Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 7 – Well That Was Awkward

So this happened.

So remember last episode when I said that this show likes to ship its characters? Well welcome to the training camp episode. This episode the group decides to go to the beach. Atsushi picks both the beach and the hotel and the group takes off to the location. Except Atsushi messed up and took them to Macho Beach instead of Nacho Beach. Macho beach is exactly like it sounds, a beach with a bunch of muscular guys who I’m fairly certain are gay.

Elsewhere the student council has also decided to take a trip. Their location (a super fancy resort with a private beach) just so happens to be next to our group of heroes. Kinshiro, the student council president, is rather disturbed by the beach next door and suggests the resort should buy it. He’s such a nice boy, wouldn’t you say?

Later at the hotel disaster strikes when someone has used Io’s toothbrush. Io is very disturbed by this. He barges into the outdoor bath area and demands answers. The group gets into a heated debate about who the culprit could be. They even go so far as to claim that Ryuu is not a playboy and is instead secretly in love with Io. The fight leaves everyone on edge.

Still, a training camp episode wouldn’t be complete without one thing: a test of courage. Although to be honest I’m not sure what these guys are training for, really, it’s just an excuse to go to the beach. Anyway, Yumoto sets up some lights at a tree in a forest and charges the boys to find their way there in groups. Yumoto himself goes with Wombat while the others pair off as normal: Yufuin/Atsushi and Io/Ryuu.

This is where the episode gets really kinda strange. Everyone is on edge due to their earlier fight. This leads to some strange fanservice scenes. Yufuin and Atsushi are pretty awkward but personally Yumoto takes the cake in the “things I didn’t want to see” category. Yumoto decides that he needs to fluff Wombat in the middle of the forest and so one shot just has him on top of Wombat saying something similar to “It’s great to do this when no one’s around.” I could have lived without this scene. I could have lived without most of these scenes. But I suppose I won’t spoil it for you, just be warned that it gets weird. Oh and Tawarayama comes back for a minute and then gets hit again and goes back to his death like state. Will he really get his life back?

Rating: 2.5/5


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