Trystan: Summer 2015 Week 2

You’ll notice we weren’t able to get to Ranpo Kitan or Rokka no Yuusha this week and so more emphasis will probably be placed on them next week so that we can get caught up. We also didn’t get around to watching Rinne this week so we’ll have to make up for that. We are definitely trying to keep up but it is taking some adjusting.

God Eater episode 1

I had wanted to watch both the first and the second episode this week but I ended up barely being able to get through the first. I mean this show offers no explanation. So there are giant dinosaur monsters that kill people. Apparently. We aren’t told why they’re there or why they attack people or why we fight. We just know that we do.

Also they use these stupid weapons that require them to wear these giant bracelet things on their arms. The main character’s bracelet gets put on him in the intro where we are told that it is fusing his DNA with that of the monsters. I would say this happens to everyone but they refer to him as a type 2, which means that there is a type 1. Does this mean the process of having the bracelet put on is different? Great question. Wondering what a type 2 is? That has to do with the weapon. There are 2 types: a sword and a gun type. I’m assuming this type 2 refers to the fact that his weapon can change between the sword and gun type.

Also I don’t like the animation. It’s just weird. I know so many people are going to like it but I spent the entire episode thinking how out-of-place the characters looked inside the building. And I just kept thinking about it because I had no real story to cling onto so I was just along for the ride and that just isn’t cutting it for this series. It better go into explanation mode fast or it will suck.

Charlotte episode 2

Charlotte definitely proves itself this week as it provides both comedy and back story. It is mildly reminiscent of an early episode of Angel Beats that operated in the same fashion. This isn’t unexpected since they are made by the same creator. Our main character, Yuu Otosaka, has just started at his new school and is adjusting. His sister is still making foods with pizza sauce, and he still hates it.

After a bit he is summoned to the student council room along with Nao and Jojiro. He finds out that the student council’s job is to make sure kids with these powers don’t abuse them and allow them to hide under the radar. They find a kid who has an ability called thoughtography wherein he can take pictures of people just by thinking about it. And so he has been selling pictures of girls in their underwear to help pay for family expenses. Nao gives him a stern talking to and then they go on their way. I really makes me wonder though why this kid got to stay at his school but Yuu didn’t. Simply because his power seemed helpful? That seems worthless.

Anyway we also get back story for Nao. Nao it seems has a brother who was used as an experiment by some crazy scientists. She was also there as they were waiting to see if she developed any type of ability. After a year she ran away and found help. This is the person who made the school she is now at but we don’t get to find out who it is. Her brother wasn’t so lucky as he basically turned out insane and no longer responds to outside stimulants.

Aoharu x Machine Gun episodes 2 & 3

This show surprisingly…got better. And you have one character to thank–Toru Yukimura. He is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka who you may know from Sword Art Online as Kirito and Shokugeki no Soma as Soma. Needless to say I enjoy the roles I’ve seen him in and Yukimura proves no different. Yukimura comes in at the beginning of episode 2 as Toy Gun Gun attempts to win a competition.

Yukimura sees Tachibana coming out of the girls restroom and assumes like everyone else that Tachibana is a boy. Yukimura isn’t concerned about having found a boy in the girls bathroom until he learns that Tachibana is the new team member that Masaumune had mentioned. Yukimura is a loner and attempts to haze Tachibana into quitting. However Tachibana tends to believe in people and this belief surprised Yukimura into changing his ways and working with Tachibana. To commemorate their friendship Yukimura gives Tachibana a book. You see Yukimura is a mangaka. Who just so happens to draw adult content and I do mean porn. Tachibana isn’t so thrilled by this but accepts it as they throws the book in the garbage.

Episode 3 starts off in a surprising way as Masamune informs Tachibana that they have paid off their debt to the host club. Tachibana is happy and attempts to return to their normal life of not participating in survival games. Which surprisingly isn’t going well. Turns out Tachibana actually came to enjoy the survival games but just like any good mildly tsundere characters, they aren’t going to admit that. Yukimura comes to visit Tachibana at school in order to give them his latest release. After a short conversation wherein Yukimura tells Tachibana that they seem a little wound up, Tachibana turns Yukimura over to the police for showing adult content to a minor. Yep. That actually happens and is a great part of the episode.

