Trystan: Summer 2015 Week 6

Sad to say but little was watched this week due to a lot of bad timing. We were unable to get together to watch anything this week and so we decided to what to watch on our own. However I was unable to complete this list (I didn’t get to Food Wars or God Eater) because my parents were on vacation and we were busy all the days I did not work. Not to mention my schedule was messed up due to the place being closed over the weekend due to a local event and therefore I was working some strange hours. Also beware school starts this week so we’ll see how this affects the schedule. I see fall being a much less crowded season for us, mostly second seasons. Still! I got Aoharu and an episode of My Love Story!! done so I hope you’ll enjoy what little I can give you this week.

My Love Story episode 18

Its Christmas this week! And our focus is on young love in the form of Takeo’s afro friend and Yamato’s friend Nanako. The two have been texting for quite some time and are apparently right on the edge of dating. The perfect place to ask her out? Obviously the Christmas party that Takeo and Yamato are holding.

However once the group gets there afro is a shy guy and starts acting like a dumbass to cover up. This only irritates Nanako who would rather he just ask her out and be done with it. Eventually sick of his behavior Nanako runs out of the party and eventually there’s a confrontation between the two. To make it up to his girlfriend to be afro decides to attempt the challenge of the Christmas tree at the karaoke bar. The challenge? Climb this really big tree and find the start that’s different from all the rest. They say that if you get it and then ask a girl out, she’ll definitely say yes. And as far as afro and Nanako are concerned, she does say yes.

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) episode 6

“Delusions of Grandeur Danshi” is a pretty dumb boy. He has an eyepatch (from some eye condition or that’s what they told him anyway). His personality is generally bloated until pushed to the edge and then he becomes the sweet type. Definitely and interesting little episode (especially since he shares a voice actor with Kirito and Soma) but not my favorite.

AOxMachinegunAoharu x Machinegun episodes 6 & 7

And the drama heats up in these two episodes. Tachibana decides that it would be best not to tell them about being a girl and really all she needs to do is beat the team that crushed Masamune’s soul and then they’ll obviously reverse their policy, right? I know. It sounds like a terrible plan to everyone but Tachibana has always been the delusional type so why not.

Turns out Midori is the leader of this mysterious team (four time champions by the way) and Masamune is very much afraid of him. Won’t make eye contact, stumbles a lot, afraid. And as luck would have it Toy Gun Gun will clash with them first round. Masamune believes they have only one shot to beat them and the only way that will work is if they split up and each take on a member of the team.

Tachibana gets Fujimon who weilds a mini gun. A MINI GUN. Yep. Just a small machine gun nothing to look at here. And surprisingly Tachibana beats (?) him. Technically Tachibana out maneuvers him and he counts it as a win but can we trust him?

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 20

Rinne gets invited to Sakura’s house. Ageha and Jumonji tag along. All Sakura wants is for Rinne to fix her ghost problem. All Rinne wants is…well, probably to fix her ghost problem. Either way he spends half the episode trying to talk to her while being interrupted and then proceeds to try and keep them out. Once he does finally get to talk to her he figures out the problem. While Sakura was in the other world when she was a child she got a little hourglass. This hourglass happens to perform exorcisms and it was keeping Sakura’s house ghost free. However the sand had recently expired causing all of those ghosts to now appear and cause Sakura trouble. Although Rinne has more sand for the hourglass it becomes broken when Ageha and Jumonji finally figure out how to get back into Sakura’s room. Rinne coughs up 20,000 to buy Sakura another one and can’t bear to tell her they now charge for the product.


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