Trystan: Spring 2015 Week 11

Soma was real upset by the loss.

Food Wars episode 12

We left off last week with our first glimpse of Megumi’s dish. The dish, called a terrine (looked I remembered this time), fared well with the judges. Rather than the terrine Shinomiya had them make, which utilized fresh vegetables, Megumi’s uses cooked vegetables. She also parred the dish with two sauces that went well with her dish. In the end though Megumi’s dish couldn’t beat Shinomiya’s and she lost the unofficial Shokugeki. However Dojima steps in and acknowledges Megumi’s dish (by placing a coin in her dish) which, while unpolished, was a good start and showed potential. Through Dojima’s pushing we learn that Shinomiya has hit a creative wall and can’t figure out where to go next. Dojima suggests that Megumi’s dish may hold the answer he needs. Shinomiya does find said meaning in Megumi’s dish (which had to do with Megumi thinking about those who would eat her food) and places a coin in her dish. Rounding it out Hinako also puts a coin in Megumi’s dish, making it a tie. Through this tie Megumi and Soma are allowed to stay at Totsuki.

Blood Blockade Battlefront episode 7

This episode features Zapp being a jerk. Who’s surprised? Honestly, no one. It goes something like this, Zapp pretends that he is in trouble to convince Klaus to come save him. In reality Zapp owes a large debt to a man who runs an underground fighting ring. Klaus gets tricked into being a fighter and beats all of their previous champions. This eliminates Zapp’s debt. At the end the guy in charge fights Klaus and it is revealed that he is an Elder Blood (=vampire). Although nothing bad happens (in fact the moment really confused me) I should mention that it occurs. Afterwards Leo is upset with Zapp. Zapp reveals the true intentions behind his plan: if Klaus can’t be beat after fighting all those other guys, Klaus can never be beat. Zapp obviously loses.

Plastic Memories episode 12

This week’s episode is another bittersweet one. Everyone in the office contributes to Tsukasa and Isla’s life by giving them things to do, i.e. date options. My favorite additions is Constance’s as he gives them tickets to a restaurant and then goes “They have a dress code so I got you these outfits.” Constance just magics clothes and is like ‘here ya go’. I laughed a little too hard at it.

Tsukasa ends up taking Isla to a movie. Tsukasa would really prefer to spend all of their time together going on dates but Isla would prefer that they live their lives normally. Isla also has an irrational fear that if she does too many things she won’t be able to move during her last days. She knows that this won’t happen but she is still very afraid of the possibility. The two decide to spend their time at work and continue to do their job despite everyone else believing they should take time off. They finish the retrieval for Sarah (I think that’s her name) and now the only retrieval they have left to do is Isla’s herself. Truth be told when Tsukasa was signing the retrieval agreement for Isla I started to tear up. It really hurt. I’m pretty afraid to watch the last episode now.

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 12

This episode features the introduction of a new character, the Shinigami Ageha. Ageha is a Shinigami whose family is known for fighting damashigami and takes up the cause after her sister goes missing. Ageha’s sister went to fight the leader of the damashigami and Ageha is determined to find her. In this week’s episode Rinne follows the victims of a damashigami in order to stop them and runs into Ageha who at first thinks he is the damashigami. Ageha doesn’t seem like the brightest crayon in the box but she does seem to be doing her best. We easily learn that her sister is with Sabato, Rinne’s father, as Ageha has a postcard informing her that her sister found a ‘boyfriend’. Although based on what we’ve seen of Sabato that relationship couldn’t have lasted long.

Partway through the episode Sakura walks in on Ageha holding Rinne’s hands. Sakura seems shocked but easily brushes it off and walks away. Rinne however becomes extremely concerned that Sakura didn’t understand that they weren’t holding hands. Personally I’m enjoying watching Rinne slowly realize he likes Sakrua and little moments like these are really cute. While this series is definitely a Rumiko work it is also a lot different than the others. This mainly stems from the characters who are both quite different from the main characters of Ranma ½ and Inuyasha. Overall it was a decent episode.

Seraph of the End episode 12

As expected the last episode of this season just had to be the info dump type. Except in this case no real information was given. It was just a lot of people talking and a lot of nothing happening. There is nothing wrong with episodes like this but that said as the last episode of this season, it is terrible. The episode starts with Shinoa tracking down Guren and attempting to get information out of him. However Guren shuts her down and Shinoa stomps out and goes to watch over Yuuichiro who has been asleep for the last five days. Eventually Yuuichiro wakes up and has a cute little moment with his teammates. We do get a flashback of the immediate moments following Yuuichiro’s return to normal. This mainly focuses on Mika wanting to get Yuuichiro back but being pulled back (literally) by Ferid. The season ends with Ferid giving a report to a human and mentioning how much trouble they would get in if they were caught. Like all good cliffhangers, we don’t get to learn who the person is.

Alyssa will be reviewing this series and so we have given it scores and the review will come out within the next month. We will be incredibly busy next week so it definitely won’t come out next week.

Show By Rock!! Episode 12

Show By Rock!! also ended this week. It was a crazy battle between the group and the monster from the previous week. Rosia and her bandmates were easily rescued, though, and returned to the normal world early on in the episode. Then the final boss comes in. Dagger, who is apparently a jellyfish, turns into this super creepy blob thing. No one stands a chance against it. But lucky for everyone that Maple and Angelica freed the Grateful King. The Grateful King decides that it is time to send Cyan home and does so BEFORE the final battle begins. However Cyan doesn’t want to leave before finishing what she started. So Cyan comes down, manages to get a powerup, and beats the boss by herself. Yep. You read that right. By herself. And then the credits roll and it ends. Seriously. Although there is this cute scene at the end where Cyan is again attempting to go into the music club but where she failed at the beginning of the show, she succeeds this time around.

I will be tackling the review for Show By Rock!!. We have yet to decide the scores for this one and it too should most likely come out sometime during July. I will put it above Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! and Rolling Girls, both of which I also need to write reviews for.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episode 12

This episode continues to drag out a plot that I personally don’t care for. I mean, it was cool at the beginning but now it feels a little overdone. This episode shows the old Yuki’s personality butting in on the new Yuki’s life. The new Yuki is concerned that she will be wiped away and fade as the original Yuki comes back. While the episode isn’t bad and it shows some interesting thoughts from the new Yuki, I feel like they are dragging this arc out and I kind of just want it to be resolved. Alright episode.


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