Trystan: Summer 2015 Week 8

Ranpo Kitan episode 9

UGH. Seriously? Why does Ranpo have to get good in one of the last 3 episodes? Even if it pulls off this little gambit it will only be about average. But still it is trying to pull a story out and I suppose it is succeeding. Akechi shows Kobayashi and Hashiba the formula that he and his friend had made. Said friend worked on the formula after Akechi gave up and so Akechi is trying to figure out the new formula in order to defeat the new Twenty Faces. Kobayashi and Hashiba attempt to help him and Kobayashi gives Akechi the advice he needs in order to figure it out.

Akechi was leaving himself out of the formula which doesn’t work because the formula is supposed to act on the entire world. Once Akechi does the formula works and he thinks he will be able to predict the new Twenty Faces. In between our next action scene is a small scene where Hashiba becomes worried about Kobayashi not coming to school even though they solved the formula. It is here that something really sad happens. Kobayashi stops seeing Hashiba and therefore has lost all interest in him. It hurt. I won’t lie. Hashiba is about the only good thing Kobayashi has going for him and now that’s basically gone too.

Anyway our next Twenty Faces shows up and this time it is the girl from 3 Minute Shocking. Turns out her brother was the victim of medical fraud and killed himself before a deadly disease could take his life. She tried to prove it was the doctor’s fault but no one believed her so now she has decided to take her revenge. Akechi however knew this would happen and has prepared to stop her but she shows him an even more shocking scene: his friend is still alive.

My Love Story episodes 18-21

My Love Story really is quite the cute show. Episode 18 is Takeo’s birthday where he and Yamato share their first kiss. Episode 19 is an even bigger episode though as it focuses on Takeo’s mother who is in her last stint of pregnancy. Takeo’s mother is the protective type which makes her pretty adorable but also makes her tend to refuse being protected herself. In the end Takeo helps his mother and she eventually gives birth to a baby girl.

We don’t find out until episode 20 that the baby’s name is Maki. Maki is a cute little baby that basically looks like Takeo but with a bow. I love it. Anyway episode 20 itself is about Valentine’s Day which was pretty funny but episode 21 shows us something even more important. It is in 21 that we meet Yukika Amami a girl who has had a crush on Suna for the last 10 years. She has sent him a card every Valentine’s Day that says something like “I don’t need anything in return just love me” (I can’t remember it exactly). And while I’ve wanted a romantic interest for Suna I’m not sure I want a stalker to fulfill this role but I guess we’ll just have to see how it plays out in the next three episodes.

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) episode 8

This episode of Pillow Boys has become one of my favorites for a very simple reason: the voice actor is the same as the one who plays Haru in Free. It was sooooo good. Also this one’s category is “Happy IRL Danshi” and that is just hilarious. Like, why did they need to include IRL? I’ll never know but still this is the type that I enjoy and so this episode was fantastic.

Rokka no Yuusha episode 9

This episode of Rokka starts with the fight between Chamot and the Hans/Adlet pair. Adlet manages to find a way to defeat Chamot and the two are able to defeat her. Adlet’s question is a simple one. All he wants to know from Chamot is if she knew about the barrier before coming here. Once Chamot says she doesn’t Adlet continues on believing he has figured out at least part of the plan. That being that Lauren lied to them about how the barrier is activated. Whether or not Adlet is right or wrong again is still questionable but we are definitely moving into the final part of the series and I still have no idea who the seventh really is. It could literally be any of them at this point.

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 22

Who doesn’t want Christmas at the beginning of September? If you said yes, well then Rinne delivers. If you said no, too bad because Rinne is delivering Christmas this week. And of course Christmas means Ageha trying to get close to Rinne. Among the hilarity is Ageha getting tricked into buying a kotatsu when she is promised it is a ‘friendly square’ and thinks it will help her take her relationship to the next level. Rinne however is just excited to have a kotatsu in his house. We also see Jumonji and Ageha cut a bucket of fried chicken in half and Sakura gives everyone a hand knitted scarf from her mother.

Charlotte episode 9 – OFFICIAL SPOILER WARNING!

So remember last week when I said I wasn’t sure anything else Charlotte did could be as impactful as what 6 & 7 did? Well let me tell you that Charlotte sure is on its way to pulling it off again. This week Nao and Yu go to the Zhiend concert where they debut a song. Yu however actively remembers this song and passes out. While he is out he has a dream about him and Ayumi living in a facility that researches kids with powers. Guy who gets sopping wet to find powers is there and he and Yu are attempting to find a way to save Yu and Ayumi’s older brother. Oh and hey, that third person Ayumi thought was real, is.

And so we learn that Yu’s power isn’t just some take over the body power but is in fact known as plunder and he actually steals people’s powers. Ayumi’s power of collapse is awoken by the people at the facility and in order to save her from being killed Yu uses his power to free his brother who will save them all. His brother by the way has the ability to time travel. We don’t get full details on what happens after Yu frees his brother or why any of this has happened but we do know that someone erased Yu and Ayumi’s memories. At the end of the episode Nao and Yu are taken to where Yu’s brother is in order to have everything explained. You will note that like Zhiend’s lead singer, Yu’s brother is blind.


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