Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 6

B3Blood Blockade Battlefront episode 2

Something that needs to be brought up right now is Zapp’s description. His description is Dick Suck. Yep. That appears on the screen this episode. I’m not sure what exactly this means though we do see Zapp in an apartment with a bunch of naked mannequins and some ladies in their underwear. Make of this information what you will.

On a more serious note we got to see both the opening and the ending this episode. Both were fantastic. Especially the ending. That dancing was great. I would like to say that I am enjoying the English version. I’m thinking about watching the Japanese version as well so that I can truly compare the two but so far the English version is good. I really like Aaron Dismuke and Ian Sinclair as Zapp is excellent. This episode was interesting but it still feels like we are being setup for something bigger. That said it looks to be a pretty fun ride.

Show By Rock!! Episode 7

The plot actually stayed this episode. I was mildly surprised. That said today’s episode features the girls of Plasmagica assisting a girl from a band who live and operate in a place called Yokai Street. Her name is Marimari and her bandmate has gone missing. She suspects that it is connected to sightings of the dark monsters and enlists Cyan’s help because she saw her defeat the one at Trichronika’s concert.

ShinganCimsonz is again the star of this episode. Their antics never seem to disappoint. They arrive at Yokai Street to perform as a rumor was going around that those who performed had really good concerts. Unfortunately for them they are attacked by one of the dark monsters and Cyan is unable to help them. Luckily for us ShinganCrimsonz beats the monster who turns out to have been the missing band member who was possessed by this weird creature. After being defeated the strange creature finds its way up Aion’s leg and supposedly takes him over. If you’re wondering Aion is the one with his hand on his face at all times. I’m really worried about where this is going because ShinganCrimsonz is basically my favorite part of the show. I almost had a cow when I thought they were going to get beaten by the monster and now I have to live with one of them getting possessed? I foresee this being difficult for me.

Seriously, Mikuru is adorable.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episode 7

The tip we learned about last episode gets to happen this episode. They end up spending the day at a shrine and antics ensue. It’s like every episode. The only thing I keep thinking while watching this show is “Please let Koizumi and Haruhi get together.” If this was main series I would be rooting Kyon and Haruhi but since the point of this series is Yuki and Kyon I get to change-up my pairings. Also this world’s Mikuru is still proving to be fantastic as she encourages Yuki to buy a love charm. If nothing else this show definitely has decent comedy going for it.

soteSeraph of the End episode 7

So everyone saw the Universal logo before this week’s episode, right? Like why did that suddenly start appearing? It just happened this week. I guess if you aren’t watching it on FUNimation this won’t happen but still it was confusing. That said this week’s episode introduced a new character. Don’t ask me what her name is because I honestly don’t remember. She was annoying. She has a past, just like everyone else and she doesn’t get along with Shinoa to boot. So she’s basically been forced on this team of newbies (and Shinoa) and she isn’t really happy about it. This episode basically revolves around the power struggle between her and Yuuichiro.

Broadcast Dub – Shinoa’s voice is a little deep for my tastes, especially compared to her Japanese voice, but her sass is definitely on point. Yoichi’s voice is also a little deep in my opinion. Micah Solusod is still going strong as Yuuichiro though.

My Love Story!! Episode 7

This week in 2cute4me the animated series we get Takeo giving Yamato up for a month to train for a Judo Tournament. Yamato continues her ways of thinking Takeo will suddenly start not liking her despite everyone telling her otherwise and Takeo continues to be a man among men. I could give you details but it’s the same old thing that’s been happening for the last few episodes. We did get some good Takeo monologue though. I still think the show could use a ramp up of characterization. Learning more about Takeo or Yamato would help this series continue to be good.

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 7

This week on Rinne we get introduced to a new character, Masato. Masato is a demon with a grudge against Rinne, although a very petty grudge. The two square off against each other over the soul of a random boy. Rinne tries to prevent his death while Masato tries to take him to Hell. Sakura continues to give her snarky commentary from the side as she attempts to assist Rinne. It was pretty enjoyable and it was a cliffhanger. Also we didn’t see Jumonji once. Unless you count the opening and ending and then I guess we saw him a couple of times.

PMPlastic Memories episode 7

Isla is really happy about Tsukasa’s decision to stay with her. Thus she tries to be useful. And by useful I mean she messes up tasks and does his laundry. Doing his laundry sounds good right? Well unless you get embarrassed when people wash your underwear in which case it’s not so good. Tsukasa on the other hand is determined to make the best of Isla’s last month. To this end he has decided to ask Isla out on a date, which she accepts this time. Isla also decides to go to the amusement park, the exact place she refused to go the last time she went out with Tsukasa. The date goes well until Tsukasa passes out from a fever. So while the ending of their date could have been better it was overall a success as the bong between Tsukasa and Isla was deepened.

Pictured: The winning don

Food Wars episode 7

It is finally time for Iron Chef—I mean the Shokugeki to take place. Soma goes up against Ikumi in a don on don battle. Ikumi uses her meat and makes a lovely looking don. However Soma’s is better received. There’s a lot of cooking mumbo jumbo that probably makes sense if you were a chef. However as someone who is just watching and hasn’t gone to cooking school it kinda goes over my head. I mean, yeah, I understand what they are saying but explaining it to you guys would be super hard. It’s like when Alton Brown gets super technical in his shows. You just sit there and wait for him to give you the losers’ explanation. Either way is was fun to watch and Ikumi had to join the Don RS for loosing. That might be the greatest victory of them all.


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