Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 10

Hey look, it’s Zapp. This is the only time you’ll see him.

Blood Blockade Battlefront episode 6

This episode was surprisingly sad. I didn’t think a mushroom could make me sad but low and behold we’re at that point. This episode stars Leo meeting a mushroom like creature named Nej who thoroughly enjoys hamburgers. The hamburgers Nej really likes though are located in a place outside of Hellsalem’s Lot where people don’t like the monsters and look down upon them. Leo feels bad for Nej and decides to give him burgers so he won’t be swindled out of money. The two spend a lot of time together and become friends. Then one day Nej gets hit by a truck (don’t worry, this happens frequently) and the guy beats the crap out of him because he is sick of seeing Nej. This causes something interesting to happen. When Nej is in a bad situation his body produces spores that erase people’s memories, including his own. However one of the guys in the truck was wearing a gas mask and therefore did not lose his memory. Because the two guys owe a lot of money to some people who will kill them they decide to harvest Nej’s spores to commit crimes. Leo attempts to stop them but just gets himself in more trouble. This upsets Nej who has never really had a friend and causes him to let a really big batch of spores go which erases everyone’s memory for the last two weeks. Now Leo and Nej don’t remember each other at all but thankfully they do meet up again. We don’t get to learn if they repeat their friendship but one can only hope.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episode 11

In this week’s episode we learn that the current Yuki has some form of trauma where she has the old Yuki’s memories but does not see them as her own experiences. Therefore the current Yuki views herself as an entirely different individual than the one we have seen up until now. Rather than telling Asakura this the current Yuki was afraid that Asakura would force her to return to the other Yuki. In other words she was concerned with self-preservation. Asakura proved to be fantastic when she accepted the new Yuki and told her that while she would be happy if the old Yuki would come back she isn’t going to force the new Yuki to change. Asakura took Yuki to the doctor just to make sure that nothing was wrong and even made sure that Yuki didn’t have to stay in the hospital (the doctor wanted to watch over her for a while but Asakura argued against it). Even Kyon was able to accept the current Yuki and the group managed to go on. This story arc is interesting but rather hard to talk about. I do want to know how it’s going to end but this isn’t the type of thing I can just make witty comments about. Sooooooo…I guess I’ll just end by saying it was a good episode.

Seraph of the End episode 11

OH GOD. (For the remainder of this episode review just repeat this statement).

But really, that one statement describes me watching this episode. I screamed frequently. First off, Yuuichiro and Mika spend like seven minutes just staring at each other. Everyone freaks out at Yuuichiro and he’s just like, “but Mika.” And then Mika’s like, “Gotta save Yu,” and princess carries him off into the distance. Mika just wants to go live in a cabin somewhere away from all this but Yuuichiro is super worried about his friends. Who, by the way, are in the middle of being bitten by vampires (cue me screaming, again). Right as Shinoa gets bitten, Yuuichiro manages to get away from Mika to go save them. And then he turns into this crazy monster…thing. Like his eyes go all weird and he grow a wing made out of black blood (Maybe? Who knows). It was terrifying. And Mika gets freaked out and all I can think is, can Mika do that too? Cause Krul called both of them Seraphs or did the humans do something else to Yuuichiro since he’s been with them. So Yuuichiro goes on a crazy rampage and Guren tells Shinoa that she could possibly turn Yuuichiro back and yolo’s the entire situation. Shinoa almost dies but Mika blocks Yuuichiro on some silly premise that “you don’t kill humans” even though he has probably killed a couple since he got there. And then friendship saves the day and Yuuichiro manages to turn back to normal. Wow.

