Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 7

My Love Story!! 8

Oh gosh, this episode nearly made me emotional but first, let’s talk about the happy/funny stuff in this episode. In this episode, Takeo gets a part-time job as a “Macho Bro Cafe” and we get to see him in booty shorts. It. Is. Terrifying. Second, apparently Takeo’s dad IS in the picture because his mom is pregnant. Woah! A seventeen age difference is a lot, in my opinion.

In this episode, Sunakawa further proves how great of a friend he is by helping Takeo plan a date for Yamato’s birthday. However, Suna is hiding the fact that his sickly father has surgery that day. I don’t think it is a great idea to hide such things from your best friend of ten years but I also understand that Suna was just trying to do what was best for Takeo. I really liked the scenes where Sunakawa was telling stories of the things he and Takeo did at different locations. Somehow, the reminiscing reminded me of Trystan and myself (we’ve been friends for a long time). This was a very bittersweet episode and I am curious as to how it plays out and how Takeo will handle things if it gets rough for Suna.

Kyoukai no Rinne 8

Rinne has continued to make me smile, week after week. This week, we discovered that Masato is the worst kind of villain. In truth, he never really wanted a soul. He wanted to send Rinne to Debt Hell – DUN DUN DUN. Let’s be honest, Rinne might as well be there already. Honestly, Rinne should have kept the receipt for the money he could earn in two months from all of the dishes he washed…but that’s a different story. This episode was hilarious as it described all of the levels of hell. Apparently, Hell has a Board of Safety…

Guess who almost cried about Plastic Memories again this week? Yup, it was me. A lot went down in this episode and we learned that when a Giftia’s OS is replaced, there is no chance of it regaining memories of its prior personality and life. I think it is interesting how close Eru and Andie seem to be getting. It also seemed as though Eru and Olivia (previously Andie) were more than just platonic friends. Anyway, this week, Tsukasa finally took the steps he wanted to but…things didn’t exactly go his way. I feel pretty bad for him, to be honest.

This week, Aion is saved by the power of friendship!!! Last week, Aion was possessed by a monster who took hold of the negativity in his heart. However, we never saw Aion turn into a large monster…and we probably never will. After a fight, Aion leaves the band and Crow is left to deal with the harsh things he said. Yaiba and Rom go looking for Aion and encounter Syuzo (Syu) who tells a very small bit about the band he and Rom were once in. This series will only be 12-13 episodes (MAL and Wiki are conflicting in answer) but I am hoping that we get the full story on what happened between them.

In the end, Crow shows up and knocks some since into Aion. Also, next week we get to see another Plasmagica vs. CritiCrista battle. Why? Because apparently Plasmagica needs to have had a live show to participate in the upcoming festival. But wait…haven’t they had a battle of the bands before? Yup, it makes no sense.
(sorry for the butts)

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 8

Ah yes, what is a comedy anime without a hot springs episode? So, this week, the gang arrives at their destination – a fancy hot springs. Everyone spends time playing ping pong, taking baths, eating delicious food, and being pretty gay. Last week, Koizumi clearly had a thing for Haruhi, but this week he was after Kyon’s attention. It was very weird as I’ve never “shipped it” but it was also hilarious. Of course, Mikuru got molested by the other girls (except Yuki). Also, Tsuruya’s bathtime hair was super cute. Overall, this was a funny episode but a little bit choppy. My favorite part was Kyon singing karaoke alone. Also…why was everyone okay with Koizumi just chilling naked in the tub while they were singing?

Blood Blockade Battlefront 3

Okay, so…This episode was a lot slower than the others. In fact, this episode was more Klaus-centric. It was still a very good episode, it as just…different. Klaus gets himself in nearly over his head and puts his life on the line in a 99 hour game of Prosfair…which is kind of like chess, but not. It seems much more complicated and I honestly don’t understand it at all. The backgrounds were very pretty though and I loved learning how intelligent Klaus is. In the end, Klaus is able to get the information on Angel Scale, a new drug, that he needs.

Seraph of the End 8

There was laughter and lip biting in this episode. The episode contains somewhat lighthearted scenes as the gang (well, Kimizuki) hot wire a car in an attempt to get home after slaying some vampires. Yuuichirou tries to drive but crashes into a pole. Kimizuki and Yuu also get beat up for making fun of Shinoa who is too short to drive. Being that I am only 5 foot tall, I laughed way too hard at this because I can relate in a way.

Later, the group encounters more vampires — nobles in fact, that could have easily killed them. They all barely escape with their lives as Ferid calls away the nobles. As this season approaches its end, we all know that an inevitable reunion between Yuu and Mika is fast-approaching. I am honestly nervous to see how things play out but I am also intrigued.

Food Wars 8

The first years are scent to a “training” camp that exists to weed out those who are deemed unfit for the school. This means that most of the Polar Star Dorm is sent to go. Upon arrival, they are split up and sent off to their first challenges. Megumi and Soma get placed together, thankfully for her. The first task they are given is to hunt for ingredients and make a Japanese style dish.

This episode also introduces us to the Aldini brothers, who represent a small “commoner” restaurant from Italy. They immediately target Soma in a personal challenge but as per usual, Soma doesn’t seem to care so much in the beginning. The Aldini brothers present an Italian dish with Japanese ingredients and we are left having not seen Soma and Megumi’s dish yet.


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