Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 9

Sorry this is so late…I’ve been mainly reading library books and feeling kind of ill lately. I’ll try to be better.’s never really been noted but — Most weeks we change the order of the shows in our posts based on enjoyment that week.

Plastic Memories 10

If the show ended right here, I wouldn’t complain. I really just don’t want to face what is going to happen to Isla and Tsukasa. I really loved this episode. It was nice to see Isla come to terms with her feelings and finally tell Tsukasa how she felt. I loved that the over all plan of Kazuki was to push the two together, probably for the sake of Isla’s happiness. Kazuki is like…that ultimate mom character and I feel really bad that I doubted her last week. Aside from Isla and Tsukasa…my favorite part this week was seeing Sherry cry. Sherry is always so angry and stoic…so I thought it was really amazing to see such a sweet side of her. Also, I know it doesn’t really matter but…how old is Constance? He must be close to his expiration as well…

Owari No Seraph 10

I just want to vomit feelings all over this show. My heart was pounding pretty intensely during this episode…Trystan and I did, in fact, scream a lot during this episode (it was mainly her). This episode was intense and action-packed and I found myself hating Ferid even more. Episode 10 finally brought us to the reunion between Mika and Yuu…and it is not a pretty one. In fact, it ended with a sword through the chest. Well, technically there were two swords shoved through chests. Guren was stabbed pretty close to his heart and I am worried. I really like Guren so I was pretty distraught, but not as distraught as that moment where Yuu and Mika realized who one another was.

Me too…me too.

My Love Story!! 10

Okay so…where do I start? While I recognize this wasn’t one of the best episodes of all the shows this week, I really enjoyed it. Yamato and Takeo go on a hike and plan to have a picnic. Of course, bad things happen and the two fall down a cliff. Neither end up horribly injured which is fantastic. I was really surprised when Takeo suggested they conserve the food, seeing as they were in a bind and wouldn’t be able to get home in a timely fashion. In fact, the two spent all night in the woods. Yamato seemed to be thinking some less than appropriate things…and Takeo? Well, he is Takeo. His number one priority was to protect Yamato, which is as sweet and admirable as ever. I laughed a little too hard when Yamato’s friends were misunderstanding the situation and thinking that the two took their relationship to a more intimate level. Oh hey…we also finally got to see Takeo’s dad this week!

Kyoukai no Rinne 10

There have been plenty of deadbeat dads in anime…but Rinne’s really takes the cake – and his son’s money. Honestly, Sabato Rokudo is one of my least favorite characters of this entire anime season. The way he has used his son is terrible and I hate him. He is the reason Rinne is in debt and he uses his son’s money to woo the ladies. Speaking of ladies, he holds a competition for the woman who will become Rinne’s new mother, and another competition for who will be his son’s wife. Sabato is pretty terrible and I want to punch him. I honestly do not see how he is the son of Rinne’s grandmother, who is pretty sweet so far.

Show by Rock!! 10

In this episode, we see the outcome of the darkening of Chuchu’s Melodisian stone. A lot is learned about Chuchu, such as the fact that she intended to use Plasmagica only as a build up to her solo career. However, things changed in her heart and she, like Aion, is saved by the Power of Friendship from her bandmates. Chuchu decides to stick around as she loves Plasmagica. I honestly adore how accepting the characters in this show are. They’re all just like ‘yeah, okay, we still love you’ and then all is fine and dandy.

DUB: We got our first look at the Broadcast Dub this week. As much as I wish that the bigger songs would stay in Japanese, I know they won’t for the final release. I was really surprised by the performance of the members of ShinganCrimsonz. Retoree’s voice (Caitlin Glass) feels too flat and boring…I was not a fan. I was also not a fan of Vic Mignogna as Syuzo…but I already knew that I was not going to enjoy that. I especially loved Bryn Appril (Cyan) and Maple (Sonny Strait). I expected Maple to be a lot like the English Koro-sensei but it was so much different and so fantastic. Maple’s English voice was everything I wanted…and then some.

Blood Blockade Battlefront 5

In episode 5, we get to meet Aligura. She is a bit of a psycho but I kind of can’t hate her. This episode kept up with the high-paced feeling of the show and I really enjoyed it. Leo got kidnapped, again. Aligura spends her time with Leo as a hostage by lecturing him in love, and surprisingly, he takes her advice to heart. I really liked ‘Brody Hummer’ as a character. I thought he was very interesting as a character created from two guys mashed together.

On the note of the dub, I LOVE Tia Ballard as Aligura.

Shokugeki no Soma 10

Oh Megumi…she’s so precious. This episode was all about an intense battle to recreate a dish created by the instructor himself. This session/challenge starred Shinomiya Kojiro (pink-haired, glasses) as the instructor. He uses underhanded tricks such as leaving in some bad vegetables and turning the students against one another so that he can properly cull the students. One of the students to be expelled? Well, its Megumi…Megumi changed the recipe he created. Naturally, she had a legitimate reason but being as Shinomiya is the ‘head chef’ it is against the rules to change his recipe. However, Soma will not let Megumi go down without a fight and challenges Shinomiya to Shokugeki.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 10

Hnm…well, first let me say that I am very glad that no one was actually hurt in this episode. Yuki barely missed becoming roadkill. In return, however, she goes into a strange shock and become the Yuki we are used to seeing from the ‘Haruhi’ series. Despite my like of that Yuki, and my dislike of how naive and spazzy they had made this Yuki, I felt very distressed during this episode. I am curious to see how things unfold and how yuki and friends will be able to return her to her normal self. With 6 episodes left, I am curious to see where this series is going and how it will end. The manga is still ongoing so…I imagine we won’t get a real ending.


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