Rolling Girls Episode 10: That Ostrich Was a Pet

Man the backgrounds in this show are absolutely beautiful. Like, regardless of where this show is going and doing, the art really makes this worth watching. But beyond how fantastic the Demon’s Castle looked this episode, things in Rolling Girls are getting real serious.

To start the episode starts by giving us an explanation to the whole alien thing. The president of Tokorozawa, Haruka Misono, came to Earth from some portal in the moon. The ship was attacked however and only one escape pod was left. Haruka, who was an assistant, forced the scientist to get on the escape pod and sent him back. It was only after this that Haruka noticed Chiaya. Haruka seems determined to get Chiaya back although offers us no explanation of why it is so important. Masami and Shigyou get to learn about this because Haruka needs them to get the pots back as well as the kidnapped Otonashi. The three eventually come up with a plan to go up against the vigilante squad responsible for this problem.

Things with Ai got complicated. She was found stealing food from an orchard and was attacked by the owner’s daughter who, yes, has a pet ostrich. Here we are introduced to Momo and her mother Haru. Both have the mysterious stone things, cores, whatever you want to call them, though neither are bests. Haru used to be a best but has since stopped. Their storyline starts with the fact that the vigilante squad in control of their area levies high taxes that keep the people poor. Momo is upset about this and goes off to fight the leader of the squad. Chiaya, in octopus form, ends up being fished out of the ocean and bought by Haru for dinner. Luckily she wakes up before she is eaten.

Nozomi awakes to find Chiaya still missing and Yukina missing as well. While Nozomi and Kaguya are searching for Yukina, Kuramochi gets attacked by vigilante squad in order to steal their vigilante license. Using pure force they beat the crap out of Kuramochi which enrages Kaguya. Kaguya attacks them though eventually gets beat as well due to interference from Nozomi. Afterwards Kaguya screams at Nozomi telling her she can’t understand their feelings and that she should leave. Nozomi complies. On the other end of the spectrum is Yukina who was found by some random guy and shown to a copier. It turns out that Yukina has somehow made her way into the base of the vigilantes (the pirates ones, it is becoming real hard to remember their names or find them to use in my posts). She finds Otonashi, who wants her to help, instead Yukina attempts to tell the guard that Otonashi is trying to escape and somehow ends up locked up with her. Momiyama also gets captured and thrown into prison.

Whew, that was a lot of stuff this episode. I’m pretty interested to see how this show will play out in the last two episodes. What did everybody think? Most people are probably done with this show now, since I got behind, but I’d still love to know how you feel!

Rating: 4/5


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