Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 7

Rinne8Kyoukai no Rinne episode 8

This week is the resolution to Masato’s dastardly plan. Masato runs off to Hell with Rinne close behind. Rinne is at a disadvantage however as Hell’s entrance fee is 1,800 yen and we all now Rinne doesn’t have that kinda cash. So Rinne decides to barge into Hell which causes Hell’s police to chase after him. Rinne ignores them and follows Masato. Throughout their fight we find out that Masato’s ultimate plan was to cause Rinne to go into a lot of debt and then be put into Debt Hell. Debt Hell is so named because those who work there are never able to get paid because they don’t work fast enough. Therefore they are never able to pay off their debts and forever stay in Debt Hell.

The battle between Masato and Rinne is pretty funny. That might not be how a battle should be described but that’s honestly how I would describe it. I mean, Rinne uses money to attack Masato and I do mean bills. Rinne fires bills at Masato. And the way it ends is priceless. I guess it’s obvious but Masato’s plan fails and Reiji’s spirit is returned to his body. Yay!

Show By Rock!! Episode 8

So last week we watched part of that Dark Monster crawl up Aion’s leg and this week we watch as it slowly tries to take him over. Aion, who is already pretty ridiculous, becomes even more ridiculous as he decides to quite ShinganCrimsonz and then mope around the city. The rest of ShinganCimsonz get in a fight about why he quit and Yaiba even temporarily blames Crow for calling Aion’s songs bad. Rom interrupts the fight to remind them it might be best for them to go look for Aion instead of just fighting about it. Good point Rom.

So everyone goes looking for Aion who is standing on top of a building somewhere in MidiCity. As they are leaving a concert the members of Trichronika notice the wayward guitarist. Syozo decides that it is best to inform Rom of Aion’s whereabouts which leads to a really awkward conversation. I would love to know what really went down between those two but I highly doubt we’ll get real information on it. Once the group finds Aion they are able to make up and reconnect over their ridiculous music and it appears Aion’s heart (or whatever that crystal thing is) is cleansed and things should be ok. Should. In other news Plasmagica has another battle of the bands with Criti Crista which should prove interesting.

Seraph of the End episode 8

Well we could have had a really cool looking battle this episode but right when stuff got serious they cut away. Regardless the little girl Yuuichiro & co. rescued lied to them. The vampires threatened to kill her family and to save them she had to set up a trap for the humans who come to her rescue. It might have worked if Yuuichiro wasn’t so strong. This is where they cut away from what could have been a cool fight scene. Too bad, I guess.

After rescuing the humans who were being kept by the vampires the group continues on to Shinjuku. Unbeknownst to them Shinjuku is under attack by the vampires and when they arrive they run into a noble. The noble could have killed them but is being called by Ferid and so he leaves them alone. Considering this show is split-cour and is therefore reaching its end soon it is pretty easy to tell that stuffs about to go down. I’m hoping for a Yuuichiro/Mika reunion as the end of this season. I’m also very afraid of this exact situation. Like, what are they going to do? Will Yuuichiro try to kill Mika? How will Mika react?

My Love Story!! Episode 8

So this episode is all about birthdays…and friendship. We learn that Takeo’s birthday is January 1st, Suna’s birthday is September 13th (I think I’m remembering that right) and Yamato’s is June 15th, just 10 days away. Takeo is determined to make it go well. All Yamato wants is to spend the day with him so Takeo tries to plan a date. Tries is the key word. In the end it feels like Suna does all the work but hey, at least Takeo realizes that Suna is kind and isn’t trying to take advantage of him. He’s just kinda hopeless with these things and Suna is a very observant person. Takeo also gets a part time job. It’s a very unexpected job and really you just need to see this situation unfold for yourself.

Takeo manages to notice (this is both surprisingly because hey, it is Takeo we’re talking about, and because he was distracted by planning his date with Yamato) that Suna was acting strange. Despite confronting Suna several times about it, Suna denies that anything is wrong. Through Takeo’s mother (who, SURPRISE, is pregnant as she informs Takeo this episode) we learn that Suna’s father is in the hospital and has always had heart troubles. This leads to a confrontation between Suna and Takeo where Takeo is upset that Suna did not inform him. Suna just wanted Takeo to enjoy his date, a commendable act. The two are able to come to an understanding and this leaves us awaiting the next episode: the birthday/date combo.

pm8Plastic Memories episode 8

Plastic Memories is still going for the build-up for a finale full of feels. This episode Tsukasa is sent on a mission with a member from another Terminal Service department (3, if I remember correctly). Here we meet Andie, who is a Giftia. Eru runs in and mistakenly believes she is Olivia, a Giftia that lived next door to her when she was a child. However we soon learn that Olivia had been retrieved and then the Terminal Service Unit recycled her by giving her a new OS and thus Andie was born. Eru and Andie become friends, which proves hard for Eru as she is still stuck on memories of Olivia.

