Trystan: Spring 2015 Final Week

My Love Story episodes 12 & 13

Episode 12 was a pretty enjoyable episode. It features the common plot point of going to the same college as your significant other. Yamato thinks it would be enjoyable but she wasn’t sure Takeo could make it into the school she was aiming for. Takeo thinks it would be rude to ask Yamato to change where she wanted to go simply because he was bad at studying. Takeo tries his hardest but does badly at a practice exam (partially because his answers were one off on the test sheet). Yamato thinks him for trying, says they will still get into another school together, and tells Takeo that the school she was trying for was an all-girls school.

Episode 13 was a lot more enjoyable than 12. It starts off rather cute with Yamato and Takeo taking Suna out for his birthday. Hilariously Suna completely forgot that it was his own birthday and so he spent a lot of the day confused. After this we are introduced to Hayato, a friend of Ai’s (that would be Sunakawa’s sister) from college. Hayato has a crush on Ai but she turned him down due to being in love with Takeo. Hayato refuses to accept this and comes to see what kind of man Takeo is, except he thinks Suna is Takeo at first and becomes extremely confused when Takeo is a huge, slightly terrifying guy. However even after having met Takeo he refuses to give up. For this reason he devises a plan: everyone goes to MM Land (which appears to stand for Mickey Mouse), let’s Ai and Takeo be alone, and Ai can confess her feelings and finally get over Takeo. Knowing what is in store I can’t wait for next episode!

Plastic Memory episode 13 (FINAL)

It’s time for the final episode of Plastic Memories, which I’ve been dreading since the series started. It’s pretty easy for a show to make me cry, I’ll be honest. TV shows can make me cry like a baby even if they’re only a little sad. That said, I liked Tsukasa and Isla. I know a lot of people weren’t fond of Tsukasa but I liked him from episode one. So watching his pain at loosing Isla understandably made me tear up. For me it was a good ending. I’m glad the show didn’t try to pull off a happy ending by somehow saving Isla because that would have ruined it for me. Was the show perfect? By no means, but it was enjoyable.

Food Wars episodes 13 & 14

Oh Food Wars, you really are a bright spot in the week. Episodes 13 and 14 are a pair and thus it works out well that I get to talk about them together. In 13 the students are given a challenge to create a dish based around the egg that would go well in a Totsuki hotel to be served at breakfast on a buffet. The students panic as they only have a few hours before they are expected to have a dish. Everyone manages to create their dish, including Soma who believes his dish to be perfect, and we move on to the next day. We are also introduced to a couple new characters. We have Alice Nakiri, Erina’s cousin, and some guy who follows her around. They may or may not have said his name. Either way I don’t remember it.

To pass this test the students will have to serve 200 servings. As the competition starts everyone appears to be doing well, including Megumi (Yay!). However when they finally show us Soma we see that not a single person has taken his dish. We finally learn why in episode 14.

Soma created an omelet soufflé, which if you know how soufflés work you will realize is a bad idea. This is because the dish is meant to be on a buffet where people will pick when to eat their food. Because the dish has to wait to be eaten the soufflé ends up caving in before it is eaten. Soma realizes he needs to pull in customers when his dish is ready to be eaten and aims to do just that but succeeds by creating show which drawls in the customers. Soma does pass but only because he served 200 people. If we were just going by his dish he would have failed. What I really like is that when Alice comes to taunt him about his failure Soma admits he failed first. Soma understands that he needs to be better in order to stay at Totsuki and that this time he didn’t do well and I really like that. He isn’t trying to hide his failure instead he readily accepts it so that he can grow. Overall these were two good episodes.

Blood Blockade Battlefront episodes 8 & 9

We are back to the plot about vampires this week as Zapp’s life is turned upside down when his master Raju Jugei Shizuyoshi, and founder of the Big Dipper Style Blood Technique, comes and takes him to fight a vampire. These two episodes move rather quickly and as such I remember only small parts off hand. I think I should probably watch them again before the next one comes out.

We also get a new character, Zed, who is also a pupil of Raju who uses the Big Dipper Style Blood Technique. All we really see Zed do in episode 9 is fight the vampire before being abandoned by Raju and joining Libra as a consequence. We also get a little more information on the Black & White situation. Black’s body is being used by a vampire whose aim is to cause a lot of trouble. I don’t remember what they called it but the giant whole that caused New York City to merge with the Beyond? Yeah, he wants to do that again. So overall these episodes were pretty interesting. I just think I wasn’t paying enough attention when I first watched them.

Kyoukai no Rinne episodes 13 & 14

I’m really not a fan of Ageha. She kind of annoys me. With this in mind it is easy to see why I didn’t enjoy episode 13 very much. Ageha was front and center as the search for her sister is still very much on her mind. However discovering where her sister is comes from an unrelated place. Sakura was being watched by Sabato and his secretary. His secretary just so happens to be Ageha’s lost sister. Ageha’s sister is attempting to get Rinne to propose to Sakura when Ageha walks up and discovers her sister. The two end up getting in a fight before Ageha’s sister runs away. More important to me than anything else is that Rinne becomes very hooked on Sakura saying she can’t marry him because they’re “just classmates.” His face is quite priceless.

Episode 14 features Ageha being really annoying as she attempts to get alone time with Rinne. Rinne is more concerned about what Sakura thinks and every time something could be misinterpreted by Sakura, she manages to show up. Overall this episode was entertaining but there is considerably less to talk about because really you’d just have to watch it to enjoy it.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episodes 13 & 14

We finally get the end of this whole ‘Yuki doesn’t remember who she is’ arc and I am super thankful for that. The new Yuki tries her best to enjoy what little time she has left and even does one huge thing that the other Yuki has not, confess her feelings. This is the final thing she does and it leaves Kyon speechless. He becomes quite upset that the new Yuki does this and then just leaves. It’s a really strange feeling because what is Kyon supposed to do now? Just go on like normal with regular Yuki? Or not like regular Yuki because of new Yuki?

Well Kyon ends up going the awkward route with the whole situation even though Yuki has no idea that any of this happened. We do get this interesting scene where both Yuki’s meet inside her mind. New Yuki tells original Yuki that she too should confess her feelings because it feels good. That said, original Yuki can’t remember the conversation so the scenes are technically pretty worthless. With original Yuki back as well as Haruhi and Koizumi the group decides to celebrate Tanabata. Haruhi spends the time upset that Kyon doesn’t remember her from four years ago but decides to help Kyon by telling him that it is unfair to treat Yuki differently because of something the other Yuki did. Apparently Asakura informed Haruhi of the situation with Yuki which I’m glad they told us because I was wondering what would have happened if they were all there with the new Yuki. Kyon decides that it’s best to take Haruhi’s advice and decides to try and treat Yuki like he did before. Overall 14 is a much better episode than 12 & 13, although admittedly 13 is better than 12. I’m just glad that the ‘disappearance’ arc is over. Now it is just time to wonder how this series is going to end.


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