Trystan: Summer 2015 Week 5

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 19

Kain continues his annoying rein on Rinne’s soul this week. Our heroes (and Ageha) continue their struggle to get Rinne’s life flame back all the while Sabato and his girlfriend assistant show up. Kain’s mother continues to prove she is an idiot as she willingly gives Sabato anything he wants and believes an obviously fake story about Sabato and his girlfriend assistant being brother and sister.

Don’t worry though Rinne manages to level up with an old gift from his grandmother. Given to Kain’s mother as collateral for the loan is an old box that Rinne hadn’t been able to open before being taken by his father. Inside this box was an elementary school graduation gift, the Ring of Judgement (at least, I think that’s what it’s called). With this he is able to fight Kain, get his soul back, and at least temporarily end their fight. The Ring of Judgement also comes with a protection mode which is protecting Rinne from Kain for now. Overall a very enjoyable set of episodes. I stand by my opinion that Rinne is good when it has a goal and these mini arcs are really the way to go.

God Eater episodes 2 & 3

God Eater is working hard to prove itself to me since I found the first episode abysmal. I do enjoy that the main character isn’t overpowered. He’s expected to suck and while he shows promise also lacks that skill gained from being in actual battles. This leads to Lenka getting hurt and passing out in the middle of the battle. Still he survives but at the expense of Eric who sacrifices himself to save Lenka. Lenka is pretty upset when he learns this because he has a ‘no one dies on my watch’ kind of policy when he really needs a ‘we’ll save as many as we can’ policy. But whatever.

So now Lenka is stuck in a jail cell because he was disobedient. There’s even the possibility of him losing his new-type status which is bad because new-type qualifiers are rare. That’s when he gets the chance to prove himself. The Russian branch has decided to send their new-type to the Far East branch. A girl by the name of Alissa. Her transport is being attacked by monsters (which are terrifying by the way) and it is Lindow, Sakuya (I think?), and Lenka’s job to get her out. Alissa however refuses to leave the carrier, insisting that it has to go for the sake of the many injured upon it. Lenka refuses to leave so many injured people and it turns into a pretty big suicide mission. They just barely pull it off and in the process Lenka learns some new moves off of Alissa and becomes a much more competent fighter. Also near the end we see this giant flying monster that seriously scared me. Like, holy shi*t, it was really, really terrifying.

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) episode 5

Look everybody! It’s the guy who sleeps of a sleeping bag. He is the astronomy boy, Ryushi Theodore Emori. He’s super into stars but understands that we are less knowledgeable than him and continually ties to educate us. It was great. I really enjoyed this episode, it’s definitely my favorite so far. It was relaxing and the way Ryushi talked was adorable. Like the rest of the series, I highly recommend checking it out.

Snow White with the Red Hair episode 1

Man this was super enjoyable. I basically loved every second. Shirayuki and Zen’s interactions, her straightforward attitude, and the little twist that Zen is a prince. All these things culminate into a story that was really just charming. Despite how much I like it I don’t really have a lot to say. It has all the fixins to be a cute little romance and that’s what I want it to be. I can’t wait to watch more if my schedule permits.

Rokka no Yuusha episode 6

Yuusha continues on with the “who’s the seventh” trial except now Adlet is the target and not Flamie. When Adlet is pushed to the edge he decides to run and think of a way to change everybody’s mind. But really it just makes him look guilty. He even uses Flamie as a hostage and so the two end up out in the forest together. Flamie stopped Adlet from dying but only for the .001% chance that he isn’t the seventh.

Adlet convinces himself that there must be an eighth person who broke into the temple. Flamie then asks what the point of the seventh was if there was an eighth. To which Adlet replies that they can’t frame him if there isn’t any reason to be suspicious. Personally I don’t think it is Adlet but I also don’t know who it could be. Everyone has a pretty good chance of being the seventh. I would prefer it be Chamot, Tanya, or Goldov because I don’t like them but that doesn’t really mean anything. Either way I’m really enjoying the suspense factor of this show. Definitely not what I was expecting.

Ranpo Kitan episodes 4 & 5

This pair of episodes follows Twenty Faces, a serial killer who deals out justice to those who aren’t punished by the state for their crimes. Watanuki (the guy who kidnapped and killed little girls) is used as bait to lure Twenty Faces out. Through these two episodes we learn that Kagami, the detective with a huge sense of justice and a sister complex, became Twenty Faces to detour criminals from committing crimes. We also learn that Kagami was struggling with a deep inadequacy that came from criminals not being convicted despite their obvious crimes. In the midst of his identity crisis, Kagami’s sister Tokiko was murdered by a criminal Kagami had previously arrested but had gotten out on an insanity charge. This pushed Kagami to the edge and made him start killing criminals.

I feel bad for Kagami. He was really just a guy that got pushed around by the system and eventually snapped. Still I’m not forgiving this show for its lackluster presentation of cases. It just lays the story out for you, there is no way for you to try and play along. Instead you get a crime and then a criminal with basically nothing in between. Oh and we had a creepy masochistic criminal in a butterfly costume who wet herself when Akechi was rude to her. Soooo. That was traumatizing.


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