Alyssa: Summer 2015: Week 1

Yea, so as Trystan said: we didn’t watch all that we were supposed to. Life happened: doctor’s appointments, the internet and cable being knocked out by a storm, etc. Hopefully we can get caught up in week 2.

Akechi: “It’ll break you.”

Ranpo Kitan: The Game of Laplace Episode 1

Let me start by saying Lerche (Assassination Classroom, Dangan Ronpa) has blown me away with this show. I love the style, I love the color of the main character’s eyes, I love the way darker scenes are portrayed. I just love it.

Ranpo Kitan is an anime made in honor of Ranpo Edogawa, a famous mystery writer in Japan. I believe this was made for the 50th anniversary of his death. Annnnnnyyyyway, Ranpo Kitan immediately caught my attention. It’s been a while since I’ve been intrigued by a horror anime such as this. Kobayashi, who is a boy – by the way, wakes up in his classroom to find his teacher dead and posed in a peculiar way. He has the murder weapon in hand when he wakes up too.

Long story short, Kobayashi is fascinated by the death of his teacher, even moreso because he is a suspect in the case. He has felt bored all his life and this has finally brought some fun into it. Kobayashi exhibits sociopathic tendencies and it’s honestly terrifying. My favorite thing so far about this show is the way all characters are in gray until Kobayashi finds them interesting. This is a bit annoying at first but the style grew on me almost immediately.

Scenery from episode 10

Blood Blockade Battlefront 10

In this episode, Zapp tries to “haze” Zed into the gang by taking him to a bunch of restaurants he will object to. This plan quickly backfires when the only two objecting to these establishments are Zapp and Leo. Eventually, our lovely trio ends up at Dianne’s after Leo goes insane. Sadly, Dianne’s gets destroyed again at the end of the episode. (sobs)

The rest of Libra is busy cracking down on a smuggling episode and things get worse when Leo decides to visit White in the hospital. I feel like the addition of the battle androids may be too much to deal with the ending so fast approaching but whatever. As soon as B3 is done, I am rewatching it…haha…
Takematsu – Angel Beats

Charlotte 1

Okay guys, I was PUMPED for Charlotte. It’s from the same guy and animation studios that brought us Angel Beats. Not many people know but Angel Beats is one of the few anime (other than K) that I have watched multiple times. How many times? About 7.

Enough about Angel Beats and onto Charlotte. Why is it called Charlotte? I don’t know! So far, Charlotte is paced in a way that keeps my attention. The art and animation is very nice (as expected). I’m not sure how I feel about any of the characters yet. But we have dubbed the main guy ‘Lelouch’ and the blue-haired glasses guy ‘Takematsu.’ For the record, this character looks almost identical to Takematsu from Angel Beats and he has the same Japanese voice actor. Maybe he’s Takematsu reincarnated. Okay…that’s probably too deep. But I am literally waiting on him to tear off his shirt and be ripped underneath it.  Charlotte seems pretty goofy so far so I am hoping it doesn’t find a way to shatter my heart.

Rokka no Yuusha 1

How long has it been since I’ve watched a Fantasy anime? Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever watched a TRUE fantasy-setting anime. Sure, you have your anime like .Hack and SAO (Alfheim) set in such worlds but…those are in games. On the subject of setting, the Rokka world is very strange. It is kind of Greek and kind of Aztek and overall very confusing. And no one questions why the princess has bunny ears. Are they real or no?

Rokka’s premise is very interesting and I look forward to seeing what happens with it. I certainly didn’t expect the first episode to be what it was, but I’m not disappointed. It was nice of the series to take the time to set things up and explain the dynamics and history of the world. I also really love the animation on things such as the fight scenes.

Basically the past three Rinne episodes in one picture

Kyoukai no Rinne 15

Chances are if you’re a Shinigami with a sealed lunchbox in your basement you probably shouldn’t use it, right? Well, clearly Ageha didn’t think about this…clearly she doesn’t really think…like ever. So, Ageha decides to make her beloved Rinne lunch. Despite being a stacked lunch, this lunch only consists of three dishes: octopus wieners, rice with a heart made of seaweed, and burnt tamagoyaki (sweet, rolled egg/omelet).

The bottom layer of the box is cursed and the evil spirit takes the form of a giant octopus wiener, thus we can understand the scene in the opening. There are plenty of little laughable moments in this episode and maybe even a couple sad ones. Ageha comes to think Rinne and Sakura are already dating and decides she’s a third wheel. She gets depressed and meets a girl who wants to forget all together about the boy she loved. In the end, Ageha tells her that these memories are important. This was kind of nice for Ageha…rather, I liked the concept. I like moments like this in anime…but I still don’t care for Ageha.

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) 1

Yup, just put me in the trash where I belong. I liked the first episode of this show. ME – the one who complains about ‘not enough plot.’ But, from the get-go, Pillow Boys was advertised as something “to heal tired hearts” and “a new style of animation.” And that’s exactly what it is. This is in a first-person style (as advertised) and can be meant to be interactive. Trystan was talking back to the TV the entire time. This anime is basically like those “bedtime” boyfriend apps you can download. You click on them, they say nice things, ask about your day, and it helps most people relax. Naturally, this isn’t going to be a thing for everyone. This show already has a pretty low score on MAL but…maybe people didn’t read the description and expected something else?

I am crazy excited for some of the voices that will be featured in this show (*cough*DaisukeNamikawa*cough*). Something about this show makes me a little embarrassed to watch it with anyone, even though it’s not really perverted…I guess I’m just interested in seeing the kinds of characters this short show will have.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu (Machinegun) 1

I know I was taught that if I ‘have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything’ but… I just don’t have a lot of nice things to say about this show. First of all, this was my pick…unfortunately. And I wish I could drop it in a heartbeat. I don’t know what I expected of this show but I guess I thought it would be more…intense…in a good way?

Anyway, just like Trystan – I’m going to talk a little about out protagonist’s gender. Hotaru Tachibana is someone who dresses like and acts like a boy, refers to themselves with gender-neutral and masculine pronouns, but is pretty adamant about letting people know that they are, in fact, a girl. So…I’m not sure how to refer to Hotaru, and Japan really isn’t as open-minded about the trans community but…let’s just refer to Hotaru by they/them pronouns until we settle on something. Before Trystan finished this episode (I had watched it first), she said “its not really like Ouran.” But now she knows…

Basically, Hotaru jumps into a mess that they shouldn’t have and breaks a bunch of really expensive sh*t at a host club. Good job, Hotaru. The main character is also very androgynous…For the record, this show might (?) be a sports—ish show about airsoft guns and survival games…which is like paintball, but with airsoft guns.

I really hate Hotaru’s character. Hotaru is the type of character with the stupid “I’m a hero” attitude and sees everyone else who offends them or their friends as “evil.” I cannot preach how badly I hate this archetype. Hotaru is sooooo serious about the fact that their friend Kanae was “swindled” out of her money by a host. This is Kanae’s fault…not the host’s so why does Hotaru think Kanae isn’t at fault? It’s honestly terrible and the whole episode was painful to watch. How will I survive the rest of this series? Well, I am old enough to drink… (This is a joke. But I am.)


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