When Andie hears about a festival in Eru’s hometown, she begs to be taken. Eru reluctantly agrees after forcing Tsukasa along with them. Of course since Tsukasa is going that means Isla has to tag along as well. Eru gets some good screen time and Isla manages to get herself separated from the group. To make matters better, Isla is afraid of the sound of the fireworks that have started to go off. Lucky for her, Tsukasa finds her. This leads to quite the interesting moment as Tsukasa decides to tell Isla how he feels. I nearly died at this point. I’d been waiting for this for the entire series. Wait till after the end for an extra little something. An important extra little something.

FW8Food Wars episode 8

This week we move right along to a training camp. However, here at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy a training camp is simple. Instead the training camp is used to weed out the inferior students to help boil it down to the 10% who will eventually graduate from the Academy. This year the school enlists the help of actual graduates from the Academy. These graduates each get a group of students and give them a cooking challenge. Soma and Megumi are paired up and undergo a challenge by Hinako Inui who specializes in Japanese cooking. The group is challenged to find their ingredients in the wild and create a Japanese dish. Hinako does this specifically to throw the students off their game and create panic. During this episode we watch the Aldini brothers create and present their dish. Next episode we will finally get to see what Soma can do. I only hope Megumi actually participates in the process because otherwise she will be getting a free ride. I like her but it would still be unfair.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episode 8

The continuation of the trip is this episode as the gang finally makes it to the hotel. The rooms end up like this: Haruhi/Yuki/Asakura, Kyon/Koizumi, and Mikiru/Tsuruya. Obviously hijinks ensue. First the group takes a bath, this hotel apparently has a matchmaking bath. Despite being extremely excited, everyone is disappointed to learn that the matchmaking bath is really just a little window that can be opened from the girls’ side that lets you see into the boys’ bath. There happens to be a heart cutout for you to see through. I guess if a boy appears in the heart it’s a match? After nothing comes of the bath Haruhi decides to hold a table tennis tournament. Loser buys the winner milk. Haruhi rigs it so that Kyon is the loser and then tries to win it herself, however be it because Haruhi rigged it or by luck, Yuki wins. Haruhi then moves on to a karaoke contest, which quickly ends. Nothing much else happens this episode, the group eats, we see more baths, Koizumi acts really weird with Kyon. I’m enjoying the comedy aspect of this show but the episodes can get pretty choppy which is definitely a turn-off.

Blood Blockade Battlefront episode 3

Episode three is a real departure from the last two. The last two have been action packed but this was one was all about a chess-like game. The premise is that there is a new drug on the market, Angel Scale. In order to get information on it Claus seeks out this monster guy who I think is a crime lord. This guy also happens to enjoy the chess-like game previously mentioned and will give you whatever you ask for if you last so many hours in a match with him. To complicate matters a dignitary (I think it says what he does but I didn’t really read the screen) shows up and wishes to play the game. His request gets him a game of 10 hours. He almost makes it but loses 2 minutes before his time is up. If you lose you offer up the rest of your life but Claus was unwilling to let that happen to the dignitary. Therefore he asks for his request to be to spare the guys life, as well as information on Angel Scale, the match is set to last 99 hours. This match is ridiculous. This game makes zero sense. About the only rules we get for it are, the better you are the more complicated it gets. Claus plays so long that the board spawns several other boards as well as mini spheres of boards to play on. I wish it made sense. Overall the episode was ok but it wasn’t as good as the previous two.


2 thoughts on “Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 7

  1. My thoughts exactly on Food Wars, Seraph of the End, and Plastic Memories. I do hope to see Megumi get involved more – it’d be such a waste of a character, too! Mika and Yuu’s reunion will be magical and terrifying, I can feel it . . . I also read the Nagato section. I haven’t watched the show, but that picture made me quite suspicious! Haha

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