Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 6 – The Screw Monster

Let me tell you something: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! really loves to ship different people. I know that they aren’t going to end up together but honesty the amount of times they have made it seem really questionable is huge. This episode revolves around two things: the Earth Defense Club becoming a true club and the student council trying to forcefully break them up by recruiting Io to join them.

The first plot centers around the student council passing a law that clubs must get at least average scores on exams. Therefore the Earth Defense Club must worry about their grades. Yumoto as expected isn’t the best with grades, but is great in math (surprisingly). Ryuu is also one to be worried about. Atsushi is a pretty good student and Yufuin is apparently a great guesser. Io scores at the top of his grade even beating a kid whose name means ‘always first’.

With Yufuin’s fantastic guessing the group is able to keep their scores high enough but that doesn’t matter as Io plans to quit the club and join the student council. The student council is pretty determined to prevent the Earth Defense Club from becoming a real thing. Or rather, Kinshiro is determined for it not to become a real thing. He seems rather jealous of Atsushi and Yufuin’s friendship.

Either way this episode decides to give us some Ryuu and Io time by showing Ryuu’s anger over Io’s apparent nonchalance at the club. Ryuu gets angry and insists that he can fight on his own (spoilers: he can’t). This leads him to getting attacked by a screw monster (Yes I said that, it is really a giant screw). By attack I mean tickled. The monster tickles Ryuu and it is mildly uncomfortable. Still his best bud Io comes to his rescue and they patch things up.

Normally I wouldn’t say that the show is trying to ship these characters but the way Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! does things is different. I mean really, they make scenes way less platonic than they are meant to be and it’s confusing.

Rating: 3.5/5


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