Assassination Classroom 19: Pandemonium Time

The infiltration of the hotel begins and the kids are given three minutes to memorize the map. Ritsu helps them look over the layout again and Irina makes it easy to get past security with her wonderful acting and seduction techniques. Also, apparently she can play piano…so that’s fantastic.

Once past security, it is made easier for the students to pass through the hotel as plenty of rich kids stay there. One of the other students easily recognizes the man who gave them their drinks. The man uses paralyzing gas on Kurasuma. Kurasuma knocks the man out before he can attack the students but is collapses from the gas’s effects.

There’s a guy eating ramen with a gun and I swear he has to be a drug addict. We also learn that there are three assassins altogether as well as the man demanding Koro-sensei. The first guy was the man who gassed Karasuma, the second is a foreigner who can kill with his bare hands, and the third is the man eating ramen.

This episode ends with Karma getting ready to take the foreign guy out…with a potted plant! So yea…Karma and Kurasuma were my favorites this week and maybe my like of Irina increased…but I’m sure she will ruin that soon.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but last week they said that all the students were affected by the virus and that it just incubated at different times. But this week, Okuda and Takabyashi (that’s the nerdy kid that hangs with Terasaka and gang, right) say that they aren’t infected.

Also, is the foreign assassin with the long hair blind? I thought he was but Trystan says he isn’t.


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