Alyssa: Spring 2015: Week 4 (SORRY THIS IS LATE)

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) Episode 4

Kijinami Eiji is this week’s danshi. He’s absolutely adorable and I adore is bowling pin hair clip. Tsundere bad boy types with big hearts are a minor (okay – major) weakness of mine. I can’t really say a whole lot about this show because well…each episode is 4 minutes. Pillow Boys itself has proven to be relaxing at times. When we aren’t sure what to watch next, we usually turn to Makura no Danshi. An interesting thing to note is that Eiji is voices by Takahata, Sora who is brand new to the voice acting world. This is his first role!!

Kyoukai no Rinne 16-18

I never thought I would miss Jumonji…but I really did. I think I enjoyed these episodes a lot more because there was a decline in how much Ageha was in them. I thought this episode was enjoyable as Jumonji just wanted to go on a date with Sakura but of course, she was oblivious to such things. I honestly enjoyed episode 16 greatly… I thought the little boy ghost was adorable and it was nice to see more about Sakura when she was little.

Episode 17 brings back Masato and a bunch of shenanigans. Jumonji keeps unintentionally cursing Rinne but not watching what he says or does. You’d think someone would notice when they slam their hand down on a book on their desk but nope. Anyway, I think it was nice to see Jumonji and Rinne team up in an effort to take down Masato.

Episode 18 finally introduces the silver-blue haired kid in the opening. His name is Kain and he is a Shirushigami. His job is that of a desk worker and debt collector. Of course, things lead back to Rinne’s dad who just keeps messing things up. Kain comes to collect Rinne’s debt (you know – the one Sabato wracked up). And to do this, he takes the Haori of the Underworld and Rinne’s life flame and intends to sell them. Oh No! On that note, Ageha is made of money…why doesn’t she just offer to pay off the debt if she loves Rinne so much?

Aoharu x Kikanjuu 4 & 5

Alright so…Tachibana sucks at hitting a target. No surprise, right? So, they fail the first time but the store manager gives them a second chance in a one-on-one battle. Which, of course, Tachibana also fails. But Tachibana’s bloodthirst was enough to impress the manager and land themselves a free, high-quality gun. Meanwhile, downstairs, Midori (the sadistic Makoto from Free!) still has Yukimura bent over the counter. Gross, don’t touch that poor otaku or his ero games. Eventually, Midori leaves before Tachibana and the manager come back.

Tachibana continues to be terrible in the next episode, getting knocked out of every battle within the first ten minutes. How bad do you have to be!? Things get heated when Tachibana and Masamune get into a fight – both of them overdoing things by quite a lot. At least in the end, both apologize to each other. I really hate instances where the character who gets screamed at blames themselves and never gets an apology. More is revealed about the no-girls rule and Tachibana begins questioning whether or not the rest of the team should know the truth. Somehow, I don’t think Tachibana’s sex will be revealed to the others but I am kind of hoping so.

Rokka no Yuusha 4 & 5

It is pretty safe to say that sh*t begins to hit the fan in these two episodes. Adlet gets Flamie to go along with him (by stealing her bag of ammo). After stopping in at a fort, Flamie and Adlet are attacked by Goldov and Tanya. Okay, really their target is just Flamie, seeing as she is the Brave Killer. Adlet saves her for the time being, however, by letting the others know that she is a brave as well. Things seem complicated with Flamie as she once wanted to help resurrect the demon king and now she wants to fight him with all her might.

Eventually, they arrive at the temple. Goldov, Tanya, and Flamie fight fiends in the surrounding forest whilst Adlet blows open the door to the temple with a bomb. When he is attacked by temple guardians, he rushes outside immediately. Soon, the barrier to trap inside monsters is activated – but by who? The barrier cannot be shut off except by the one who activated it or when said individual dies. Adlet tries to turn off the barrier, as does Tanya. Soon, three other Braves arrive – leaving us with 7 where there should be 6. And immediately, Chamot, the girl with the frog motif, goes after Flamie. Chamot may be a child but I don’t trust her…And Hans Humpty is sketchy as hell too.

Ranpo Kitan 3

With each passing episode…I begin to question Hashiba’s sexuality more and more…

I found this episode to be my favorite so far (being that now, as I’m writing this, I’ve seen a little more). It is believed, in the beginning that Shadow Man is responsible for kidnapping girls – including one by the name of Sachiko. However, Shadow Man is not the one responsible at all. In fact, he believes in the happiness of all girls. While it is a bit creepy for him to have been stalking Sachiko, he payed for a life-saving surgery and visited her in many guises to make her feel better. Honestly, this episode had its ups-and-downs. I laughed really hard at Hashiba’s reaction to Kobayashi going undercover in drag. And I honestly got sad over anything having to do with Shadow Man and Sachiko. One particular quote that nearly killed me was “There isn’t a girl that isn’t needed in this world.”

As I’ve been watching this series, I’ve been researching Ranpo Edogawa’s stories a little. Interestingly enough, Shadow Man (Kagetoko) was originally a character who blackmailed the rich. The anime seems to just be jumbling together stories in a weird way and only incorporating elements and character’s of Edogawa’s. Another example of this is the fact that Shadow Man is a master of disguise which is actual a feature of “The Fiend with Twenty Faces.”

(left: Jojiro -Charlotte- , right: Takematsu -Angel Beats-)

Charlotte 3-5

We meet the fourth member of the main group of this show in episode 3. Her name is Yusa Nishimori (Yusa-rin) and she has the ability to summon spirits into her body. For now, it seems this is limited to her sister, Misa, who had pyrokinesis. That being said, Yusa’s body has the potential for two powers. Yusa is annoying as all heck but I can’t hate her. I really like the over-the-top counterpart that is Misa. Do to Misa’s pyrokinesis, Yusa is brought to the school where she is fawned over by nearly everyone.

Episode 4 is minorly reminiscent of Angel Beats as it is a baseball episode. Sometimes the animation or stills feel like they are directly out of its predecessor but I am still enjoying the show. This episode was laughable and in a way, touching, as the kid they hunted down was using his abilities to make his best friend look good. Episode 5 is all about camping, fishing, and bonds. Also…we get to see Jojiro shirtless and I swear he is just Takematsu reincarnated. Yuu even mentions that he looks scrawny with clothes on. I honestly died laughing at this. Yuu also proves to be a good big brother when his little sister shows signs of getting sick. Also, she is out of the dreaded pizza sauce!

Gangsta 6

A lot happens in this episode with our three main characters. Nic is unconscious for some time but Nina (the little girl/nurse) has taken good care of him. When he awakens, he is informed by Worick that all of the bodies found previously belonged to Tags/Twilights. It seems someone could be targeting them. It is revealed that Alex’s hallucinations are caused from withdrawals from a drug given to prostitutes to keep them in line. Worick, however, is able to bring Alex back to her usual self after headbutting her when she mistook him for a customer.

Also, more about Worick and Nic’s childhood is revealed. Worick begins teaching Nic sign language and to write. The boys seem to be getting close despite abuse they both face from those in their life – Nic from the other mercenaries and Worick from his father. It is stated that Worick is the son of a mistress, as is Nic. In the end, I found it very touching when Nic returned the half-damaged sign language book to Worick.

I really like the unexpected friendship and crazy similarities between Nic and Worick. I think it is sad in a way but I am also glad that they were able to become friends and help one another through dark times.


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