Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 8: Friendship Fights

Cute high earth defense club love 8This is the obligatory friends fight episode. Since we watched Io and Ryuu have at it a couple episodes ago, it means we get to watch Yufuin and Atsushi fight. Yufuin is the cause of the arguments, which is quite a surprise based on his personality. Atsushi is at a loss and ends up just trying to give Yufuin space. Man, Atsushi is a little too nice at times. He really should ask Yufuin what his problem is but instead decides to give Yufuin time to figure himself out. However even this causes Yufuin to get in a fight with Atsushi. Yufuin believes Atsushi should “fight for him” and Atsushi gets upset because this contradicts Yufuin’s earlier statement of wanting to be left alone. It is an all-out war between the two.

Yumoto was concerned for their friendship. After all, they both said they didn’t want lunch which much mean this is serious. Before Yumoto can go make a fool of himself trying to fix this relationship, Io and Ryuu step in. They claim you need to use your brain, something Yumoto just cannot grasp.

Using your brain apparently means investigating other groups of students who have been arguing. Turns out a lot of students have been fighting with their friends. It also turns out that all of these fights started after one of the friends visited the convenience store, which Yufuin did right before they started fighting.

So the group goes to find the monster so that Yufuin and Atsushi can make up. Atsushi is determined to bring his friend back. The fight makes its way back to the school where Yufuin notices it. Yufuin is embarrassed that he let a monster control him and fought with Atsushi. So they work together to defeat the monster. Yumoto even lets them to the finisher. It was pretty cute.

Rating: 4/5


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