Kuroko no Basuke Season 2 Review

Kuroko’s Basketball Season 2

Story: 8.5/10
Art/Animation: 8.5/10
Sound: 10/10
Characters: 9/10
Enjoyment: 10/10

Final: 9.2/10


Oh wow guys, where do I even begin with this season? A lot happened in season 2, a lot of characters grew and changed, while Trystan and I screamed, laughed, and even cried a few times.

This season starts out with what appears to be a laid-back street ball tournament. However, we immediately meet Murasakibara (officially), the snack obsessed monster of the Generation of Miracles. Standing at 6’10”, he intimidates people with quick moves, high jumps, and an apathetic nature. We also meet Himuro Tatsuya, Kagami’s “brother” from America. As per usual, this series is fast-paced, jumping right in with the preliminaries for the Winter Cup.


To begin with, the character development this season was spectacular — Beginning with the introduction of Himuro and moving into the match against Kirisaka Daiichi. We learn that in the past, Kiyoshi Teppei was injured by this team. It was heart-wrenching to watch as Teppei was a victim, yet again, of Kirisaka Daiichi’s violence. While I enjoyed learning more about Teppei, I get depressed thinking about how he will no longer be able to play by season 3…


Another character’s development that I really enjoyed was Aomine’s. There was an intense re-match between Seiren and Touou ending in Seiren’s victory this time. One would expect for Aomine to become angry and have a fit, but in fact, he was relieved. Aomine is able to find peace and even a desire to play and train again. Kuroko and Aomine even manage to patch things up as he begins to help Kuroko train. Of course, we see more development as Kuroko and Kagami continue on and Kagami has to face his past with Himuro. When it is time to go against Yosen in the Winter Cup, Himuro says that the two of them will never be brothers again if Kagami wins. Murasakibara frequently causes issues for the team with his height and abilities. But in the end, even Murasakibara faces defeat and is seen crying, realizing at long last that he enjoys basketball.


As per usual, I loved the music in this season. The Kuroko soundtrack always stands out to me and the themes are fantastic. One of my favorites this season was Kensho Ono’s “Fantastic Tune.” Kensho Ono, seiyuu for Kuroko Tetsuya, has a fantastic voice and it is proven in this song.

As for art and animation, I really enjoyed the movements and fluidity of the games. There were times when maybe Alex, Himuro and Kagami’s teacher, looked a little strange or times when Murasakibara just seemed way too disproportionate (though he really just…is at 6’10”). Even so, the animation wasn’t choppy and the character designs were nice. I’ve seen clips of the manga and I can honestly say that the series translates well onto the screen. Also fantastic? The speed lines.


Is there a way for me to not enjoy Kuroko? Because so far, I have thoroughly loved the series. When I am watching the series, I am very engrossed in it and even though some matches span up to five episodes, I hardly noticed when we watched them. Looking back, I’d like to rewatch the season before entering season three, just to refresh my memory. A lot happens in Kuroko, especially season two. My two favorite things from this season would have to be: Aomine “becoming a person” and blonde Junpei Hyuga. I also thought the episode where they go to the hot springs was hilarious. As Kuroko continues, I am excited to see more nail-biting basketball games and hilarious comedy!

Junpei Hyuuga (he was blond once)

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