Assassionation Classroom Episode 20: Karma Time/2nd Period

Episode 20 may be one of my favorite episodes so far. In this episode, the battle between Karma and Grip continues. Karma continuously dodges Grip’s attacks before seemingly getting hit by paralysis gas. In a moment’s notice, Karma manages to cover his mouth and not breathe in the gas. He hits Grip with the paralysis gas unexpectedly and the students capture the man.

Karma had some weird things in his bag this week – including hot sauce and mustard to shove up Grip’s nose. Karma really is something…that something being completely crazy. I think that adds to his charm, however.

I really enjoyed this episode not just for Karma but also for Nagisa. We get to see Nagisa in drag, posing as one of the girls. He looked super cute and I found it hilarious when he was hit on. In a way, I feel bad for Nagisa as he gets mistaken for a girl anyway. But I can’t help but to think that he was even cuter than normal.

This episode had intense moments and funny moments. I think it represents a nice balance of what Assassination Classroom is. This season will probably end with the wrapping up of this arc and I am nervous and excited to see how it fares and where the series will go.

I know it isn’t that important right now but…I wonder when we’ll see Itona again.


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