Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 8

Food Wars episode 9

Soma does well this episode by making a crusted fish by using Hinako’s snack as the crust. He even included Megumi by having her collect the vegetables and chop them up. While I wish she had given input into the dish, I’m glad she was useful. I really hope they flesh her character soon though. Overall it was a fun episode.

Clearly the best part of this episode was the end where Soma and Erina were humming the end theme. Soma hums really badly right before he comes head to head with Erina, knocking her over and creating a little cliff hanger for us.

Plastic Memories episode 9

So, Isla turned Tsukasa down. This puts Tsukasa in a bad place and he just kinda sits around and mopes. Isla also seems distracted by the situation. Everyone is trying to figure out how to deal with Tsukasa because, y’know, he has a job to do. Eventually Michiru decides it would be best to keep them apart for a while, while Isla figures out how she feels. However nothing really happens as Tsukasa basically just acts like normal but is super sensitive to the situation being brought up.

Michiru eventually questions Isla about how she feels. We finally get some resolution as we learn that Isla really does like Tsukasa but believes that she should not be with him due to her short lifespan. Michiru was apparently unaware of Isla’s impending termination and was shocked by the news. I’m glad that this happened because previously I was under the assumption that everyone knew what Isla’s lifespan was but this wasn’t the case. It could just be that those who knew were there as long or almost as long as Isla. Then these people would know when it was close to time for Isla to need to be retrieved.

After this, Michiru also confronts Tsukasa after she learns about Isla’s lifespan. Tsukasa explains that he just wants to make memories with Isla and that regardless of her decision he wants to be her partner. However his wish may not come true as Kazuki announces she is terminating their partnership.

Oh hey look more characters.

Seraph of the End episode 9

Seriously, I’m really nervous about this season is going to end. Seraph of the End may not be the best show this season but for some reason the story is keeping me interested, if just for the reunion of Yuuichiro and Mika. This episode continues on that path as Yuuichiro and his group get into Shinjuku and start fighting alongside other troops. At the same time we see Mika is also in Shinjuku along with Ferid. We also get more backstory for Mika’s vampireness. Mika refused to drink human blood, which kinda stopped the vampiric transformation, and in the end drank the blood of Krul Tepes, that vampire girl that looks like she is 10 or something. Anyway, I guess he can only drink her blood now or something. We don’t get a real explanation but Krul says some weird shit about him belonging to her so it can be surmised. That said it has been what has allowed Mika to continue growing because he isn’t a true vampire. Guren comes across Mika near the end and a fight is coming, a fight I don’t really want to see. I’m really very worried about how this is going to turn out.

Show By Rock!! Episode 9

So today is the second battle of the bands between Criti Crista and Plasmagica. The girls of Plasmagica continue to practice hoping to win in order to get the required number of shows for the Grateful Rock Festival. Apparently winning is the only way this concert counts which explains why their first battle of the bands did not count as a concert. During their practice Chu Chu seems a little down. She becomes discouraged after Rom thinks their attempt to use special moves during their show is shallow. Her feelings are also hurt when Rosia (the pink one from Criti Crista) ignores her to pay attention to Cyan. We even see Chu Chu’s Melodisian stone becoming dark, possibly signifying something bad, although nothing happened with Aion last episode. In the end Plasmagica is able to perform their new song, which is really cute, and beat out Criti Crista, who I swear plays the same song they did the first time. It’s a great victory but Chu Chu’s Melodisian stone isn’t shown being healed which leaves us up in the air about what will come of the darkness in her heart. Also creepy snake guy who runs Unicorn Virtual Music turns Criti Crista’s Melodisian stones evil after they fail to beat Plasmagica.

My Love Story!! Episode 9

Ah the date episode. Everything starts out great. Takeo wears real clothes (and not just his gym uniform), Yamato looks cute (as always), and the two start their date by bowling. Yamato enjoys herself thoroughly during this and is even happier at the fancy cake restaurant. Takeo continually mentions how Suna helped him plan their day, which would be okay except it makes him think about Suna. Once Takeo starts thinking about Suna he doesn’t stop. Eventually Takeo gives up his date with Yamato in favor of staying with Suna. Suna is extremely touched by this though still mildly upset Takeo gave up his date. At the end of the episode we see the cutest thing of all though: Yamato (who was okay letting Takeo go to Suna) came to visit them because she couldn’t bear the thought of not wishing him well as well as to thank him for helping to plan the day regardless of the fact that she didn’t get to finish it.

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 9

Compared to the last little bit this episode of Rinne was quite random. It starts off with the story of a wig that is upset it couldn’t finish its role in a play. Rinne, Sakura, and Jumonji quickly take care of the problem and go one to return to their class. Once they do however they run into a classmate who appears to be talking to no one. Sakura notices however that she is talking to someone and watches as the girl is convinced to go to the roof and almost jump of the roof. Turns out this guy is an evil damashinigami, the kind who kills those before their time to meet their quotas. This particular damashinigami also stole the face of a good looking boy who had died a few months ago and was now using the face to trick girls who had confessed to him during middle school. And this leads Rinne to dress in a maid outfit. I’m serious. Rinne believes that putting on a maid outfit (and nothing else) will convince everybody that he is a girl. Lucky for him the damashinigami isn’t that smart and believes his ruse. While this episode is quite enjoyable, it did feel quite random and like it didn’t connect to the rest of the show.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episode 9

So we are still at the hot springs. Yep. Still. So this episode focuses on the last little bit of their trip. The group plays some cards, penalty games are had, and Ryoko imagines some weird scenes featuring Yuki and Kyon. But the real meat of the episode is the trip up to an observatory where Yuki and Kyon manage to hold hands and that is literally all they do. Hold hands. Over half way through and this is the progress their relationship has made. Welp. The rest of the group comes to ruin their moment and look at some stars before their trip is over and they go home. At the end we get a little scene of post-trip where something unexpected happens to Yuki. Really unexpected.

Blood Blockade Battlefront episode 4

So this episode is about vampires. Yep, you read that right vampires. Apparently vampires are super strong creatures that everyone fears. However despite their strength they just sit around and do nothing or at least, they haven’t done anything yet. A vampire is known by a red aura that is shaped like wings. Leo happens to see one on the train and is all like, “I saw this cool thing the other day,” to which everyone freaks out. Then they call Blitz T. Abrams (also known as Lucky Abrams) who is a renowned vampire expert. Turns out that Lucky was cursed by the vampires but because of his natural luck the curse ends up affecting those around him instead of him. Anyway, Lucky uses Leo to trying and find where the vampires are. Libra believes there to be 13 elder vampires (elders are really strong) however Leo soon learns that there are way more than 13 of them. This episode also features a cool battle between a vampire and K.K. and Steven (Apparently that’s his name, its news to me). After they lose Klaus steps in and actually beats the vampire. Overall this was a pretty cool episode and I’m excited to see where it goes.


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