Assassination Classroom Episode 22: Nagisa Time (END)

The episode returns with Nagisa’s intent to kill being interrupted by a stun gun to the back…thrown by terasaka. Koro-sensei and the others tell Nagisa that Takaoka isn’t worth killing. Nagisa takes up the stun gun (looking really cool) and is ready to fight.

Takaoka also reveals that he has a few vials left of the antidote. It isn’t enough for everyone…but it is some. He tells them that if anyone interferes and if Nagisa doesn’t approach him with all he has…he will get rid of the anridote. However, Koro tells Karasuma that if he feels Nagisa’s life is in danger, he should shoot Takaoka.

It really hurt to watch Nagisa get the sh*t beat out of him. Nut it is revealed that Nagisa still has an ace up his sleeve that was taught to him by Lovro. This technique requires certain conditions to be met. And naturally, these conditions are met and exist to set the stage for an instant kill in a pinch situation.

Nagisa uses the knife as a distraction, tossing it to the ground and knocking Takaoka off his feet. He uses the stun gun to incapacitate Takaoka. He thanks the man with a smile before knocking him out completely with a jolt to the throat from the stun gun.

They are confronted by the three assassins who were hired by Takaoka. In learning that he never intended to hand over the real remedy, the kids were actually administered a beefed up food poison…rather than killing a bunch of middle-schoolers. The assassins just…leave…happily and without any grudges towards the other. So we see that Terasaka is a person and so are the three assassins. We even see the three assassins playing 3DS together…

Koro-sensei returns to normal and everyone gets to spend the rest of their summer vacation happily. Overall, it is a nice way to end the first season but I don’t know how I’m going to live without Assassination Classroom. We’ve been watching this since January…It’s been nearly half a year and my weeks won’t be nearly as happy without Assassination Classroom.


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