Trystan: Summer 2015 Week 9

Rokka no Yuusha episode 10

Yuusha is seriously killing me week by week. It is pure agony not knowing who the seventh is. This episode however has some much more interesting things happening than just the question of the seventh brave. To start out Maura turns into a giant b**ch and uses her powers to tell everyone that Adlet hurt Hans. Then Adlet informs Flamie that he is in love with her, although I don’t know how much of this I believe. It seems plausible but then again Adlet is mostly concerned with living. Flamie attempts to kill Adlet but is eventually persuaded that he is telling the truth. Really though it comes just in time for Tanya to come around and attack Adlet. You see Tanya believes what Maura has said and is determined to kill Adlet for betraying her. And trust me, she’s psycho. However, that’s where our episode ends.

Charlotte episode 10

In this episode of Charlotte we get the much needed backstory on Yu’s brother. Shunsuke is his name and time travel is his game. However the time leap ability he uses has a very big effect, he loses his eyesight upon each use and unfortunately for Shunsuke it takes every single one of his tries to get it right. And right happens to be where we are now: a world where Shunsuke prevented the capture of his family and soon to be friends but also found a way to protect other users and potential users before they are grabbed. This is the reason for the high school format. After all these powers disappear after adolescence so they only need to be protected until then.

It should also be noted that Nao and Jojiro knew exactly what Yu’s power was and it is this knowledge that allows the other students they have found to go free without any problems. Because they’ve been using Yu’s plunder powers to remove the powers from these students and giving them their normal life back early. So after we learn all this Shunsuke tells Yu to take his power and return to the past to save Ayumi. And he does. But even though I’m happy she’s back I can’t help but think that they could have prevented all of this. I mean, Yu told Shunsuke back in the first world what Ayumi’s powers could do. He could have watched them better or not hidden himself. He could have done something. Still, I won’t complain too much, here at least.

Pillow Boys (Makura no Danshi) episode 9

Librarian danshi. Yep. This hits home (I work in a library). But really this guy’s great, if not a little strange. Although, let’s be real. Don’t tell me I can’t sleep in the library and then basically say YOLO and let me sleep there. Gotta be consistent. As a fun fact, a lady has indeed falling asleep at the library I work at. It was a strange situation that even the other employees weren’t super sure how to handle.

My Love Story!! Episode 22

And this has gone the best possible route it could have. That is Suna goes on a date with Amami and on this date Amami has a great time and Suna, well, Suna seems to be having fun. That said Suna does not develop feelings for Amami, which we know of, and Amami decides to give up but treasures her time. And I love this. I didn’t want Suna to get with Amami. I didn’t like her but not just that, she didn’t seems like a good match for him. A relationship with her would have bogged the show down but instead we get a great example of real life. The person you like doesn’t always like you but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out on one date and then decide to go your separate ways. You can. And you can find it enjoyable and at least have that memory of happiness. It proves that not every relationship can work out but that doesn’t make it bad either. And it’s a moment I’m glad we got, especially from a show like My Love Story!! Which works hard to break the mold in all the best ways.

Aoharu x Machinegun episode 10

So Tachibana is in quite the pickle. She wants to tell her teammates that she’s a girl but is still quite nervous knowing they could reject her. In the end however she never gets the chance because Masamune kicks her out of Toy Gun Gun. This leads to a huge fight between Yukimura and Masamune where Yukimura informs Masamune that he is selfish for kicking Tachibana out when he’s really just scared of Tachibana coming to hate survival games. Tachibana on the other hand has decided to fight back. And by fight I mean fight Midori. Midori however is all “You can’t bring guns in a hospital” and “let’s have lunch.” Lunch by the way is a special restaurant that features a shooting range inside where guests can play accuracy games.

Food Wars episode 17

I finally got back to watching Food Wars (something that’s gotten more and more behind due to my lack of time). However this episode shows us what we love: Soma trying to do better than anyone else. And what better way to do that than by beating a company with three years’ worth of competition wins under their belt? And here to help him is the squid girl from episode 1 and Mito. Both believe it is a date when surprise surprise they are faced with each other. They also both mistake the other for being Soma’s girlfriend and Soma really just wants to make some food. Failure after failure follows the group though until the end of the episode where Soma finally gets and idea. What it is it does not tell.


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