Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 9

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 10

This week we meet Rinne’s dad, who is apparently a deadbeat damashigami. Yep, he has in fact been the one in charge of the damashigami that the group has run into and the reason Rinne hates all damashigami. Rinne’s dad, Sabato Rokudo, has consistently stolen money from his son as well as take out massive loans with Rinne as the cosigner. This is the real debt Rinne has been paying off as we find out that Tamako, his grandmother, paid off her debt when Rinne was a child. The real question for me is how Tamako raised such a crappy guy. She’s not that bad so why is her son such a piece of crap?

Anyway, Sabato tries to get Rinne to take over his damashigami company. He is so determined that his takes Sakura and Jumonji as hostages to force Rinne into doing what he is told. Sakura and Jumonji are able to escape from their prisons and Jumonji runs into a weird old lady who gives him a pendant to help with his love life. We get to see how this will backfire for him next episode.

My Love Story!! Episode 10

To make up for leaving their date Takeo decides to go on a picnic with Yamato. Although really it is a tad bit more like a hike than just a picnic but Yamato is happy so I won’t nitpick. Once the two get to the top of the mountain a bird steals Yamato’s jacket. But Yamato can’t lose this jacket, it has her birthday present from Takeo on it. After she nearly falls off the cliff, Takeo catches her, only to cause them to both fall down the cliff.

The pair is now stranded in the forest. Although Takeo is able to climb a tree and spot a round, they are unable to get out of the forest that day. This leads them to having to spend the night together, alone, in a forest. Yamato is very nervous while Takeo is completely oblivious. He thinks Yamato is worried about surviving when in reality she is concerned about something entirely different. Meanwhile, Takeo’s parents (that’s right we finally get to see Takeo’s dad) believe that he will be home “sometime,” Suna spends the entire day reading, and when Yamato’s mom calls her friends they believe Yamato and Takeo must be at a love hotel and lie to keep her mom from being suspicious. Wow. If Takeo and Yamato hadn’t been able to get out of the forest they would be quite out of luck. At the rate everyone was going no one would question their absence for a little bit longer until they were completely stranded. But thankfully Takeo gets them out of the forest and to a bus. That was one crazy date.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episode 10

So, Yuki barely missed getting slammed by that car. Personally, I’m okay with this. Yuki makes her way home, despite the fact that her glasses are broken. When she gets back Asakura gets quick upset when she finds out Yuki was in an accident. As she is freaking out, Asakura realizes that Yuki is different than normal, much more like her Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya counterpart. This new Yuki, who uses a backup pair of glasses, reads rather than plays video games, barely speaks, and seems to not care about Kyon! She is the very opposite of the Yuki we know in this show. Near the end of the episode Asakura questions this new Yuki about who she is however we won’t get the answer till next episode.

Also the name of the next episode is called ‘The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan’ which I thought was pretty clever. I mean, it was the perfect chance to incorporate the name of the show. It would be better if this was a story finisher arc but it’s not, so I suppose this is just a lost opportunity.

Show By Rock!! Episode 10

Last week we saw Chu Chu’s melodisian stone start to blacken but this week it goes full on evil after she is hypnotized by Dagger (otherwise known as creepy snake dude). It is also finally confirmed that the Grateful King (or the guy that Dagger has kidnapped) is indeed Strawberry Heart. We also find out that possessing Strawberry Heart takes a lot out of him and he is running short on the power to do so, explaining why Strawberry Heart has been talking to Cyan less than before.

While Chu Chu is hypnotized we learn that what she really wants is a solo career and she believes being the front man for a band will give her the experience and boost she needs to launch a solo career. To this end she views Plasmagica as a stepping stone on her way to stardom. Music saves the day, as it always does, and Chu Chu is brought back to normal, although rather embarrassed about how her true feelings were shown. The girls accept her anyway because friendship triumphs all, I suppose.

Oh hey the Broadcast Dub for Show By Rock!! finally started. Maple was by far my favorite voice in the first episode. Sonny Strait is doing a perfect job so far. My least favorite voice was Retoree whose voice was just too deep for my liking. At the end we get some of the entrance music for ShinganCrimsonz (Mike McFarland, Jerry Jewell, Ian Sinclair, and Chris Sabat) and they sound great together. Something to note though is that the songs are not currently dubbed although leaving songs in Japanese isn’t Funimation’s style. I assume the songs will be dubbed for any DVD release we may get but as of now, they are not. I think it would be cool to have a feature where you could turn the dub for the songs on or off on your DVD which would allow you to get the experience you want. I think the songs should first be viewed in Japanese because that is their native language however I am also interested in hearing what they will sound like in English. Also I can assure you that if Show By Rock!! gets a DVD released, I will buy it.