In fact Yukimura just makes the show better. He’s completely awkward and totally into animated/drawn erotica. And while this normally isn’t a great combination for a character I like, it has so far turned out really well in Yukimura. He fells no shame about it but doesn’t force it on everyone. It’s more like he thinks every guy likes what he does and so since he believes that Tachibana is a boy, they must also like what he likes. You see a perfect example of what I mean in a later moment of the episode. Masamune sends Tachibana and Yukimura on a mission to buy Tachibana a gun. The thing about that though is Tachibana can’t buy it because they are a minor. So Yukimura must be there to buy the gun. However Yukimura soon learns that an adult game he had been looking forward to was releasing that day except he couldn’t just leave Tachibana to stand in line. Tachibana lets him get the game though as they go on ahead to look at the guns.

When Yukimura finally gets to the gun shop he comes in with two games. He got one for Tachibana so they could play it together. He thought that would be normal, that Tachibana would want to play the game with him. His sincerity it mildly cute and I can’t figure out why. In a show that I hated so much during the first episode, this one character has completely changed it. I’m not saying the show is good. In fact it really lacks any sort of punch right now. This is because the show is supposedly about survival games but episode 3 didn’t have a single one and it wasn’t the focus of episode 2. I feel once the show can really start having the survival games it’ll be more enjoyable.

Food Wars episode 15

This week is the return of Soma’s dad, Juichiro Yukihira. Juichiro shows up at Polar Star Dormitory and this is how we learn that Soma’s dad went to Totsuki academy. We also get a weird glimpse of a picture of Erina with Juichiro and that situation is strange. I’m not sure where it is going to go but I can tell you Erina isn’t going to be happy to learn that Juichiro and Soma are related.

Also Juichiro used a different name when he was at Totsuki and never graduated. Like, Juichiro was the second seat of the council and didn’t graduate. All literally all I could think about during this episode was who Soma’s mom was. I mean she’s not present in his life now and it doesn’t appear she ever was but like is she dead? Did she leave? What was she like? Was she famous or just some ordinary girl? WHO CAUGHT THIS MAN’S INTEREST ENOUGH TO HAVE A KID? Honestly, I need to know.

Blood Blockade Battlefront episode 10.5

Episode 10.5 is a recap episode. It brushes over the events that have happened in the first 10 episodes of BBB but mainly focuses on the characters. Rarely does this episode talk about any actual event but choices to highlight characters such as Zapp and Klaus. Periodically you will also hear Leo freaking out and this is because I think this recap is supposed to be happening after the events at the end of episode 10. If that’s true it makes the episode a really interesting piece with a lot more depth than the average recap. I can’t wait to finish Blood Blockade Battlefront but I also know that the series finale has still yet to air so let’s hope that happens soon.

*Everybody together* SENPAIIIIIIIIII

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) episode 2

It occurred to me while I was watching this episode that Pillow Boys works a lot like an otome game. And I honestly like that. This weeks theme was senpai from work. He was the teasing kind and it was pretty enjoyable. I am definitely a fan of the art style. It makes me wonder what a full 30 minute episode series would look like with it. It reminds me of how I felt about Orenchi’s art style, which was also unique and smooth. Overall a good episode. Pillow boys is a show I think everyone should see an episode of because of how unique it is.

My Love Story episode 14

The trip to MM Land commences. Ai tries desperately to ensure they she does not end up alone with Takeo but eventually fails. Once alone with Takeo she considers whether or not she should tell him about her feelings and she almost does. But before she can she is interrupted and decides that Takeo doesn’t need to know and that she is truly fine having him look at her as a big sister.

I’m not sure how I felt about Ai confessing. On some level I wanted her to get the release that comes with telling someone how you feel. At the same time I didn’t want Ai to butt into Takeo and Yamato’s relationship. I guess I’m glad she didn’t tell him but it also would have been interesting if she had.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan episodes 15-16 (Finale)

And this series is finally over. I’m a little too happy about this. The last two episodes of Nagato detail what happens during their summer break. In 15 the group goes to the beach as well as doing a test of courage. In 16 we get to see them go to a festival. All the while Kyon is still trying to figure out how he should deal with his Yuki problem. I definitely feel bad for original Yuki who must deal with Kyon pushing her away for seemingly no reason. But at the same time I just don’t care that much about new Yuki. I mean, she was definitely selfish for telling Kyon how she felt and then disappearing but I kinda wish that arc could just be over.

Kyon eventually decides to tell new Yuki how he felt. How you may be wondering? Well by just telling orignal Yuki. Good thing for him that there were fireworks going on because Yuki didn’t hear any of it. However it does appear that new Yuki heard it and they both got the closure they needed. Realistically I just want original Yuki and Kyon to get together but I don’t get my wish granted in this show which makes me sad. Overall the show was decent.


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