Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 10: Glasses Love

The unthinkable happens this episode…Yumoto gets a cold. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? I thought those who were dumb couldn’t catch colds (or at least that’s what anime has taught me). Well turns out that this is Yumoto’s very first cold…ever. So Yumoto gets sick, goes home, and comes back the next day. But now? Now Yumoto is wearing glasses. And glasses change everything. Trust me, I have glasses.

Yumoto’s glasses turn him into the ‘refreshing’ type. You know, looking at him makes you feel better, you just wanna be nice to him and have him around. That type. It’s weird. It’s like suddenly Yumoto is a model student. Not to mention that he is totally butting into classmate Rui Megawa’s territory.

See, until now Megawa has had a monopoly over this character type. Every club wanted him to be their manager but only the baseball team got him. And that’s what this kid likes, being fawned over. So of course he’s not very happy when Yumoto’s personality change causes him to be sought out by everyone. This obviously means that this kid is our monster of the week. A really creepy baseball bat monster that I’d prefer to forget ever existed.

Yumoto’s new self is way too terrified to fight the monster and it leads to these bizarre scenes of everyone protecting him. I found this part way to enjoyable. Like Yumoto just kept holding onto Yufuin and Yufuin was like, “What do?” In the end Yumoto’s glasses get knocked off and he is back to normal. Oh and at the end Yumoto’s brother walks up and is able to recognize Yumoto when he is transformed. And yes, they do still have their special protection. Soooooooooooooooo………..I guess that’s a mystery.

Rating: 3/5


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