Alyssa: Spring 2015: Final Week

This isn’t in enjoyment order this week.

My love Story!! 12 & 13

Episode 12 was nice, but a little slow. At this point, its probably obligatory for a high-school setting anime to have an episode like this. The main couple discusses wanting to go to the same college but one of them isn’t cut out for it. I think these kinds of things are cute. And I can’t tell you how loud I laughed when the college Yamato said was impossible for Takeo really was. Why? It was an all-girls’ college. And Suna didn’t tell Takeo. Kind reminder that Sunakawa is actually a sh*thead who I love so dearly.

Moving on to episode 13, we start with Takeo and Yamato being clearly up to something as they drag Sunakawa around town. Turns out. its Suna’s birthday and he hadn’t even realized it. I thought it was very endearing for them to give him a blanket because he gets so cold so easily. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love Suna. Anyway, we are introduced to a new character (Hayato?) who is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa. He is in love with Ai Sunakawa and is clearly up to no good. However, in a way, I think its admirable that he wants to give Ai a chance to tell Takeo how she feels? But if she does, will it ruin their friendship? I hope not; Takeo is sweet so I can see him doing everything possible to try and not let it break them apart as friends.

Plastic Memories 13 (FINAL)

I’m not crying…Nope, not me. Okay, let’s be honest. Trystan and I started this show knowing it would be full of ‘the feels.’ It wasn’t the best show, it wasn’t the worst. But it was still enough to make me tear up. I think the deliverance of the last episode was nice. Naturally, and stereotypically, we don’t get to see Tsukasa’s new partner. Some people think Isla was repurposed (rather her body/vessel) but I doubt this was the case. I think losing Isla will honestly make Tsukasa even better and more compassionate at his job. I mean, obviously he isn’t real but…well, you get me. I hope.

Food Wars 13 & 14

Thankfully, these two episodes are a two-parter. I’m not going to specify what happened in what episode because, admittedly, I’m lazy today. Anyway, we finally learn the name of the weird albino chick – It’s Nakiri Alice. And she is Erina’s cousin.

The final and true testament of the Training Camp from hell begins (and ends) in these two episodes. The aspiring chefs must make a dish that is unique and is suited to a breakfast buffet. Also, to pass they must each serve 200 servings. THere are a lot of interesting and yummy looking foods created by all the young chefs. Even Megumi manages to pass by making a bunch of older people happy. YAY Megumi!

However, Soma runs into a huge speedbump when Erina is taking his potential customers and all of his souffles are going flat. In episode 13, when he mentioned making a souffle, I was like “this probably isn’t a good idea.” And I was right. However, Soma uses his weird charms and pulls in customers just in the nick of time. Soma barely passes, Marui ‘dies’ a few times, and we are spared from having to see a little girl ‘foodgasm.’

Overall, these episodes kept me entertained and I wanted to watch episode 14 almost immediately after episode 13…but I couldn’t.

Blood Blockade Battlefront 8 & 9

There’s nothing quite like having someone use you as a communication channel and insult you. And that’s what Zapp deals with in episode 8: Z’s Worst Day Part One. (In this case, the Z refers to Zapp).  Okay, Zapp deals with a lot this episode but he’s also a moron (albeit lovable). I honestly am considering rewatching these two episodes to “get it.” Sometimes so much is thrown in your face by B3 and it can be overwhelming. I’m usually good at following information overloads but I will admit that there is just TOO much in B3 sometimes.

So anyway, the plot comes back and we learn all kinds of stuff about the vampires. Is this only one arc in the manga? I’m really curious; and if so I want more of this show. So there’s a lot of explosions and some guy who can control both parts of the Big Dipper Style. Ahhh…we learn that Black (William) has a vampire living inside him. He can talk to said entity whilst in the graveyard, in the reflections of the stones. Oh yea, and we have to watch Zapp get a boner; though it’s not as awkward as the picture from the manga (I’ve seen it).

In episode nine, we get another guy trained in Big Dipper Style by Zapp’s master. He uses the other style of it…I don’t remember, I’m sorry. Anyway his name is Zed O’ Brien. Zed fights the vampire from the first episode and is abandoned by Raju (his master). For the record – the “Z” in this episode stands for Zed (Zed’s Worst Day). Welcome to Libra, you weird fish guy! There are also some weird conversations between Femt, Vampire William/Black, and Aligura. Also, Aligura gives him a container and we see him tell White/Mary to collect Leo’s eyes. If she gets his eyes, she gets her brother back. Of course, I think he’s lying but whatever. Now will begin White’s moral battle. Should she hurt Leo in favor of her brother? Or will she choose her friend, who also has a little sister? (Also I plan to rewatch the series up til now…soonish. I know there’s a recap but I feel like I should do it this way too.)

Kyoukai no Rinne 13 & 14

Here’s a list of what I like about Ageha: … …Her character design is nice, I guess. I honestly hate that right now I am a bit bored with Rinne. I laugh at the jokes and I adore Sakura but most of the time I just feel ‘meh.’ And honestly, I think it’s because of Ageha. I get that we aren’t going to see a ‘real’ plot anytime soon. I get that this is the type of show that you get a bunch of episodes and mini arcs before something big happens. But I want SOMETHING to happen.

Ageha is the main feature of episode 13 as we hunt for her sister. Ageha’s sister, Rinne’s dad’s secretary, tries to get poor Rinne to propose to Sakura. Does anyone else feel suspicious of that ring? Like, will Sakura die or something if she puts it on? Also, how much money did all of those rings cost and how much will it end up ruining Rinne’s life.

Episode 14 was a bit more enjoyable and I laughed at how stupid Ageha and Jumonji were. The episode is fun but predictable in that, as Trystan said, Sakura shows up every time something ‘weird’ happens with Ageha. It’s still a good episode but it’s one that is better if you just watch it.

Me when the “Disappearance” arc was finally over

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 13 & 14

The biggest disappointment for me is that I wanted to really love this show…And I just couldn’t. I hated the way they portrayed Yuki but the “Disappearance” arc was so boring that I almost missed the bumbling idiot. I won’t lie – I was really excited when “New” Yuki confessed to Kyon. I felt really bad for Kyon but all I have ever wanted was a setting where Yuki and Kyon could be a thing. However, this is short-lived as “Old” Yuki comes back. Kyon is left not knowing what to do. I’m a bit upset that he seems torn over whether or not he likes this Yuki. She’s just Yuki and she always has been. He’s been her friend for a while but he doesn’t seem to want to accept that he could like her.

In episode 14, everyone is pushed around by Haruhi as they celebrate Tanabata. This episode was overall entertaining and it was endearing to see a flustered Kyon. It was even more endearing for Haruhi to give him advice. And of course, we got a scene that was related to the canon timeline wherein Haruhi bullied little Kyon aka John Smith into painting “alien” language on the field. My only real problem with this episode is the moment when Asakura offered them dumplings. The plate was full when she offered but in the two seconds they got over to everyone else, there was only one left and Kyon ended up having to give it to Haruhi. Why you do this to Kyon?

Rainy Cocoa (Series)

Uhhh….Yea. I have nothing to say. Well, I have a lot to say. But I’m just going to tell you that hopefully this week or next I will write a review for this show. I’d call it a trainwreck but it’s not even that. I don’t want to watch it at all but I felt obligated to finish it. When I say I’m writing a ‘review’ about this show, I honestly mean it’s going to be a sh*tpost.

I’ll also be writing an Assassination Classroom review soon. Also we will be taking these shows into the summer season with us:

My love story!!

Food Wars

Kekkai Sensen (a few more weeks; the finale still hasn’t aired.)


Nagato (for like 2 more episodes)


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