Alyssa: Summer 2015: Week 2

Sorry guys…Life happened again… So we didn’t get as much watched. This post will not be in order of enjoyment merely because I am lazy this week.

Blood Blockade Battlefront 10.5

So…this was a recap episode. There isn’t a lot to say about it but I felt really bad each time Leo began having a panic attack. Trystan and I assumed that this episode takes place during a time when Leo has already been captured by Black and White. We assume this because when certain things are brought up, such as White herself – Leo begins having a panic attack. As I said, there isn’t a lot to say as this was a recap episode. I don’t feel like the questions I still have were answered so I still intend to re-watch the series when we finish it.

Charlotte 2

In this episode, Yu’s days as a student at Hoshinoumi begin as he is roped into being on the student council. The student council’s job is to warn/threaten those who misuse their powers and possibly persuade them to transfer to the school. We learn more about Nao’s older brother as well as how she ended up at Hoshinoumi Academy. This episode was a bit depressing when we spoke of Nao’s backstory but it’s to be expected considering it is technically a Key anime. The pacing of this episode felt less like a 4-koma and more smooth. Overall, this episode was enjoyable. Also…is Japanese pizza sauce that sweet??

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) 2

Your sempai from work…Yup, this episode features your strange and handsome senior from work. He is kind enough to take you home in a taxi after you drank too much. I felt a bit violated by sempai’s words but…I am in love with his voice. After all, this week’s voice actor was Daisuke Namikawa. Honestly, his voice could easily be mixed with Ono’s Itsuki Koizumi from Haruhi. The deeper and still airy tones were pleasant to listen to and while this episode wasn’t as relaxing as the first, it was still enjoyable.

Aoharu x Machinegun 2 & 3

Okay…so…this show got a lot more enjoyable with the introduction of Yukimura – a gloomy member of Toy Gun Gun who is also a hentai manga artist. Impressive, right? Something about the way Yukimura is a total sleaze ball who hates Hotaru made this all the more enjoyable. In episode 2, he is supposed to help Hotaru in their first survival game but ends u setting the other up. Of course, by the end of the episode and with a friendship speech, Hotaru and Yukimura seem to get along well enough.

In episode 3, Hotaru’s debt has been paid off. Wow, that was fast. I guess it wasn’t a huge plot point but I still feel it could have been drug out one more episode so that Hotaru NOT playing would have meant something. Anyway, Hotaru ends up joining back up and has to go on a hunt to buy his own gun. Yukimura ends up stealing and spending most of the money on a new erotic game…Anyway, we run into some guy who looks like Makoto Tachibana but is actually cold as ice. Also, all of the members of this team work in a hospital and the white haired male and Makoto-wannabe seem a little too close to be just friends. But that’s just my opinion.

My Love Story!! 14

Okay, so this episode was one big wild goose chase. Hayato (the guy who likes Ai Sunakawa) manages to get Ai and Takeo on their own. The episode is spent with Hayato, Suna, and Yamato ‘searching’ for Ai and Takeo. However, Hayato keeps tricking everyone and keeping them separated from one another. My favorite part of this episode is a tie between Ai deciding that Takeo’s ignorance is her favorite thing and Sunakawa interrupting a moment between Yamato and Takeo at the end. They almost kissed, which would have been a bit awkward, but Sunakawa showed up.

My Love Story!! Continues to keep my entertained and I adore every second of it.

Food Wars 15

The training camp has ended and Soma has to ride back with Erina due to missing his bus. We learn that his dad once used to cook for her family. Soma’s dad shows up at Polar Star Dorm and we learn that he is an alumnus of Totsuki, as well as the second seat of the Elite Ten. Basically, Soma’s dad is a pretty big deal. Clearly, he is there for some reason but we haven’t been told exactly why yet. Also, why did Soma’s dad change his name? And who is Soma’s mom?

God Eater 1

Hmmm…I’m not sure where to begin with God Eater. First, it’s understandable for an action series to start fast-paced but God Eater was too much going on and not enough true information. In fact, it skipped around so much that I had a hard timer focusing. As an artist, I think the animation and art is…interesting. However, it looks too much like one big game cut scene. If I wanted to watch a thirty minute cut scene, I’d be playing Square Enix games nonstop. In the sense of an anime, I’m not fond of the animation for this show. In general, I’m not fond of this show. Despite the fact that this was action-packed, it was boring. There’s a wall in place to help protect the people, there’s giant scary bugs attacking…And a team of Special Forces. This seems to be a BIG thing in anime right now.

Gangsta 1 & 2

So…I watched this show by myself. As I am writing this, Trystan hasn’t watched this yet. When I first started the first episode, I wasn’t sure how to feel. The show was a little slow at first but it quickly caught my interest. There isn’t a ton of information given in the first two episodes. In fact, the pacing almost feels too fast and like there is information being left out. However, I really like the characters so far. I especially like Nicolas. He is a dangerous loose cannon but he also seems to have a soft spot for women and children. Interestingly enough, Nicolas is also deaf. I don’t know a lot about Japanese sign language but the way the hands are animated is fluid and believable. I only hope it is accurate.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 15 & 16

Nagato Yuki is FINALLY over. I remember being excited for this series…haha, that didn’t last long. Episode 15 is the obligatory beach episode. The gang goes to Tsuruya’s beach house and a test of courage ends with Yuki and Kyon holding hands and watching fireflies.

In episode 16, we have the stereotypical festival episode. Honestly, this episode couldn’t be any more cliché. There’s a confession that goes unheard because of fireworks…Of course. The Other Yuki gets closure but our main Yuki doesn’t get to hear Kyon’s feelings until the end. Also, those of us who suffered Endless Eight had to face the terror of the way it started, not once but twice in this episode.

Well, Yuki is done and Yuki and Kyon aren’t together. But that’s okay, I guess.


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