Show By Rock!! Episode 11

It is finally time for the Grateful Rock Festival and the final showdown of the series. Everything starts off smoothly. Trichronika, Shingancrimsonz, and Tsurezurenaru have all had their chance to shine and we are just awaiting the performance of Plasmagica. Sadly this is the point when these four bands get attacked by a dark monster. This monster proves strong as it captures every member except for Cyan, Shu-zo, and Darudayu (the three you’ll note Dagger wanted). Darudayu offers to fight the monster by herself to allow Shu-zo and Cyan the energy to fight later but Cyan stops her before the final blow as she realizes that the monster is really Rosia from Criticrista. I’m so glad that brought this back up. I was wondering what really happened to the girls after Dagger got rid of them and I’m glad that didn’t just leave it in limbo like some shows would have. The episode cuts off after this discovery so there isn’t any more to be said about it but I definitely enjoyed this episode.

This was terrifying.

This was terrifying.My Love Story!! Episode 11

Welp, it’s the obligatory beach episode. As always it is full of cute moments of Yamato thinking she doesn’t look good enough next to Takeo, Takeo being surprised at how cute Yamato is, and Suna not wanting to be at the beach at all. The biggest moment of the episode though? Takeo finally said I love you, and not just in his head. Out loud, to Yamato. They even almost kissed but got interrupted by their friends. *sigh* Well, I suppose it will happen before the series is over. Definitely an enjoyable episode but I am starting to feel like Suna is taking over the spotlight for me and that is kinda problematic.

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 11

So what is Rinne to do when his father is a dirt bag and wants him to take over a shady business? Well Rinne challenges his father to a fight and agrees to take over the company if he loses. Things don’t look to good as Sabato uses a special flame wheel that turns anything it touches into money. Rinne quickly loses his scythe and is stuck using silverware and dishes as weapons. In the meantime Sakura and Rokumon are following a map given to them by a strange Seal. The map leads them to a safe in the president’s office (aka Sabato’s office). There they find out that the fire wheel really only takes money out of the safe and puts the items in the safe. In this way Sakura is able to get Rinne’s scythe back as well as the forgery of his seal (seals are used in Japan instead of signatures, generally). Rinne is still in a pickle though but is eventually rescued by the seal who turns out to be Tamako, Rinne’s grandmother. Tamako quickly admonishes her son while also making up a lie about Rinne and Sakura dating to discourage the girls trying to marry Rinne. Rinne becomes worried that this will bother Sakura, who honestly looks like she doesn’t give a sh*t about anything. It’s like Rinne is right on the verge of realizing he likes her but can’t quite admit it. It’s pretty adorable to watch these two fumble because it is obvious they are starting to care for each other but neither has really grasped it yet.

Food Wars episode 11

Well this episode was a doozy. The Shokugeki challenge is accepted by Dojima (the alumni in charge of the training camp who forces Shinomiya into accepting it) albeit in an unofficial stance. As such Dojima takes them down to a kitchen not scheduled to be used and has three other alumni as the judges (himself excluded as well as Hinako who could have a bias for Megumi). A condition has been applied however, that Megumi must be the chef and Soma the sous chef. I loved this. Dojima was right. If Soma saves Megumi that just means she’ll get cut later and Soma will have to keep coming back to rescue her. This way if Megumi wins she’ll know it was by her own talent. Soma freaks out but eventually relents. And so the challenge is on. Shinomiya makes some dish that is wrapped in cabbage which causes the group to become cabbage magical girls (it is terrifying). The credits rolled right after that and I got so upset because I wanted to know what dish Megumi had made. But then at the end we got to see that Megumi made the exact same type of dish that Shinomiya had asked them to make.

burger timePlastic Memories episode 11

So Tsukasa and Isla are finally dating…and it’s awkward. But did we expect anything else from these two? So Yasutaka informs Tsukasa that the key to a relationship is surprises. So both Tsukasa and Isla spend the episode trying to figure out how to surprise the other one. Isla reaches a decision first when she decides to cook for Tsukasa. However Isla doesn’t know what foods Tsukasa likes so she decides to ask him. However upon asking him, Tsukasa becomes worried about making Isla do stuff for him. Thankfully Constance is there to give the great idea of having them cook together. The two end up making omelet rice and both put hearts on their foods. It is adorable. The entire time I am watching this I know that this show is going to rip out my heart when it ends.


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