Assassination Classroom Episode 21: XX (Takaoka) Time

This episode begins with the fourteen that are left in a soundproof auditorium with Trigger. Trigger is easily able to pinpoint where his opponent is based on where they fire from. However, Koro-sensei is placed in the front row and begins shuffling the students by using different codenames for them: including their last names, interests, and student numbers.

They aim for the stage light brackets to take down Trigger and succeed with the help of their fellow students and a decoy doll. As the students close in on the enemy, Nagisa discovers that Terasaka is infected. (Trystan says he has yaoi hands.)

This episode had my heart beating the entire time. And of course, the one who hired the assassins and had the students infected was Takaoka, who now has a bunch of wounds on his face (self-inflicted). His crazy plan involved putting Kayano in danger to kill Koro-sensei. Takaoka is also wanting to get revenge on Nagisa, who “ruined” his future.

Nagisa is brought up alone onto the Heliport with Takaoka, who destroys anyway for the others to get to Nagisa…or Nagisa to get off of it. Takaoka demands that Nagisa get one his hands and knees and apologize for his sneak attack…because he has no skill. And despite Nagisa doing this…well, who is surprised that Takaoka destroys the brief case that holds the antidote for the virus. (For the record, Trystan and I screamed.)

The episode ends with a very, very pissed off Nagisa is determined to kill Takaoka.

For the record, the next episode is “Nagisa Time” and I’m kind of stoked.


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