Trystan: Summer 2015 Week 4

 Kyoukai no Rinne episodes 16, 17, & 18

I really enjoyed these three episodes. The first two are an arc dedicated to Jumonji. I’m pretty happy for this because I’ve missed Jumonji. The first episode features Jumonji attempting to take Sakura on a date but ends up getting interrupted by an evil spirit and Rinne. Jumonji was after a power stone that he buried under a tree known as the Haunted Cedar. The pendant has since been tainted and this is the concern of episode 17. Jumonji is trying to figure out how to fix the pendant when Masato shows up (man it’s been awhile since we’ve seen him). Masato gives Jumonji an evil book that uses the power of the pendant to curse people. This leads to Jumonji cursing Rinne. Despite the fact that Jumonji sees Rinne as his love rival he regrets what he is doing. They eventually beat Masato by fixing the pendent and using its power.

The third episode in this batch is one about a new characters: Shirushigama Kain. Shirushigama are basically the desk workers of the Shinigami world. They make sure humans that are brought down have lived their full lives and that type of thing. The Shirushigami Kain is a child of a woman who has been tricked by Sabato and turns out to be Rinne’s creditor. Kain is sick of being poor and believes that Rinne will never be able to pay off his debt. In this vain he takes Rinne’s life flame with the purpose of selling it if they do not find the location of Damashigami Company. I really enjoyed this episode. Kain is a breath of fresh air that Ageha never was and is so far enjoyable.

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) episode 4

Dialect Danshi! Our boy this time around is Kijinami Eiji a transfer student that we made friends with. Apparently we were the only ones who weren’t scared of his red dyed hair. I think this kid is my favorite so far. He’s kinda a punk but also nice. Man, just give me a full rom-com dedicated to his character and I’d be super pumped. Actually just give me a show based on every boy so far. That’d be great. But no, really, this kids cute. You should go watch the episode. I mean, it’s four minutes long it won’t waste that much time for you.

Aoharu x Machinegun episodes 4 & 5

It’s sad to say but even Yukimura may not be able to save this show anymore. As a continuation of last Tachibana is trying to earn their gun. However Tachibana easily fails the accuracy test but the manager gives them one last chance: a one-on-one duel. If Tachibana lands a hit in five minutes, they can have the gun, if they don’t or run out of bullets they lose. Interestingly Tachibana still fails but impresses the manager enough and still gets the gun. Turns out the 1000 yen was actually the fee for the accuracy test. Oh and Yukimura totally gets in a fight with Midori, the green haired guy. Seems he has a past with Masamune.

During the rest of the episode we see Toy Gun Gun (still the worst name ever) take part in a team battle. Tachibana does horribly and dies quickly each match. They even over hear someone saying they must only be on the team as a place filler to have three members. Then Tachibana gets in a fight with Masamune. Personally I think Masamune went too far and Tachibana had every right to tell him off. That said I also think they both need to apologize. In the end Tachibana thinks they were overstepping but Masamune does apologize. Interestingly it does bring up the past of Toy Gun Gun.

During a practice match between Masamune and Yukimura/Tachibana, Tachibana questions the no girl rule. It turns out Midori’s team is the cause of the problem. The original three members of Toy Gun Gun were Masamune, Yukimura, and an unnamed girl. This unnamed girl was neither an amateur nor a pro falling somewhere in between. Yukimura seems confident in her skills which means she had to have been proficient. Midori’s team decided to basically torture her. They didn’t physically hurt her but they did do damage. They also prevented Masamune from coming to her rescue. After that she left the team but didn’t blame Masamune for the incident. Apparently this hurt him even more because instead of becoming upset about she decided to ignore the fact it happened and walk away. After this Tachibana starts to question if hiding their gender is really a good thing or not. I’m hoping Tachibana tells them that they’re a girl.

Rokka no Yuusha episodes 3 & 4

So we start off with Adlet trying to convince Flamie that she’ll be okay and the other braves won’t try to kill her. Eventually he ends up just taking a bag from her and holding it hostage to get her to come with him. Adlet also proves wrong because when Tanya and Goldov (the soldier who is also a brave) find them and immediately attack Flamie. I mean, I understand it, they know she’s the brave killer, something Flamie herself admits too. Still you can’t just attack my waifu. It’s rude. Adlet eventually stops them by informing the two that she is a Brave. Turns out Flamie was killing the potential braves as a way to help summon the Demon King although really it seems she just wanted to be able to fight him.

After Adlet avoids that catastrophe the group finds themselves a temple that will enact this really crazy plan to trap the monsters in a mist barrier. However someone activates the barrier early and ends up trapping all of the braves in the forest with no known way to get out. We also meet the remaining braves: the Saint of Swamps Chamot Rosso who despite being a pretty young girl is considered the strongest warrior of their age, the Saint of Mountains Maura Chester she is apparently the leader of the Saints, and Hans Humpty, male and a fencer. If you’ve been counting you’ll notice we have seven Braves when we should only have six. And they all have the appropriate markings. DUN DUN DUN. Till next time!

Oh and when Chamot walks into the room she immediately attacks Flamie. For no reason. She just looks at her and attacks. Like come on. Flamie is also a Saint (the saint of gunpowder). No one even questions why she attacks her, she just does. Also I’m still not a fan of Goldov. Nope. Don’t like him.

Ranpo Kitan episode 3

This was a much better episode for me than either of the previous two. This episode features a new character known as Shadow Man. Shadow Man is known for his disguises and when he is not in disguises covers his face with a paper bag. He believes that little girls are to be treasured and have happiness for their entire lives. To this end he paid for a surgery for a very ill girl name Sachiko. Sachiko was then kidnapped and he is desperate to find her. Kobayashi is also looking for the kidnapper of Sachiko as well as other girls. In this vain Kobayashi dresses up like a girl and is kidnapped while Shadow Man uses a tracker to find Kobayashi.

The criminal is a weird man who has the girl pretend he is their father. Those that do not comply get turned into statues? Or something like that. He crushes them up and then makes these weird cement mold like things out of them. Shadow Man is devastated to see that Sachiko is among the dead. As creepy and stalkerish as he is, his beliefs are nice. He believes in their happiness and would never touch a girl. It’s interestingly touching.

Charlotte episodes 3, 4, & 5

These are three busy episodes. In the first one we meet the super idol Yusa Nishimori, whom Jojiro has a huge crush/obsession with. Yusa has the ability of a medium which allows her body to be possessed. What ends up happening though is that her dead older sister keeps taking over her body. Misa happens to have the ability of pyrokinesis and uses it anytime she takes over Yusa’s body. After they fix her situation Yusa is brought to the school so that no one will find out about her powers. This is especially necessary because of Misa’s tendencies to burn things whenever she takes over.

The next two are pretty basic. There’s a baseball episode which is pretty fun and then a camping episode. Both are based around finding students with abilities (since that is the point of the show) and in each case there is one. In the baseball episode the pitcher is using his power to produce fake knuckle balls. In the camping episode a kid is practicing his ability to fly. At the end of episode 5 though we notice that Ayumi (Yuu’s sister) is getting a cold. Despite everything else he is crappy at, Yuu is a decent brother.


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