Alyssa: Summer 2015: Week 8

Charlotte 6-9

I don’t know where to begin…I don’t think I’ve been this emotionally destroyed since…well, Zankyou no Terror last summer. Just a heads up that this post will contain spoilers…Anywayyyy…

These episodes are very painful – but it’s to be expected from the creators who brought you Angel Beats. Everything gets really depressing when Yu’s sister, Ayumi dies in a collapse caused by the awakening of her own special powers. Fun fact – if you watch Angel Beats, you will see her in the clip where Angel/Kanade is talking about all her friends who passed on… After the death of his sister, Yu falls into a depression that is so beautifully portrayed it is frightening. Just seeing the accurate depictions of grief made my heart. Also shocking – Yu almost ends up snorting cocaine!! I think Trystan and I both screamed at how ‘real’ things got.

In episode 8, we meet the lead singer of Zhiend, Nao’s favorite band. Yu brings her to meet Nao’s brother and her singing helps him somewhat. This was beautiful and painful. In episode 9, shit hits the fan and Charlotte rips out what little bit of your heart it left there after Ayumi’s death. I won’t go in depth but it was enough to make me shout in anger even as I thought about it an hour or two later.

More interesting tie-ins with Angel Beats: The Zhiend vocalist is voiced by the same Seiyuu as Iwasawa in Angel Beats. Also, after Ayumi’s death when Yu is in the arcade, a game behind him shows Matsushida the 5th and T.K. Interestingly, Charlotte also follows a similar pattern to Angel Beats in its key episodes; talking about the main female’s past in episode 2, revealing the main male’s past in episode 9… Oh hey, and guess what, the main male character loses his sister and feels like he did nothing for her while she was alive.

Ranpo Kitan 6-9

Episode 6 was by far my favorite episode. It may as well have been entitled “Akechi’s worst day ever.” A baby magically shows up at his house, as does Shadow Man with a bomb attached to him, and Kobayashi brings in a cat that was abandoned there as well. This episode holds the most mystery and was fantastically funny – if you overlook that fact that it had Black Lizard in it…

Episodes 7 and 8 finally delve into Akechi’s past some as we learn more about the original 20 Faces – a friend of Akechi’s in middle school named Namikoshi. These two episodes were dark and dealt in some triggering material surrounding the ‘use’ of a woman’s body. The implications are heavy but you don’t full see anything…

Episode 9 is by far the most intriguing. It’s a little unfair that the show really begins to get good two episodes from the end. We finally bring more focus to Akechi as well as a formula that he and Namikoshi created that can solve any problem in the world – allegedly. Kobayashi becomes very involved in this and seems to no longer find Hashiba interesting which is rather sad… I’m pretty sure Hashiba may as well be confirmed as having a crush on Kobayashi after staring at his stomach and blushing. Also – my favorite thing about this episode is that this week’s 20 Faces is someone you would least expect. This character I only thought of as an accessory to the show and not as a real plot relevant person.

Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) 7 & 8

Episode 7’s Danshi is absolutely darling. He is a young and rambunctious character. He loves this show’s equivalent of the Power Rangers. This episode was refreshing and energetic and absolutely adorable. As a big sister, this episode made me very happy.

Episode 8’s Danshi is a student at your college. He enjoys mixers/parties and he’s just so attractive. His voice is fantastic as well (Haru from Free!). I can’t say a lot but I found this show to be refreshing as always and relaxing – but that’s the point of it!

Rokka no Yuusha 7-9

A ton of things happen in these three episodes. A TON. It’s honestly hard to describe everything that happens in Rokka and this is one show that I certainly don’t want to give too much away about. I really enjoyed learning more about not only Flamie, but also Adlet. Being that Adlet’s village was invaded by demons… I’m hoping he’s somehow not being manipulated and is actually the seventh… Either way.

Chamot’s powers are gross. If you have a phobia of puking, you should leave now. She has a swamp in her stomach and vomits it up. Gross, right?

