Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 9: Melon Time

Melon Monster is kinda cute, to be honest.

In this episode the Conquest Club decides to go for a new strategy…setting a trap. To do this they use a melon monster who tells a bunch of crappy riddles and then makes them climb to the top of Mt. Binan to find out the answers. Yumoto is the only one who actually falls for this but the answers are quickly Googled and then no one cares. Still Yumoto feels obligated to go but as usual no one has any money to make the trip.

The stalker Press Club comes to the rescue but only if the members will participate in a photo shoot. Ah yes random cosplay scenes, my favorite. The group ends up making this strange calendar and then go on their way to Mt. Binan. Once there they encounter trap after trap after trap and eventually make it to the top.

The melon monster gets quite sad when he learns none of his traps worked. However he will reveal the answers to his riddles, like any proper person would. Too bad Yumoto already knows the answer. This truly defeats the poor monster, who ends up needing a pick me up from Yumoto. Good thing Yumoto does these sorts of talk every episode, right?

And the day is saved. The Conquest Club fails once again, the Press Club is still being creepy and stalkerish, and our group of lovable friends are still…well, lovable I guess. (But no seriously, they might consider getting a restraining order against the Press Club.)

Rating: 2/5


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