Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 11

Correction: apparently I’m the only one who still orders this by enjoyment. Also, we didn’t get to watch My Love Story!! this week.

Blood Blockade Battlefront 7

(pic kind of unrelated)

Did you want to see Klaus look really badass? No? Well, I didn’t think I would either but Klaus was really cool in this episode. Basically, Zapp is a little shit and convinces Leo and Klaus that he has been kidnapped. When in fact, he ropes Klaus into joining into battles in an underground fighting ring. Leo finds out pretty quickly that this is all some sort of stupid plan on Zapp’s behalf and gets upset with him. It was really cool to see a more primal side to Klaus. I almost feel like these characters are all bigger than they are being made out to be but that’s okay.

I am, as always, curious to see where things are headed with Black and White. We also see that, well if you hadn’t guess it, Black is one of the 13 important vampires.

Food Wars 12

Two chefs are saved in this very interesting episode (well three because of Soma). Everyone tries Megumi’s terrine and enjoys it greatly. However, the one who still comes out on top from the get-go is Shinomiya. Just when it seems all hope is lost for Megumi, Dojima (the guy who stole Kagami Taiga’s eyebrows), votes in favor of Megumi. We also learn that Shinomiya was not always as much of an asshole but his success went to his head. Not only that, he was treated terribly in France and his sous chefs often changed his recipes to suit a more French style of cuisine. This is probably why he was so angry about Megumi changing his recipe. In the end, Shinomiya tries Megumi’s food and has a ‘moment.’ He is fueled with the desire to learn more about culinary and make changes to his restaurant. So yay! Megumi is saved. But unfortunately, Soma gets very upset about having lost to Shinomiya….let’s just hope he can get over it.

Plastic Memories 12

This episode almost murdered my heart. As per usual, this show was really adorable this week. In this episode, everyone in the office tries their best to push Isla and Tsukasa into not coming to work and going on dates. However, Isla would prefer to work until the very end of her life. I almost started balling when Tsukasa signed the retrieval agreement for Isla. We have all known from the get-go that Plastic Memories was not going to end in a super happy way for the main couple but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.

My two favorite things about this episode were: This was Isla’s first time ever going to a movie and also, Isla dancing with the dress Constance gave her. I’m a little sad we didn’t get to see Tsukasa and Isla in the clothing they were given by Constance.

The true face of Maple

Show by Rock!! 12 (FINALE)

Okay…so…that was a thing. Show by Rock!! was overall entertaining but I feel as though the final episode was rushed. With the freed Grateful King, Cyan is almost sent home and Midi City is almost lost to Dagger. By the way, Dagger’s true form is some sort of scary Sailor Moon villain blob-thing (jellyfish). Cyan, however, refuses to go home and gets a major power up. She easily defeats Dagger on her own and Midi City is saved.  The final boss fight ended rather quickly and I almost feel like this show would have benefited from one extra episode. We get to see Cyan return home, which is a little sad but we don’t get to see what becomes of Moa. Initially, Moa had some sort of mission to carry out and she was told to do so fast and return home. However, we never know Moa’s true mission nor do we know what becomes of this sweet alien babe after the series. Also, what made Maple finally come out of Myumon form? There are still unsolved mysteries for Show by Rock!! but it was still an interesting enough show.

Kyoukai no Rinne 12

This week we are introduced to Ageha the Shinigami – a hot-tempered young girl who seems to make a lot of misconceptions. First of all, she believes that Rinne is a damashigami and tries to fight him. Also, she never seems to be able to connect that Rinne is related to the man who took her sister away. This episode was fun and interesting enough. I really found it hilarious to watch how everyone viewed the scenes wherein Rinne was touchy-feely with either Ageha or Sakura. Ageha seems to have found her first real friend but we all know things will go down hill when she learns of Rinne’s relationship to his father. Also, I really love Ageha’s character design but she is a pain in the butt. I neither like nor hate her.

Seraph of the End 12 (FINALE)

As a season finale, this episode was rather disappointing. I get that OnS will return in October but this information dump episode was one of the most uneventful of the series. However, it was interesting to see Shinoa’s group (Yoichi, Kimizuki, etc) interacting with one another in a very friendly and laid-back manner. This episode made me really want to strangle Guren for all of the sly nonsense he seems to be pulling. We also discover that Shinoa has feelings for Yuuichirou. This seems like a bit of a sudden development and yet, I’m not upset by it. I know that a lot of people will probably dislike Shinoa for “getting in the way” of Yuuichirou and Mikaela, but I don’t really mind her. The only thing in this episode that really had me on edge was the very end where we get to see Ferid exchanging information with a human. It isn’t made clear who…but it’s clearly a member of the Imperial Demon Army.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 12

I won’t lie to you – this episode was boring as hell. Complete snoozefest. The plot seems to be drawn out and i can understand why but I still feel like I’m dying from boredom. This episode gets very trippy near the end when we see Yuki reflecting on the sides of herself and her memories. She seems to be afraid that she will disappear (get it?) when her attachment to her memories returns. Of course, this is a silly idea seeing as she is the same person no matter what.


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