Trystan: Summer 2015 Week 7

Rokka no Yuusha episodes 7 & 8

We get to learn a lot about Flamie and Adlet in 7, which makes it a pretty great episode in my eyes. We watch how Adlet lost his family, friends, and village as well as seeing one of the important fiends, which looked amazing by the way. Then we learned a little more about Flamie. Her apparent motive for killing the Demon King is revenge. Flamie felt loved for most of her life but when she failed to kill Chamot her mother and all her friends turned on her. To that end she aims to destroy the Demon King and show her mother that it was wrong to fake love and use someone.

From here Flamie leaves Adlet and returns to the group, opting to tell a story about how she got away rather than saved him. The group decides to split up and hunt for Adlet. Maura goes with Flamie, Goldov and Tanya go together, Hans stays at the temple to see if Adlet returns, and Chamot decides to go play in the forest because waiting is boring. Tanya flips her lid because she believes Adlet is innocent. Adlet indeed goes back to the temple where he engages in a fight with Hans. It is during this fight that Hans uses some weird sort of illusion on Adlet and proves, to himself at least, that Adlet isn’t the seventh. This makes me happy but of course I’m still pretty suspicious of everyone.

God, Chamot’s powers are absolutely disgusting. After deciding that Adlet is clean, Chamot comes back and wants to kill Adlet. She’ll even kill Hans just to prove who the seventh is. Chamot is the swamp saint, remember? Well apparently this means that Chamot has a swamp in her stomach and everything she’s ever eaten lives in this swamp. So when she needs to fight she pukes up some of her swamp and bam, she has a weird army to do her bidding.

Oh and perhaps the best thing? Tanya throws a verbal smack down to Goldov by telling him she knew he liked her for a while but now was not the time for his jealousy. Shots were definitely fired. And it was fantastic.

Charlotte episodes 6-8

We have hit the mother load of pain here. If you aren’t watching Charlotte, pick it up now. I don’t really feel like spoiling it for you but my god. It hurt. And the episode after it hurt more. I don’t know if anything Charlotte does will be more impactful than this moment but it can sure try and if it can live up to at least half of what episodes 6 and 7 did, then it will probably be amazing.

As for episode 8, it’s stuck doing follow up to that but despite that manages pretty well. We meet the lead singer of Zhiend, who turns out to be a blind lady. She has some ominous words about her past. It leads me to believe that she too had a power during her youth that caused her some issues. Yuu brings her to meet Nao’s brother, and her singing manages to bring back some semblance of thought to him. However I don’t particularly trust the results and based on what this show just did to me, I’m weary of bad things happening.

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 21

This week brought back both Kain and Masato in a mystery/mix-up episode. It starts when Kain goes out to retrieve the money for the Shirushigami bonuses but comes back with a firecracker. The money ends up being found in Rinne’s room and Kain automatically blames Rinne. However, Masato turns out to be the one who puts it there. This leads Rinne to suspect Masato stole the money from Kain but as it turns out the firecracker was Masato’s and the boxes were accidentally switched in an accident. This episode was wacky and fun, just what you’d expect from Rinne.

Ranpo Kitan episodes 6, 7, & 8

Episode 6 was extremely entertaining and the most mystery of the episodes so far. It starts with Kobayashi bringing a cat to Akechi’s house. Turns out however that Akechi is afraid of cats and doesn’t want the thing near him. And while Kobayashi is trying to figure out what to do with the cat, Shadow Man pops up with a bomb attached to his body. And then a baby gets placed on Akechi’s doorstep. Oh, and to round everything out, the building is getting robbed. So Akechi is forced to figure out a way to deal with every single thing before the bomb on Shadow Man goes off. But once he does we learn that the bomb was really just a firecracker to remind Akechi of Black Lizards birthday. Well, I guess that’s one way to celebrate your birthday.

The next set of episodes was quite interesting as well because they gave us some background on Akechi. Turns out Akechi and a friend of his created 20 Faces and because of an incident revolving around it has sworn to catch every person using the 20 Faces name. And that need has lead him to an island known as Panorama Island where a worker killed her bosses because they used her body, in more than one way.

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) episode 7

It’s the little boy episode! I’ve been waiting for this since the series started and trust me, it didn’t disappoint. Enokawa Haruto, cherub boy, is a young boy that you spend time playing with. He enjoys a super sentai show based around food names. It’s fantastic. This little kid is a ball of energy in all the right ways. He wants to play but he doesn’t push you. I enjoyed it immensely. Plus his voice actor was the same as Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu, and that is a definite bonus.

Aoharu x Machinegun episode 8

So after Tachibana defeats Fujimon I got a tad hopeful that Toy Gun Gun would be able to take down Midori. However this hope was dashed as Midori is a sadistic creep. First he tortures Masamune by covering his mouth as he shoots him (with Masamune’s gun by the way) so that he cannot say hit. This allows him to continually shoot Masamune when he should have stopped. We also get a little flashback about how Midori and Masamune used to be friends but had some sort of falling out ending with Masamune being upset enough to cry. After Masamune is officially out, Yukimura shows up and loses it. He is easily defeated by Midori. With these two now out of commission Tachibana shows up and also loses it. Tachibana’s ridiculous sense of justice hates the idea that Midori tormented these two under the premises of a game and she goes all ridiculous in an attempt to defeat Midori. Midori however leads Tachibana around and eventually gets shot by Ichi. In the end Toy Gun Gun loses and Midori’s team goes on for another win. It was terrible. And now I’m left wondering where the rest of the show is going. I mean, what else is there? Besides finding out Tachibana’s gender, which I don’t see happening no matter how much I want it too.


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