Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 8

Show By Rock!! 9

Show by Rock!! episode 9 kept in with keeping the plot flowing. The Plasmagica girls face off against Criticrista again in another Battle of the Bands. For the record, if they win, they can go on to compete in the Grateful Rock Festival. Alot happens in this episode, such as the girls trying to raise their appeal, Chuchu and Cyan settling on twin vocals and of course…the girls winning the Battle of the Bands. The two most important things in this episode, however, were the fact that A. Chuchu seems to be possessed and B. when Criticrista lost, Dagger darkens their Melodisian stones.


Yup, the broadcast dub is finally up and running. Some of the cast I like (Bryn Appril as Cyan) and some of the cast…not so much. Vic Mignogna takes another Mamoru Miyano role as Syuzo and Retoree’s voice (Caitlin Glass) is waaaayyy to deep and monotone. Overall, the adaptation of certain songs was nice (with lyrics by Vic Mignogna and Brina Palencia). I really liked Maple (Sonny Strait) and Strawberry Heart (Justin Cook). Some of the smaller songs like when Cyan was singing on her bed and Shingan Crimsonz intro song were translated whilst actual concert songs were left the same. In the DVD release, I imagine all songs will be translated…I don’t know how I feel about that.

My Love Story!! 9

Welp, I almost cried over this episode. Takeo and Yamato go on their date. Takeo enjoys himself for a while but after some time, he begins to worry more and more about Suna. In the end, he ends up telling Yamato to go alone on the rest of their date or with a friend. She ends up getting mad at him for not telling her about Suna. I really love Yamato and the fact that she understood Takeo’s feelings and the fact he needed to be by Suna’s side. I expected Suna to be more upset than he was. It really hurt to see Suna blame himself. Honestly, this episode struck a little too close to home with circumstances in my life. This was a fantastic episode.

“Wake up b*tch!” -in his head

Seraph of the End 9

You know who is worried about the end of this season? Me. This show is murdering me. Yea, it really isn’t the best show but it certainly isn’t the worst. And after finally reading the first manga, I can tell they’ve left out A LOT and glossed over A LOT. Sh*t’s about to go down in Shinjuku as we come closer to Mika and Yuu meeting. Well, Guren confronts Mika but I’m sure the Hyakuya boys will reunite soon. And I foresee nothing good happening. I am also very worried for how Yoichi will handle meeting up with the vampire who killed his sister. He’s become a brave little guy but I don’t want him to act in a rash manner.

Plastic Memories 9

This week on Plastic Pain…I cried. Well, almost. I laughed a lot when Tsukasa was being messed with…poor guy. So please enjoy the above picture of him with a pompadour. So yea, we find that Isla returns Tsukasa’s feelings but feels as though it will hurt him more. Michiru finds out about Isla having very little time yet…And well, my love of Michiru increased again. I really like Kazuki but I’m pretty upset at her right now for dissolving Tsukasa and Isla’s partnership. I know that she’s just trying to do what’s best for them both but…I want to cry. There’s so few episodes left and I know my heart is going to be ripped out and shredded.

Kyoukai no Rinne 9

Apparently I have to cosplay Magical Girl Rinne…Literally all I remember about this week was Rinne in a maid’s outfit kicking ass. Oh yea, also the damashigami’s laugh was terrible and hilarious. I felt like this episode was almost a bit rushed. But most things have more of a build up to the school festival so maybe that’s why? I don’t know, this episode felt super choppy.

Food Wars 9

What didn’t I like about this episode? This episode was hilarious. No one won the food war (haha, get it?) between the Aldini brothers & Soma and Megumi. I also really liked the moment when Soma was skipping down the hall, humming the ending theme. Also, we got to hear the full version of the ending theme! It’s so pretty. Yup, that is all I have to talk about this week, how great the ending theme is.

Blood Blockade Battlefront 4

Last week’s episode was pretty slow. This week’s episode, however, picked the pace back up. So yea, who is surprised that we’ve added vampires to the mix? Not me. How long will we be focusing on vampires? The rest of the series? The rest of the season? Leo saw a bunch of vampires and also we got to meet Lucky Abrams…he has a lot of problems. (Sorry I have no idea what to say this week).

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 9

This episode had some funny parts. My two favorite parts were Asakura and Haruhi playing in the park and Tsuruya carrying Mikuru on her back. It was really nice seeing a minor progression between Yuki and Kyon in this story. They finally held hands. And even though, I ship Yuki and Kyon, I’m pretty much just…over it. I get it – we need a slow build up. But somehow I think bad things are about to happen. At the end of this episode, someone, maybe Yuki got hit by a car. Is this an alternate universe? Who knows. I’m interested in seeing how this show will end.


3 thoughts on “Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 8

  1. Haha Soma singing the ending theme then encountering Nakiri was seriously the best moment for my Sunday of watching simulcasts – so so hilarious! And Michiru, God I want to see more of her, but with Tsukasa and Isla running out of time, it’s best we pray for those two instead. *proceeds to grab tissues and cry*

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