Trystan: Summer 2015 Week 3

Blood Blockade Battlefront episode 11

Oh my! This episode was sure something. It served as a background episode for Black and White where we learned that the Macbeth family has a long history of psy powers and becoming casters. That said White, or rather Mary, was born without powers. On the exact opposite side Black, or rather William, had more than enough power for the both of them. This lead to a very interesting dynamic between the two as they grew up but one thing was certain: they cared immensely for each other. This lead to the instance we have seen in flashbacks, where William allowed a vampire to take over his body.

We also learned of a seal that has been placed over White’s heart which is what is keeping her alive. It seems to be related to her hospital stay as well but we don’t get a whole lot of details. Back on the Leo front White places a strange pair of glasses on Leo and allows Black/King of Despair to take him to who knows where. Black uses the glasses to steal the power of Leo’s all seeing eyes of the Gods and releases the seal placed on the city causing chaos to everyone. It really makes you want to see the last episode doesn’t it? Too bad. The finale has yet to be aired and there is no information on when it will be coming. UGH. However we do know that it is expected to be longer than 30 minutes and that is at least exciting.

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) episode 3

Hanamine Kanade, the music danshi, is our pillow boy this episode. He’s the stuck up kind who thinks he is superior at everything. Super confident. He even plays violin. What more do you need? Oh you need more to like him? Well he also comes with an adorable fear of spiders. Too bad this makes our relationship bad since I too have a fear of spiders. Maybe we’ll run away from them together? Too bad we’re both babies and won’t kill the thing. But it’s all cool cause I really like his eyes.

The only thing I don’t like? He makes a big deal about playing the violin and then when he does they don’t add music. It’s just him in dramatic poses. THEY MAKE HIM SAY “LISTEN TO THIS MELODY.” I LITERALLY SCREAMED AT MY TV. WHAT MELODY?

Food Wars episode 16

Let’s just skip to the chase shall we? Soma loses the food battle. Megumi, old lady, and naked-senpai are judges and they all go for Joichiro’s food. And let’s be honest: did we expect anything more? Soma will not, and cannot, win until he gets the experience Joichiro has. They make such a big deal about how Joichiro has traveled the world and learned a lot about different cultures and cooking. Well guess what, Soma hasn’t. For god’s sake he’s like 15/16. Joichiro even uses newly acquired skills to best his son. And I’m not complaining that Soma lost (I enjoy the fact that his dad doesn’t pull punches, Soma will never get a pity win) but it makes it seem like such a big deal when really it is to be expected. It’s just like when Megumi lost to Shinomiya but then I was concerned about Megumi staying at the school. This has no strings attached just pride (although those two seem to live off of pride).

Anyway it was still a fun episode and it appears next episode Soma is going back to his hometown and restaurant over vacation. That’ll be fun.

My Love Story!! Episode 15

It has finally happened. My Love Story!! is going near the “love rival” story line. Except this time it’s going to go for another girl falling for Takeo, cause let’s be honest that never happens. But it has happened twice so why not a third?

This whole thing begins with a sports festival. Takeo is assigned to a relay team. When one of his teammates injures herself she is replaced by one of the only students who hasn’t been assigned to two events (the limit for sports festival). Just everyone’s luck, she’s super slow. Takeo thinks it would be a great idea to help her practice and through his kind actions and teaching he manages to win her over. It may not be love (yet) but it is enough to get her attention. Yamato becomes severely freaked out during this time as she is worried that girls will finally realize how cool Takeo is. And the ending shows she’s right. In what looks to be a love confession scene we end up with the girl asking to be Takeo’s apprentice (student? I don’t remember what word they used). So I guess we’ll see from here if she has a crush or is just really impressed.


Ranpo Kitan episode 2

So remember the end of the first episode where we weirdly learned that the teacher liked to turn girls into chairs? Well expect a lot of speculation that just so happens to be right and the mystery to be solved without us ever needing to see a single clue be found or time to think for ourselves.

So the teacher liked to make chairs out of women, what’s so weird about that? You mean, besides the fact that people are now chairs? Well turns out the teacher was soooo good at finding messed up chicks and dating them that he was able to convinces (or make love him so much) these girls to WANT to be the chairs. I guess the point was that a chair could stay with him forever (cause they couldn’t?). And intriguingly the teacher was dating a girl but fell out of love with her and in love with Kobayashi. Scorned girlfriend couldn’t accept this. She WANTED to be his chair (seems they couldn’t stay with him forever without this chair thing). So she kills the teacher and makes him into a chair. Why? I don’t know. Just go with it.

Also the girl was the random student who said “that shape” or something similar where she made a comment about the chair arrangement of her (ex)boyfriend’s body.

Rokka no Yuusha episode 2

I’m going to skip a description and just focus on what happened. So Adlet and Tanya (her name is Nashetania but I have taken to just calling her Tanya) are travelling and they talk a lot and we learn that Tanya’s family was killed during a civil war minus her father. The king is now just a puppet whose power is fake. We also learn that her kingdom sent out a soldier to look for the person killing the Braves but Tanya has not heard from him in a while. Then they see some villagers getting attacked and Adlet immediately has to help. Tanya tells him he can’t save everyone and defeat the monsters and he tells her that the strongest man in the world can. I love it.

Then we meet Flamie (or Fremy). She has white hair, like animals, and is basically immediate waifu status. She has this weird thought process that says everyone is out to kill her and therefore thinks Adlet is going to murder her. Turns out Flamie is also a Brave. WOOT.

Oh and then that soldier they were talking about comes back and meets with Tanya and is a Brave and says the Brave killer is a girl name Flamie. Also there’s this bullsh*t about how only girls can be saints and I’m just like “this is some sexist crap.” Still enjoying this series.


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