Seraph of the End episode 10

What I was terribly afraid of happening is finally starting to happen. And as expected a lot of screaming went on, mostly at the end. I’m going to ignore most of the episode to talk about how much pain the ending caused me. First, we had the Guren versus Mika fight which started out good for Guren but quickly turned to bad. Just as Mika was going to kill Guren and, in fact, did stab Guren, Yuichiro ran up and stabbed him. Like, they both realized who the other was as it was happening. So Yuichiro stabs Mika and then realizes who he is. And sh*t is going down next episode and personally I’m not okay with it. Like, I’m scarred. Are they going to hurt each other? Is Guren okay? I assume Mika won’t die from that attack (even though it would kill any other vampire) but I’m still terrified it will. Ugh.

Plastic Memories episode 10

The dissolving of the partnership wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Kazuki believes that by forcing the two apart she can convince Isla to do the right thing (because even Kazuki believes that Isla should just tell Tsukasa she likes him). Kazuki also gets really drunk because she isn’t quite sure how to deal with Isla anymore. Also, we know Kazuki has a prosthetic, she mentions it in an earlier episode, but the show doesn’t feel the need to actually draw said prosthetic, which is mildly annoying. Oh and Constance was just as great as I thought he’d be. He’s pretty snarky, in his own way, and is overall pretty great. At the end of the episode we finally get to see Isla confess her feelings…IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE OFFICE. Like, wow, the ENTIRE office. They’re all watching it and some of them are even crying (staring right at you Sherry). Overall it was a pretty sweet episode, although I’m not too sure about what’s going to happen in the remaining three episodes. Alyssa even made a joke about ending the show here where we can pretend everything was happy ever after. Sadly, I don’t see that being where this is going.

Food Wars episode 10

And we finally get a Megumi dedicated challenge. Yay! This week Megumi and Soma are doing a challenge for the scary pink haired guy, Kojiro Shinomiya. This challenge involves making this crazy vegetable thing. To ramp everything up Shinomiya makes the kids believe they are all enemies so that they will mess with each other. This causes getting ingredients to be extremely hard. Megumi, who is quite slow with things like this, barely manages to get her ingredients. In fact she was too slow to get a good cauliflower and ended up with one that was oxidized (or turning yellow). Megumi believes she has found a way around this and takes one back and gets to work. Soma passes no problem but when Megumi goes up she gets an automatic fail. Why? Because she changed the recipe and how dare she do that. In order to get around the oxidation of the cauliflower Megumi uses a vinegar (or is it a wine?) to make the cauliflower whiter. However Shinomiya is a jerk and will not take the tampering even for legitimate reasons. In fact, Shinomiya put the bad cauliflower in with the other ingredients to weed out students who weren’t good at picking vegetables as well as slow students.

I enjoyed watching Megumi this episode. Spending time with Soma has really increased her confidence in her abilities and it is definitely for the better. Plus she’s a cute character so I like seeing her try her hardest. In the end though Soma has to come to her rescue by challenging Shinomiya to a Shokugeki. If he wins, Megumi stays, if he loses, they’re both out.

Blood Blockade Battlefront episode 5

This week we meet the Queen of Monomania, Aligura. Aligura would be the pink haired girl that appears in the credits. She notably hangs out with the King of Depravity himself, Femt. Aligura is very interested in getting back her boyfriend ‘Brody Hummer’ but really I should be saying boyfriends. You see, Aligura really liked the personality of her boyfriend but she just wasn’t attracted to him. And then another guy came along who was super cute but his personality wasn’t her taste. So Aligura did was she thought was the best thing ever: she took boyfriend 1 and mashed him up. Then she put boyfriend 1 into boyfriend 2 to create a boyfriend with the personality and the looks she wanted. That’s how Deldro Brody and Dog Hummer became ‘Brody Hummer’.

And you see, Aligura wants him back. He is her greatest creation after all. And poor little Leo gets caught up in the situation and becomes a hostage. Not that she needs a hostage but she keeps him anyway. In the end all Aligura does to Leo is give him a good talking to about relationships before her giant monster truck gets destroyed by ‘Brody Hummer’. Oh and Leo uses her advice too. Her words really stick with him and he ends up asking White if she wants to see a movie with him. It goes poorly though as they watch Twins (Yes, the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie) reminds them both of their family and causes white to cry.


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