Alyssa: Summer 2015: Week 3

Blood Blockade Battlefront 11

This episode made me really depressed. Episode 11 delves into the past of White and Black (Mary and William.) I’m not going to write out huge descriptions for these episodes as Trystan has already done so…But I will say this – I am very distressed over this series.

I am distressed over White’s condition; I am distressed over Leo. I am distressed that there seem to be a lot of unanswered questions in this show…And most of all – I am distressed that so many weeks later – Kekkai Sensen has yet to score a time slot over 30 minutes to air the final episode. Being that I haven’t read the manga, I have NO CLUE what is going to happen. I also feel like a lot has been left out/glossed over. Even so, I am (im)patiently awaiting the finale.

Its 489 losses

Food Wars 16

Is it even surprising that Soma lost in a cooking competition to his dad? His dad has been all over the world, served Erina’s family, and was the second seat of the Elite Ten. I am so far from NOT SHOCKED it isn’t even funny. That being said, I enjoyed the aftermath of the fight. Apparently Soma and his dad record the results of the battles in special notebooks. Frankly, that’s adorable. Also we had to deal with the weird plot point that Erina seems to be in love with Soma’s dad…Gross.

At the end of the episode, we learn that she shopping district near the Yukihira diner isn’t doing so well. Luckily, Soma will be headed home to open shop for the holiday!

My Love Story!! 15

I laughed a lot while I watched this episode. In the beginning, the girl on Takeo’s relay team was terrified of him. As time passed, she began to respect him as a “shishou” (master- term generally used in martial arts. Not like…an S&M master). It was really lovely getting to see a jealous Yamato. I’m not kidding – she’s adorable. And I loved the way that Sunakawa seemed to try to keep the girl away from Takeo – for Yamato’s sake.

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) 3

So this week we are introduced to Hanamine Kanade. Those who have seen Angel Beats may recall that the name “Kanade” means “to play music.” And of course – that is what this man does. Unfortunately, we never get to hear his music. I suppose we are supposed to use our imaginations but I would have much rather had a relaxing piece to listen to. Relaxation is this show’s point so…why not add in some music?

Anyway, Kanade is afraid of spiders and I was kind of reminded of myself when he called it a demon from hell. Same, Kanade, same. As always, this show was oddly relaxing and entertaining enough.

Ranpo Kitan 2

Honestly, I feel this show is moving a little too fast. I really like it but it doesn’t give me a chance to try and think or piece things together – which is really disappointing from a mystery. Overall, I am still blown away by the animation and the overall darkness of the series.

For the record, the “art of human furniture” is known as forniphilia. This particular arc delves into this fetish in strange ways as apparently all of the girls that the teacher liked WANTED to become chairs for him. Creepy, right? One thing I will say is Kudos to this show for making the teacher swing both ways as he falls in love with Kobayashi. The most enjoyable part of this episode was Hanabishi (the new teacher) running out the classroom – back in and then out the window in shock. I laughed so hard.

Rokka no Yuusha 2

This show is still pretty entertaining. It is certainly moving slower than I expected and I am honestly okay with that. As stated before – I expected us to begin with the 6 (+1) Braves meeting all at once. But instead, we have slowly been introducing them. As it stands, we have met 4. I am really suspicious of the bodyguard man who has showed up in this episode.

As Trystan stated – Flamie/Fremy is absolute waifu material. She’s bada*ss, loves animals, and hates people. How can I not love her?

Gangsta 3 – 5

So, so much happens in episode 3. We learn (if you didn’t know already) that Nic killed Worick’s father. Alex learns that Worick is a gigolo (male prostitute) that used to work at a brothel. There is a woman there who is one some of the same medications we see Nic take. It is safe to assume that the “Veronica” they keep mentioning in the next couple episodes is that woman that Alex sees Nic with.

Episode 4 reveals that Worick has a photographic memory – who would have suspected that? No really, he is such a goofball in comparison to Nic. A gang war has broken out and Nic and Worick have to come to the rescue of Monroe – a man who took care of Nic and Worick in the past. Another Tag/Twilight shows up that is the same rank as Nic and in episode 5 we see a very intense showdown between the two. We also learn that there are “Three Prinicples/Laws” that tags/Twilights are to follow:

One: Twilights must not intentionally hurt humans.

Two: Twilights must obey orders directed to them by humans. Orders that conflict with article one are exceptions.

Three: If the situation does not conflict with articles one and two, a Twilight must defend oneself.

Interestingly, these articles are VERY similar to the laws of robotics. Overall, this series has kept me entertained and wanting more. Over the weekend, I bought the first book (though I have yet to read it.) It’s a bit bittersweet that we are already nearly halfway through this series. Also…Nic is still my favorite character and seeing him as a child solidified this.


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