Trystan: Summer 2015 Week 1

This week turned out really strange and so we have not yet started all of our summer series and we didn’t get to watch all of our returning series either (such as My Love Story). It would have been better but my internet went out Friday and so we couldn’t watch any series we needed the internet for. So please excuse our inadequacies as we adjust to this season.

Charlotte Episode 1

In case you were unaware Charlotte also has a 4-koma manga running. I’m not sure which one the media was made for first but personally I think it was made to be both. If you know anything about 4-koma (those would be the 4 panel joke manga) then you’ll recognize this format in the Charlotte anime. At times the anime moves smoothly and at others you can feel a slight disconnect between scenes. This isn’t a bad thing either, it’s just there. I’m actually quite impressed that it is literally an animated 4-koma but isn’t super disjointed. Sure you can feel it sometimes but really that feeling is there in most shows after a joke.

Beyond this what is Charlotte really like? Well this episode features a boy whose name I can’t remember but what I can remember is that I kept calling him “Lelouch”. Why? Because when this kid smiles he looks just like Lelouch, creepily so, in fact. Lelouch, for lack of his real name, has this weird ability that allows him to switch bodies with people for five seconds. It isn’t very useful but he does figure out a way to use it. He uses his skill to cheat on tests and manages to become the top student in his school this way. However his good graded life doesn’t last long before some girl proves he cheated. She also forces him to transfer schools. And that’s really where the episode ends. I don’t remember anyone’s names but honestly I don’t care that much. Charlotte was definitely entertaining but I’m not sure where it intends to go. I guess we’ll just have to see.

No seriously, Kobayashi is a psychopath.

Ranpo Kitan Episode 1

I’m not sure how to describe Ranpo Kitan. It starts off with a middle school boy waking up in a classroom with his teacher’s corpse in front of him. We then skip to the boy be interviewed by police officers. It is important to note that we see everything as the boy sees it and he only really pays attention to what interests him. This means that those he is uninterested in remain gray but those he has some interest in have their color filled in. This boy is Kobayashi and I’m honestly not sure if he’s our main character or not. He is at least the main character of our starting point.

Despite being a suspect in the murder Kobayashi is released and attempts to find a way to prove himself innocent. Really though Kobayashi finds everything that his happening to be extremely interesting and claims he has spent most of his life bored.

I don’t really want to spoil the first episode to you so I’ll stop here. Just know that it is pretty interesting. I’m not sure how I feel about it but it definitely made me question everything. Also Kobayashi is a psychopath and if the series ends with him killing everybody I would not be surprised.

Aoharu x Machine Gun Episode 1

Um, so, really I’m not sure what I just watched. I could explain what happened to you but it makes so little sense that I’d suggest you go watch it for yourself and then promptly drop the show. I won’t be dropping the show but that’s just how I work. However I’m not sure I could tell anyone to watch this show based off of the first episode.

So we start off with a character named Tachibana (last name). Tachibana appears male, we find out is female and from now on my posts might just be me discussing the gender of Tachibana. Tachibana also tends to refer to themselves as Tachibana, which is weird. They never use their first name, Hotaru, even though they appear perfectly comfortable with it. And despite the fact that Tachibana dresses in a masculine style they seem to need everyone to know they’re girl. There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact it’s totally normal, but I feel like this situation will get brushed off later and “Hotaru is a girl and she just has to accept it.” Kinda like what it feels like happens in Ouran. Speaking of Ouran this show also features a plot of someone works in a host club where main character breaks expensive stuff and now they have to work off their debt. Oh and also airsoft guns. It’s about airsoft guns.

Rokka no Yuusha Episode 1

I actually expected Rokka to start where I think episode 2 will start then where it did. Rokka starts with our main character Adlet ruining a ceremony and getting himself thrown in jail. In fact he ends up in a solitary cell for several months.

The point of the story is that a goddess picks six heroes in times of need to save the world. The heroes are known as the six Braves. Adlet believes that he is worthy of being one of the heroes. Lucky for him he gets picked. Those who are chosen are marked with a flower like shape that represents the goddess. He and another Brave set out to got to the rendezvous point.

I’m honestly not sure when the last time I watched a real fantasy was. I don’t count SAO because the setting was a game and not just the world. So I found myself drawn into the strange world. If this show turns into disappointment I will be quite upset because it looks pretty good based off of the first episode.

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) Episode 1

I thoroughly enjoyed this strange show. Pillow Boys is exactly as it was advertised: an animation where different boys talk to you. It is based on apps that do the same thing and the point of the app (and I suppose the show) is to relax you and help you sleep. I am quite certain that a lot of people who watched it weren’t expecting what the show was, even though it is exactly what it said it would be. I for one enjoyed the format. It is quite a different approach than the typical anime and turned out pretty good in my opinion.

After looking at the cast I am super excited for those to come and cannot wait to see them. The only thing that saddens me is that each boy is only going to get one episode and so there is no time to really get to know them. I know that isn’t the point but it would be fun if they doubled the episode count and gave each boy two episodes so that we could really pick our favorite pillow boys.

Kyoukai no Rinne Episode 15

This week’s episode of Rinne is once again taken over by Ageha. This time Ageha decides to give Rinne a homemade lunch to ‘thank’ him for saving her. This inevitably leads to a weird scene where Sakura sees it and Rinne thinks that Sakura has misunderstood something.

Because something has to go wrong in this show, it turns out that the lunchbox Ageha used has an evil spirit trapped in it that grants three wishes in exchange for the person’s soul. The spirit uses Rinne’s desire to be alone with Sakura as a wish and Rinne finds himself alone with Sakura in the classroom. Not bothering to worry about where everyone went Rinne attempts to tell Sakura that there is nothing going on between him and Ageha. Sakura easily understands which leads Rinne to question whether or not he was right that Sakura was mad at him. After everything has been sorted out Ageha tells Sakura to stay away from Rinne. When Sakura asks why she should do that Ageha’s only response is “because it’s dangerous.” Sakura decides that she really doesn’t want to and goes on with her life.

Honestly the only thing that continues to be enjoyable about these episodes with Ageha is Rinne’s continued worry. I enjoy watching Rinne get upset and confused over the situations with Sakura. However I want something to happen. This show is much better when there’s an arc going on.

Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 10

This episode of Blood Blockade Battlefront revolves around finding lunch. It all starts when Leo invites Zapp and Zed to lunch. Zapp is upset when Leo decides to include Zed and so tries to find restaurants that Zed will object to. What ends up happening though is that Zed is willing to eat anything and Leo is the one who refuses all of the restaurants. The quest for lunch eventually leads Leo to insanity and Zapp and Zed try to find a place where Leo feels at home. And thus we end up at the diner.

Meanwhile the rest of Libra is worrying about 1000 Chinese battle android (Not entirely sure what they are called) that have been smuggled out of China and supposedly into Hellsalem’s Lot. Now Libra is attempting to control the inevitable chaos of the situation. By the end of the episode Zapp lands himself in the hospital with food poisoning and Leo decides to stay at the hospital to visit White. All I have to say is bad choice, Leo.


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