Alyssa: Summer 2015: Week 5 & 6

Kyoukai no Rinne 19 & 20

Kain continues to make things difficult for Rinne & Co in episode 19 of Rinne. And as usual, things get worse when Rinne’s dad comes into the picture. But hey, at the very least, they find a gift box from Rinne’s grandmother. He was supposed to be able to open it in elementary school but of course his father stole it. It’s really cool to think back and realize that this episode is consistent to an earlier episode where we were shown Rinne being robbed. Because I’m so behind, I can’t talk a lot about the following things because…with Rinne, I’ve forgotten a decent amount.

In episode 20, Sakura is having issues with her home. See, thanks to a gift she received long ago in the form of an hourglass, Sakura’s house has never had spirits pass through. All of a sudden, Sakura’s house is constantly being used by spirits trying to travel. Rinne is invited over to take a look and spends most of the episode trying to get rid of Ageha and Jumonji. In the end, it’s discovered that the sand in the hourglass is bad and needs to be replaced. This is done by Rinne but the hourglass it destroyed by Ageha. Rinne drops a crap ton of money on a new one but can’t bring himself to tell Sakura.

Ranpo Kitan 4 & 5

Welcome to the most emotionally distressful episodes you will see from this show – and some of the coolest animation techniques.

Everyone and their mother in Japan seems to know of The Fiend with Twenty Faces by Ranpo Edogawa. As stated before, this show takes the disguise aspect of Twenty Faces and gives it to shadow man for whatever reason. Fine, dandy. What has stayed intact is that Twenty Faces is a vigilante killer in pursuit of the killers who have slipped through the law’s fingers. The capture of Twenty Faces as well as revealing his identity is all done in episode 4.

Episode 5 is comprised of explaining Kagami’s life as well as his motive for becoming Twenty Faces (taking on the identify of – he is the second Twenty Faces.) I’m not going to go super crazy in depth about his past but I want to point out the neat animation style on this. Unfortunately, Kagami’s sister was killed in the worst of ways – her arms and legs ripped off and her face removed or burned off – I can’t remember. When it shows her like this, hanging from a building, in the dress she designed, it is one of the most heartbreaking things and also one of the most visually stimulating things I’ve seen in this show.

We are also introduced to the sado-masochistic prisoner Black Lizard who, disgustingly enough, pees herself when she’s turned on. I legitimately hate this character and she is disgusting.

Rokka no Yuusha 6

DAAAAANG, things got even more intense in this episode, didn’t they? Flamie has escaped suspicion but this suspicion is now passed onto Adlet. Adlet buys himself time by kidnapping Flamie and escaping. This show has you constantly looking back and forth at the characters. Who is it? If it is this person, what is their motive? This show is like playing Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban – just when you think you have enough evidence weighed against one character, more evidence is magically dug up and you’re suspicious of someone else. I really love this show for the debate it sparks between my best friend and myself. I want to believe that Adlet is not the seventh because I like him a lot and we saw his mark appear. However, if he is the seventh, then clearly something is manipulating him. This isn’t an uncommon trope in these types of shows but I’m hoping it doesn’t take that path.

Makura no Dansha (Pillow Boys) Episodes 5 & 6

Ryushi T. (Theodore) Emishi, the astronomy boy, is honestly one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because I like astronomy but I really like Emishi. I think this episode is one of my favorites in how relaxing it is.

Delusions of Grandeur Danshi is episode 6’s danshi is really interesting in design. I really liked him but I feel he was way too similar from our danshi two episodes, the one with the bowling pin hairclips. My favorite thing about this character is his voice actor.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu/Machinegun Episodes 6 & 7

Probably the most enjoyable episodes in this series so far, episodes 6 and 7 pick up the pace with this show. Hotaru decides not to tell the team about their true gender and that it would be best to “conquer the evil” as a girl now, and reveal things later. Of course, it seems that Midori already knows Hotaru’s gender but this was a hint only the audience would catch.

Midori is the leader of team Toy Gun Gun faces up against first. The issue with this team is that they are four time champions and Hotaru is hopeless. The group decides to split up and Hotaru is lucky to face against Fujimon who declares Hotaru the winner of their small one on one. However, Fujimon is fine with leaving his team with less manpower. His faith in Midori knows no bounds as he claims that the other will not lose.

The animation on the guns and the fluid movements in these episodes was overall very enjoyable.

God Eater 2

I can’t recall a great deal about God Eater but I can genuinely say that I enjoyed the second episode a bit more. More information was given and the animation seemed a little less strange since I knew what I was dealing with. Unfortunately, Eric’s life is sacrificed after Lenka passes out and is saved by Eric. At the end we are introduced to another super soldier, Alissa (god I hate how our names are one letter off).

My Love Story!! 18 and 19

Well, this love story came out of nowhere. It seemed like something with Suna would come up first but no – this love story is between Yamato’s friend Nanako and Takeo’s friend, Kurihara (the one with the afro). Takeo and Yamato arrange a Christmas party amongst their friend groups and spend most of the episode trying to push Kurahara and Nanako together. However, this plan almost backfires but all is made right when Kurihara climbs a huge Christmas tree for a special ornament to give to Nanako. He asks her out, and the two become a couple.

At the beginning of episode 19, it is revealed that the two of them have already kissed, whilst Yamato and Takeo have not. Takeo decides that he wouldn’t mind having his kiss in his third year but Yamato would like to take their relationship to the next level. When consulting with Suna about this as well as Takeo’s birthday, which is one New Year’s, Suna tells her that Takeo will be happy if she decides to kiss him.

Takeo royally messes up when he doesn’t notice Yamato kissing him when his eyes are closed. Suna opens his eyes to this and Takeo runs to Yamato’s home and the two share a proper first kiss. This episode was super sweet and adorable. I greatly enjoyed these two episodes and I think I’ll be happy when the show wraps up, even if this means I need to go read all of the manga.

Food Wars 17 & 18

Soma heads home and re-opens Yukihira temporarily. This isn’t necessarily his choice but he is bombarded as soon as he goes to air it out. He hears that the shopping district is suffering due to a chain shop at the train station. Yukihira enlists the help of childhood friend, Kurase Mayu and Mito Ikumi – both of which have a crush on Soma.

Their overall goal is to bring life back into the shopping district and make a better Kuraage than the chain store Mozuya, which owes its success to one of the Elite Ten. For the record, Kuraage is usually referred to as Japanese fried chicken (but Kuraage can be other meats as well.) Much like General Tso’s the chicken is cut into smaller sizes and fried in corn starch or potato starch. But first, it is marinated in some sort of special sauce and some Kuraage is covered in more of this sauce.

Soma takes advantage of the fact that most of the people who pass through the shopping district are students going home from practice and creates a food they can eat on the go rather than the take-home style of Mozuya’s Kuraage. This episode, like many Soma episodes, shouldn’t be eaten on an empty stomach.


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