Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 5

Seraph of the End 6

“I don’t want to run anymore” -Yoichi Saotome

Oh wow. Things finally began to pick up pace again in this episode. The boys each faced off with two different types of demons: real ones, and their own inner demons. I knew from the get-go that something bad would happen with Yoichi, and it did. He was taken over by a demon but in the end, thanks to everyone’s help (including Guren), he was restored back to his precious self. I really liked Yoichi tackle-hugging Yuuichirou, I thought it was absolutely adorable. Also, at the end of this episode, Yoichi, Yuu, and Kimizuki are told they will be allowed to go out on the frontline in Shinjuku. Guess who else is Shinjuku-bound? Mika and the vampire who killed Yoichi’s sister. With only half of the first season left, I can predict that things are about to get really interesting and nail-biting.

This week FUNimation began the broadcast dub for this series. I won’t lie, I was terrified that the cast would be filled with the same old actors we see. But no! The cast is fairly diverse with people who have only had minor roles in anime before (with the exception of Micah Solusod and Eric Vale); we even get a brand new VA for Mika. This new VA, Justin Briner, sounds like a strange mix of Spike Spencer and Johnny Yong Bosch. But overall, the dub seemed promising, but it can be hard to judge from the Vas voicing kids vs. how they will sound as they are older.

Plastic Memories 5-6

Episode 5 of Plastic Memories was fast-paced and just depressing. We learned just how dangerous it can be for a Giftia to become a wanderer. We also learned that Kazuki has a prosthetic leg due to having her original leg crushed when Michiru’s dad became a wanderer. Kazuki left the field, and broke off her partnership with Isla soon after that. It is also important to note that, for whatever reason, Isla could not be with Kazuki during the time this happened (it seemed she was in for maintenance). In the end, Marcia, the Giftia from episode 5, became a wanderer and was destroyed.

Episode 6 tries to cool things down a bit with a calmer vibe. We focus on the aftermath of Tsukasa having had to take Marcia down, through Isla’s eyes. Isla, who is in for maintenance for a while, is unable to understand why it is Tsukasa is still capable of smiling. Michiru reveals that Tsukasa is hurting quite badly but he is smiling because he is sad – presumably to try and make himself, and those around him, feel better. At long last, Tsukasa is told that Isla only has about one thousand hours left (about a month and twelve days). Isla becomes afraid that Tsukasa will leave her when presented with the option, but in the end (and thank Gods she over hears it) he says he wants to be with her until the end.

So yea, lots of tears over Plastic Memories. I know that this series will continue repeatedly breaking my heart into pieces.

My Love Story!! 6

Poor Suna…

I’ll go ahead and say it now, I am glad that this series is getting 24 episodes. I wish more shoujo series were longer when they get animated adaptations. Those feelings aside for now, let’s just discuss my feelings about this episode. As per usual, this episode was cute as heck. I absolutely adore this series right now and I am thankful that Yamato was finally able to reveal her true feelings to Takeo. Yamato finally communicated that she would like to hold hands, and cuddle, and kiss. She also told Takeo the truth about a lot of things concerning how she kept making ways to get closer to him (such as purposefully leaving her phone at his house). It is important in a relationship to communicate these kinds of things early. And, of course, Takeo was very accepting of these things. It is important for Takeo to realize that he is important to those around him such as the Sunakawa siblings and Yamato. I am interested in seeing where this series goes next!

Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 6

So…I guess it has been announced that FUNi will be Broadcast dubbing this show. I’m not really sure if they will be using a new cast or trying to get the old cast back. The Haruhi series was not dubbed by FUNimation but at present, they hold the distribution license to the series. Honestly, if it isn’t the old cast, I have not intentions of watching it in English…

SO about this week’s episode. A lot happened. A lot of things in this episode seemed really random and so much happened that I can’t even remember all of it. This episode incorporates many elements from the old series such as the desk and the executive president sign. I honestly have no foresight on where this series is going in the next eleven episodes and at this point, I think I’m just along for the ride.

Kyoukai no Rinne 6

In this week’s episode, we watch as Sakura, Rinne, and Jumonji work together (kind of) to help rescue kids from cat monsters. Rinne’s scythe breaks but comes in handy, Sakura is as great as ever, and Jumonji bribes the monsters with fancy and expensive sushi. Even better – Rinne and Rokudo get to take the leftovers home! At the end of this episode, we get to see a glimmer of a man with red hair who looks a lot like Rinne. It is pretty safe to assume (for those of us who don’t read the manga) that this man is Rinne’s dad.

Show by Rock!! 6

This episode focuses on repairing the friendship of Plasmagica (mostly). I think it is wonderful that Retoree and Cyan were able to make up in the end. Also, guilt-stricken Moa reveals she is an alien to the other girls, who do not believe her at first. In the end, a spaceship falling from the sky is enough to convince them. I mainly enjoyed this episode for Shingan Crimsonz though (okay, well mainly Rom.) I really think it is great that we get to see what Rom probably looks like when he works at the accounting office…and let me tell you, it’s fantastic.

This show has also been announced for broadcast dub. So there’s that. I am hoping that we at least get variety in the voice actresses used – like the variety used in Seraph of the End.

Food Wars 5-6

Finally! We get some damn answers in this show. As always, we see Erina being a b*tch. Clearly four cooking wings isn’t enough for her so she takes down another club through Shokugeki to get a fifth club wing. What is Shokugeki? Shokugeki is, as Trystan said, like Iron Chef but with higher stakes. Three judges are required, a bet of equal value, and the agreement of both parties. Of course, as it stands, even Soma’s expulsion isn’t enough of a wager in most battles, but as we move forward, I’m sure he will climb the latter of victory and have more to wager.

In episode six, Soma ends up joining the Don Research Society (Don RS). If you’ve heard the term, ‘donburi’ in any anime, than you have a minor grasp on what ‘don’ is. Donburi is frequently shortened to ‘don’ (meaning ‘bowl’) and refers to meals served in oversized rice bowls. They feature an entrée such as fish, with some sort of sauce, over rice. Traditionally, don are cheap, affordable, delicious, and their taste varies by location.

Now that you’ve been minorly educated on don (if you didn’t know)…Soma joins this club only to find it is about to be taken down through Shokugeki. Because of all of the recipes and things he can learn for the sake of his family’s restaurant from this otherwise-one-man-club, Soma decides to do the Shokugeki himself. Episode 6 is full of research and taste-testing as research is conducted on how to win the upcoming battle. DUN DUN DUN.

Blood Blockade Battlefront (B3) 1

As you’ve noticed, a new show has been added to the line-up. Normally, one of us reviews a show as it airs as a Broadcast dub. This will not be the case for B3. While we will be behind the actual Japanese simulcast, we will be talking about earlier episodes of this show. As stated, we mainly began watching it for Aaron Dismuke, and I can say that overall, the first episode was enjoyable.

First, I love that this anime is a narration that the main character’s sister, Michella, has received from her big brother. I was able to watch some of the Japanese before the player crashed and I can agree that there is an overabundance of information. Watching it in English was not unbearable and I really enjoyed both Aaron and Josh Grelle (as the villain). A lot of information is given and I do intend to rewatch the first episode thoroughly at some point. I don’t want to reveal too much but if you are a fan of action anime with some comedy (and a bit of blood), this could be a nice pick for you.

Also, apparently this series was written by Yashiro Nightow (author of Trigun) so…I think that’s why I feel a bit at home in its presence.


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