Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 10

Plastic Memories 11

I seriously almost cried from how sweet this episode was. Tsukasa and Isla take time to adjust as they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Tsukasa confides in the other guys and Yasutaka says that the key to relationships is surprising one’s significant other. Isla and Tsukasa both take this too heart and start worrying about how to surprise the other. In the end, the two end up making dinner together. Despite the fact that the food ends up looking terrible, it tastes delicious and the two are happy. I seriously loved this episode but I know things are going to get depressing very soon.

Blood Blockade Battlefront 6

“Hello guy who didn’t give me his burger.” Yup, this sounds like me. Also, Nej X Burgers is my OTP for this show. Okay, all silliness aside, this episode hit me in the feels. How the hell do I get feels from fungus!? Well, I got really, really depressed when Nej was getting beaten, and even moreso when Leo was kidnapped and had to watch Nej get beaten before his eyes. I was really scared that after Nej majorly blew up that he would be dead…but thankfully, he wasn’t. I mean…he got hit by a car like 3 times, right? So I guess its possible for him to survive. Either way, this episode was really good!

Seraph of the End 11

I am almost positive that I have gone partially deaf thanks to all the screaming from Trystan. I think she made up for how much I was internally screaming. Either way, please enjoy the gif of Mika hugging Yuu, since Trystan already used the ‘princess carry.’

Soo…more shit went down in this episode, but who is surprised? Not me! Anyway, Mika tries to stop Yuu from saving his friends as the nobles attack all of them. Of course, Yuuichirou loves his new family and doesn’t want to lose anyone else. This results in him wonderfully flipping Mika over his shoulder before going into some crazy demon rampage. Inside his mind, Yuu sees the spirit of his Cursed Gear who tells him that maybe Mika is right and he should stay away from the humans. I’d also like to note that as Yuu is tripping out, he sees angels and giant trumpets. Naturally, there are seven trumpets, keeping with the apocalyptic theme of this series. As Trystan stated, it is a major question (for us anime-only people) whether or not this crazy transformation is something Mika can undergo as well. I suppose we will see in the next season…maybe.

Show by Rock!! 11

In this second-to-last episode, the Grateful Rock Festival is here! Everyone is excited to get to perform but alas, “everything changed when the fire nation attacked.” Well, in this case, a dark monster shows up and wrecks everything before Plasmagica can go onstage. The dark monster, which is a combination of the Criticrista girls (I predict – though they only show Rosia), attacks and captures everyone save for the three Dagger wanted. It was really interesting to see Darudaya fight in this episode as she used her Daruma shell to do so. This episode was entertaining and fun. I am excited to see how the series draws to a close.

Food Wars 11

This episode made me laugh way more than I feel was necessary. However, I know that’s a good thing. This episode was mainly comprised of Megumi trying to figure out what to make and the judges talking up Shinomiya and his dish. Apparently, in France, he is considered the Magician of Legumes (Vegetables) for all that he can do with them. I really loved seeing Megumi shine as she figured out what to do. Sure, Soma did most of the preparation work, but that was his job as sous chef. My other favorite part of this episode was the Magical Cabbage transformations of the other alumni. My least favorite part was having to see the blond guy with the terrible accent naked.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 11

This was by far one of the most interesting episodes of this series. After revealing that Yuki feels detached from her own feelings and emotions – as if her life isn’t her own and she is someone else, she finally agrees to go to the hospital. Asakura and yuki are told that Yuki has minor dysmensia (memory impairment) caused from the stress/shock of being nearly hit by the car. Asakura bargains for Yuki to be able to continue her normal life rather than staying in the hospital and I think this is the better option in her regaining her sense of self. It was really interesting to see this Yuki try to act like the Yuki she once was. The only ones who really knew something was ‘off’ were Kyon and Asakura. Also, I’m a bit sad we haven’t really seen Tsuruya or Mikuru… Haruhi and Koizumi are preparing for exams but neither of the prior two are seen.

Kagome? Dat you?

Kyoukai no Rinne 11

“Why is Rinne so low on the list of enjoyment?” Well, while this episode of Rinne was funny, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I have other episodes. I loved certain parts and felt bored by others. My overall favorite things in this episode were: Rinne getting upset that Sakura-senpai hasn’t noticed him and Tamako beating up her deadbeat son. For now, Rinne’s forged seal (they use these to sign documents rather than a signature) and other things stolen by his father have been taken back. Even so, we all know that Sabato will be back to mess things up.

My Love Story!! 11

Don’t get me wrong, this episode was REALLY good (even if it was an obligatory beach episode). I just didn’t enjoy this as much as all of the intensity we faced this week. So, in this episode, we get to see Yamato and her friends and Takeo’s group go to the beach. We also get to see Yamato trying to find a good swimsuit to surprise Takeo with. She seems to be very attracted to the risque ones but her friends convince her to get a cuter one. Also, does no one in anime re-use a swimsuit from the year prior? I mean, seriously. There was a lot of happiness in this episode but I mainly enjoyed Takeo and Yamato spending time alone on the beach and almost kissing.


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