I was really impressed by Hans and Adlet working together. I think they make a great pair. But most of all – I JUST REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHO THE SEVENTH IS. Let’s hope this series gets a second season because we definitely aren’t going to see the demon king get killed anytime soon.

Rinne 21 & 22

Episode 21 was absolutely hilarious. With the return of Masato, and Kain, a giant mix-up happens that leaves Rinne in the middle. Worse, yet? A briefcase of money shows up in Rinne’s room and he is accused of stealing it. A ton of shenanigans happen in this episode and I laughed really hard at it.

Episode 22 is the obligatory Christmas episode… Ageha returns when she wants to spend time with Rinne for Christmas. Those who don’t know – Christmas is more of a romantic holiday in Japan. It is all about spending time with your lover – much like America’s version of Valentine’s Day. I actually really enjoyed this episode despite Ageha’s presence. It was nice to see a happy Rinne, warm and cozy under a kotatsu for once in his life. I felt especially happy for him because this was after his special cake was taken to the afterlife. It’s a bit annoying that the longer shows we are watching have been having Christmas specials but in a way, they are worth it.

My Love Story!! 19-21

FINALLY we get the birth of Takeo’s younger sibling. And as Trystan and I were hoping – it’s a girl!! Takeo’s little sister is born into the world and Takeo has to come to terms with seeing a weaker side of his mom. He is so endearingly doting on her however, it’s almost scary to think of how he’d be hovering over Yamato’s shoulder if they had a kid.

I’m really hoping that Maki, Takeo’s baby sister, grows up to be just as adorable as Yamato. Episode 20 focuses on Valentine’s Day and Takeo receiving his first not-obligatory chocolate ever! They all go out with Takeo and Yamato’s friends, despite Suna telling Takeo’s friends to let him have the day with Yamato. Nonetheless, in the end, Takeo gets a huge and beautiful Valentine’s chocolate from Yamato.

Episode 21 introduces a new character who is in love with Sunakawa. Saying ‘in love’ seems like an understatement seeing as she is a stalker. She has stalked him for ten years, read the books he liked, and followed him everywhere. I really can’t get behind the idea of giving Sunakawa a girlfriend and this is where this episode wants your mind to go. Suna says that he’s never clicked with any girl before and then suddenly – one shows up. Yukika immediately confesses her undying love to Sunakawa and leaves him confused. He agrees to get to know her before giving her an answer… I really do not want Suna to get a girlfriend. And if he does, he deserves so much better than her.

Aoharu X Machinegun (Kikanjuu) 8

Naturally…things end badly when Toy Gun Gun faces Midori. This episode made me uncomfortable when I watched Midori torment Matsuoka. I don’t even like Matsuoka that much but it was almost like he was being violated. In the end, TGC ends and Toy Gun Gun loses in the first round. They go home – broken and defeated. And Hoshishiro (Midori’s team) wins for the fifth time in the row (because they are cheaters). This episode honestly made me really, really upset and mad especially when Midori caught Hotaru off guard by bringing up Hotaru’s sex.

Gangsta 7 – 9

Gangsta continues to be fast-paced as we enter the pivotal points of the series. We see more and more Twilight bodies piling up and we learn that Alex has a brother. She has seemingly forgotten about him, probably do to the drug’s Barry exposed her to. It is revealed that Alex has a beautiful singing voice when she is used at a party to bring happiness to the Twilights that the Cristiano family are helping out. Unfortunately, many of them are killed by two Twilight killers named Erica and Mikhail (who is a child). They are revealed to be incredibly strong and Erica is Delico’s sister. Episode 9 especially had me on edge with all of the fast-paced fighting going on.

I am absolutely enjoying Gangsta – even if I know that it won’t reach a real conclusion as the manga is still going. I can’t wait to see how this show wraps up! (Alex’s song — episode 8)


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