Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 12: More Better


In a twist that could only happen in Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, the entire thing was an intergalactic television show. Yep. That fish? His name is Hireashi and he is a producer for a big television network. He is also Zundar’s boss.

So he had Zundar find a group of willing people and turn them into villians whose job is to destroy the planet. Wombat is not part of this, in fact Wombat’s job is to stop the pointless destruction of planets that Hireashi’s show has been causing. So Wombat created the Battle Lovers. Unfortunately the Battle Lovers proved popular as well and the show based around the fight between Caerula Adamas and Battle Lovers was doing well. However events weren’t unfolding quickly enough and therefore Hireashi and Zundar were attempting to force the two groups to finally duke it out.

The real question though is why the press club agreed to help out with this show. Like, did they get offered money? Or are they just super into stalking people? I guess we’ll never know.

At the realization that everything he was working for was fake, Kinshiro immediately lost the will to fight. As such Cearula Adamas was out of commission but Hireashi still needed a finale, right? Well, time for another big reveal as we learn that this isn’t the first time Hireashi has tried to destroy Earth. In an earlier time Hireashi came to destroy Earth however he was stopped by the original Battle Lover, Gora Hakone. Yep, Yumoto’s brother was an ax wielding Battle Lover who saved Earth from destruction. However Gora isn’t so lucky this time as he gets turned evil by Zundar.

Don’t worry though Gora gets defeated and goes back to normal. As a last resort Hireashi and Zundar use a giant robot to attack the Battle Lovers. This time though both the Battle Lovers and Caerula Adamas fight as they activate a power up called more better. Yep. That’s really what it is. It’s called More Better Love Making. Even Caerula Adamas gets to be more better. Together they are More Battle Lovers. So basically they beat the bad guy, Kinshiro and Atsushi make up, and alls well that ends well, I suppose.

P.S. Mr. Tawarayama does live. They make a special announcement at the end telling us of his full recovery.


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