Rolling Girls episode 9: That was Both Unexpected and Expected

RG9-1With each passing episode of Rolling Girls I think to myself “What exactly am I watching?” I periodically think “This is not what I expected from this show.” The plot description of Rolling Girls really tells you exactly what the show is and exactly what the show is not. It is true that the world is very different and these girls to go around helping people but that’s about it. Things have been boiling on the back burner for a while and they are finally starting to come to a boiling point in episode 9. This of course is the obvious, and yet super weird and mildly unexpected, knowledge that Chiaya is an alien. That’s why she periodically turns into an octopus.

She apparently wasn’t aware of this herself as Momiyama informs her during today’s episode. He also tells Chiaya that it is time for her to go home. Apparently the full moon is necessary for whatever the President of Tokorozawa has planned.

Nozomi and Ai also get into a fight in this episode. It’s a silly fight really. Nozomi is upset that Ai does whatever she wants and they have to go along with it. Ai gets annoyed and tells Nozomi that she isn’t their leader. It ends with Ai storming off. We do learn an interesting bit of information while they’re fighting though. This is apparently the last of the peace broker jobs that Maccha Green had when she got injured.

Oooh, speaking of Maccha Green, we see her and the other best form the first couple episodes in this one. Unlike Masami, Shigyou’s wounds have been healed for a while but she’s refused to leave the hospital because she is worried that people will come for revenge once they learn she is no longer a best. I think it’s a really interesting point made here. Masami and Shigyou don’t really matter right now and this scene is only here to set up something that happens later but I like the realistic touch of Shigyou being worried. It was nice.

Overall I have no idea what is going to happen with this show. None whatsoever. I’m still enjoying it though, so that’s a good thing.

Rating: 4/5


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