Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 5 – Paparazzi

Oh hello there. How are you? Oh, you say you missed me talking about the magical boys show? Well good news. After a long (I repeat, long) break it is finally returning. For real too. The episode posts for 6-12 should be out in the next couple weeks and a final review shall surface after that. I hope to make this a fun journey for the remainder of Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!.

Episode 5 features the Earth Defense Club being hassled (stalked would also work) by two members of the press club. These two members are known for creating online articles for the students of Binan High School. There project today? Looking at the bond of student and teacher. The leader of the pair is a boy by the name of Kou Kinosaki. Kou decides that the Earth Defense Club would be a great focus for this article. And so the members of the club, although they refuse him, get followed and generally harassed by the pair.

Wombat goes pretty crazy this episode. Due to the group being constantly followed, Wombat is unable to walk around by himself. Wombat basically goes stir crazy and we learn that when he is stressed he talks funny. And by funny I mean he talks like a delinquent and even gets snippy with Yumoto.

Surprising to everyone Yumoto is the one who eventually comes up with a plan to get the press club duo off of their backs. Using Tawarayama’s body as a decoy they force the two to sit with the supposedly sick man while they run for help. In reality the group is going to fight a monster.

I guess the monster this week is a boy who is controlled by his father and thus he turns into a squid remote monster. He decides to mess with the Binan High School Volleyball team by turning the heater on and making them uncomfortable. Rude, right? Well lucky for the Volleyball team that the Battle Lovers take no time at all defeating the monster. It would have taken them even more time to defeat it but Wombat was so annoyed that he kicked the monster and saved the Battle Lovers from a long drawn out fight.

Despite all this work the press club seems satisfied. And by satisfied I mean they seem as though they are going to be stalking these boys longer than just this episode. I’m not ok with this. You leave the Earth Defense Club alone.

Rating: 3/5


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